Friday, July 1, 2011

Kitchen Makeover Reveal... (98% finished.)

You are talking to one happy woman right now.  Kitchen cabinets, painted.  Check. (Click here to read the details and step-by-step info.)  Dishwasher front completed (and fixed) (Click here to read in detail.)  Check. Spray painted Ikea light fixture installed above sink.  Check.  Glass panels inserted into cabinet doors and fabric covered foam core board placed behind dishes.  Check. Laminate flooring installed.  Check.  Counter tops installed.  1/2 Check. (Island is being slightly adjusted, and corbels still need to be installed.)  Everything trimmed out, touched up, and made pretty.  1/2 Check. (Just a few paint touch ups etc. left.)  But everything I was in charge of, is done!!!  

 And now I am free....
 Free to have some summer!  And Nurse Nicki is getting married in less than two weeks... so I am free for FUN.  Man, do I need some fun!  And now...let the before and after photos begin!
We are all decked out for July 4th around here... I've never decorated for this holiday before, so it was fun to put flags and such out...

(This was before we ate Alli's birthday cupcakes last night.  They were amazing.)
And now... just for fun... many photos.  Because many photos are fun.  They really are. 

 These are called "Eryngium" and I found them at Trader Joes.  They are weird.  And cool. And thistle-ish.
 My son broke my dishwasher, but my man jimmy-rigged it and now it works just fine.  I love a man who can jimmy-rig things.
My brother-in-law did an amazing job on our counter tops. 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love these kitchen chairs?  Oh. have?  Well, because I do.  (They used to be my Grammies, and then they became my Mama's and now they are mine.)
I love how clean the white makes everything appear. 
 Juice.  Celebratory juice that will be drank (drunk?) on July 4th.  I bought it because it was blue. 
Now I'm going to enjoy my weekend, and not paint or fix anything!!!

The End.

Have a happy July 4th!  

Resource Guide: 
Cabinet Paint color: Sherwin Williams, "Creamy" in a semi-gloss latex alkyd paint.
Beadboard- purchased in 4'x8' sheets at Lowes
Granite: "White Kashmir"

 We decided to paint the island when all was said and done and we'd lived with it all white for a couple years.  I chose a luscious gray-green color called Night Owl by Sherwin Williams.  A few other changes made, were changing the backing of the glass-fronted cupboard with a gray and cream printed fabric.  We also purchased a huge dining table made locally from reclaimed barn wood.  Sigh. Happy. 

When we did that, we realized two light fixtures would look dreamy over top of it so we changed out those.  We purchased simple barn light fixtures at Lowe's for $30 each.  I spray painted them with primer, then a copper spray paint.  Finally I sprayed them all over with oil rubbed bronze and once dry, I lightly scuffed them with a soft sanding block to reveal some coppery texture beneath.  Fitted inside each barn light pendant, are Edison decorative bulbs.  We love it!

 The End.  Until we change something else. Ha!


  1. SASHA!!!!!

    First of all. Your kitchen is DIVINE. I want to come and play in the perfect whiteness that it is! GREAT JOB!! All your hard work is going to be so fun for you.

    Secondly. I've missed you! I've been a blog stalker for a few weeks because time hasn't abled me to be a commenter - and I am so glad that this is the post I get to comment on.

    Your work is great, you must be so happy - and SO READY to enjoy this fabulous weekend. Happy Independence Day to you & your family - I'm thinking all you need is to wear a hint of red and you're all set: red Sasha + white kitchen + blueberry juice = PERFECTION.

    xoxoxo -

  2. Wow! Extraordinary! I love the beadboard! You're making me rethink not liking my white kitchen! Outstanding! Enjoy it, Sasha!

  3. AAAAAAH!!! (me screaming with excitement for your fantastic redo!!) LOVE everything! seriously good things goin on in there! love love love! now go enjoy your deserve it!


  4. Beautiful!

    The first photo made me laugh - it looks like a rooster is sitting at the table patiently waiting for breakfast. :)

  5. Your kitchen looks amazing! Kinda makes me want to take a paintbrush to my cabinets!

  6. Your kitchen looks amazing! Great job! I know you're excited to get it finished.

    I've heard it's difficult to paint oak cabinets because the grain shows through. Do you see much of the grain in yours? (I have oak cabinets and MAUVE counter tops. I've got to do something with my kitchen!)

    Again, it looks fabulous!

  7. Not that it looked bad before, but it sure does look pretty darn fantastic after!!!

  8. I am droooling!!! It looks amazing... you are pretty incredible at decorating. It looks like it's straight out of a magazine :)


  10. Does this mean you are staying put? If your still wanting to sell you just hung an sold sign out. Updating a kitchen is money in the bank and you did a very good job!!! LOVELY.

  11. Love it!! Thanks for the befores and afters! : )

    I love the flags! They really pop in your fresh, new room!

    Love it!!!

  12. Pat yourself on the back, girl! It's amazing!

  13. Oh your kitchen is fabulous!! Where did you get that darling rug by your sink? I am going to be coming back here all of the time!! Happy Fourth!

  14. Love the kitchen redo. It's perfect. I especially love the chalk board. I think I'm gonna borrow that idea from you. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Fourth of July. I'm hope your enjoy decorating this year. One of my favorites to decorate for.

    Wish we had a Trader Joe's locally for the cute Blueberry Juice Drink.

  15. Hi Sash!! So many things to say
    1) most importantly I love your little step stool. I love that you need a little step stool. I feel a kinship there. (I also love that one of my readers thought I sounded tall but that is not really here nor there.)
    2)Your chairs totally pop against a white kitchen. Perfect.
    3)many photos of essentially the same object or scene is a blogger's daily bread. Yes, so much fun.
    4)Weird thistle flowers are pretty. I love Trader Joes. I need to write a post on just how much I love Trader Joes though I risk offending those sad readers with no TJ's of their own(like my cousin. We give her TJ food and bags for Xmas and she call's TJ "the store that we do not name.")
    5)Have I told you what an incredibly cool idea those fabric inserts are? I've thought it but I'm not sure that I took the time to actually tell you.
    6)Contented sigh. The whole thing is just beatiful. You earned your rest.
    7) I don't have a seven, it just seemed like a better, more natural number to end on than 6. Love ya lots!

  16. SO gorgeous! Question--your cabinets with the glass doors--did you put in that glass yourself or did you order new fronts for those? Just wondering!

  17. It's bee-you-ti-ful! I love it...everything! Good job!

  18. Could I love your kithen anymore!? I submit that I cannot! I painted my cabinets white last year for that same clean and fresh look but yours looks so much BETTER! How beautiful...enjoy your remodel! :):)

  19. Oh gosh! "Money can not buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows and it's kinda the same thing" This is HILARIOUS! I want one. I need one.

    SO so so great!

  20. Love it! We have a white kitchen too and it's devine. I am getting great joy out of decorating and preparing for holidays this year. They are just so much more special when there are little ones to make it memorable for. Hope you have a fantastic 4th, can't wait to see how you celebrate!

  21. What a lovely makeover! Great job! I love the white.


  22. Amazakins for sure! I love the glass front cabinet and the fabric behind the dishes is so fun!

    Well give yourself several pats on the back on a job well done!

    Happy 4th!


  23. Hey Sash! Your kitchen looks fabulous! I was thinking about you last night and the care you put into your home and family. It shows right through this blog! I think you're such a wonderful lady! I'm running short on time in getting ready for the forth. Any quick tips on where I can find a bucket and some flags like that for a centerpiece! That's GorGeous! Did you use sand to weight the flags? Hope I get to do that too!

  24. I heart you! Your kitchen makeover looks fantabulous! You are so inspiring on so many different levels, that you may not even know.

    Now with this inspiration in mind, I have to find out if this paint is safe to use while pregnant. I don't know if I can wait 3 more months to paint my kitchen!

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  26. What a gorgeous kitchen.

    I honestly had never (you'll notice this is now past tense) been a fan of white kitchen cabinets, but I love this transformation. The color, the beadboard - all of it. What a bright and happy place.

  27. Wow, everything looks fabulously gorgoeus! Y'all did an incredible job. I love the floor and the color of your granite, everything is perfect. Have a very blessed weekend!

  28. So as you finish, our tear out begins...uuugggh! It is that granite amd all the pretty did you get that paper in the glass cabinets? What type of paper is it? Can you email me a little info...i think that's so cute.

  29. I am not going to take the time to go through the 28 comments above mine, so this may already have been said buuut...

    Now that you have the kitchen of your dreams and are all happy and content.

    I bet you'd sell this house now!

    :) Happy 4th

  30. love every inch girlie!!! that light over the sink, those stools, the beadboard dishwasher, the counters and floors etc... i could go on and on. i would never want to leave. it looks amazing girlie. you need your own show period.

  31. Whoa!!!! It looks incredible!! I love it!!

  32. Sasha- it looks amazing!!!

  33. Great kitchen makeover! I was hoping for a shot of your chalkboard! I'm loving chalkboards right now. Happy 4th! (I've wanted a patriotic bunting for awhile now, too)

  34. I am almost done doing the same thing to our kitchen, Sasha!! I must know... what countertops did you pick??? I've been agonizing over counters for WEEKS!!!!

    This is just beautiful--you did an amazing job! :)

  35. Wow I love how your kitchen looks! I really like white cupboards with glass insets. I also really love the sign about the marshmallows! Where did you get it?

  36. First of all - I have become totally and completely addicted to your blog, since being introduced to it a little over a week ago.

    Your style, your words, your photos - it all flows together beautifully!

    You really inspire me in my photography and home decorating. Your kitchen is Fab-U-lous!!! Love it.

  37. There are no words...this is just beautiful...right down to the TJ sparkling blueberry juice.

  38. YAY! It looks absolutely AWESOME! Way to go sister! You deserve a HUGE high five! Why can't you live closer to me so I can give you one!?


  39. A-mazing transformation! It looks great. I love the front of your dishwasher. I also love the chairs. So nice!

  40. Hi, I'm just stopping by from the link on The Inspired Room. Your kitchen transformation is just so pretty! All the hard work you went to really made a big difference, and the little touches are pretty too.

  41. Your inner joy comes out in this kitchen - just delightful:)))

  42. I believe this is my first time here. I love your blog, found you via pinterest. Your kitchen makeover is just increadible, thank you for sharing with us.

  43. We all want to know the fun things that you did.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  44. Love your kitchen! What color of paint did you use on the walls? I am a new follower!

  45. Love it! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets white so badly! Can you reveal who/where you purchased your table from?

  46. I really like the neutral kitchen but, atleast to me, the plant on top of the shelf is too large for that spot. I mean it's bending over at the tips from touching the ceiling. Why not? find a vintage round small stool and put it in the corner where the wall clock currently is? Also the chalk board seems to large for that spot. Maybe you should try putting the round wall clock above the white cabinet and putting the chalk board on another wall space by the kitchen windows? Just a thought....


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