Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Wedding photos, updates and whatever pops into my brain while I type.

You guys won't believe my day was "one of those" days where the garage freezer broke, and water was all over the garage floor, stocked full of now-thawed meat that we had just gotten from Costco, the pipes under the kitchen sink had a huge leak, water spilling all over every item under the sink, my back began spasming (stress?) and one of the hoodlums decided that the most important thing to save from the freezer outside, was a box of leaky otter pops, right before friends were due to arrive, dragging them all throughout the garage and house.  Oh, and I accidentally hit "publish" on a half-written post for my July 365, so all of my subscribers got an early preview.  I was hitting them out of the park yesterday, that's for sure... It's always funny in hindsight, you know?  SO today, I'm posting more wedding photos.  Wedding photos=feel good posting.  The day before the wedding all of Nurse Nicki's family gathered together and got manicures and pedicures.  We had a lot of laughs, muffins, and decided on Nurse Nicki's wedding hair, by taking a group vote.  (She was on the fence between a few photos, and we just narrowed it down for her a bit.)
Making decisions.  Is there anything harder in life than making the right decision sometimes?  Adrain and I are right in the middle of needing to make the right decision for our little family, and it doesn't look anything like the decision we thought we'd be making, this time last year.  We aren't being given much of a choice in the matter of my husbands job relocation, yet God is showing Himself faithful by moving within the framework of this moment, and opening doors so that we may not have to actually move from our home.  (Though we are totally surrendered to that, if He wants it for us.)  Decisions.  How I loathe them... if only I had a small committee of friends and family that could make them for us, like the above photo.  Also, and this really has nothing to do with what I just said, but did you guys know that clinical Psychologists charge $225.00 per hour?  Yep.  They do.  And did you further know that they require about ten hours time to evaluate and diagnose a child?  I think I picked the wrong career.  And the wrong health insurance plan!  Ha!

Anyway... back to the wedding.  The flowers at this wedding were gorgeous.  I wish I'd captured at least one shot of the entire room, but Nurse Nicki's florist lined the center of each table with mis-matched bottles in all shapes and sizes, and placed one or two blooms in each one.  It was absolutely gorgeous!
 This photo is one of my favorites....
And actually, I kind of like this one too, as I was showing Adrain my bouquet, and how cute it was...(I'm sure he was riveted.)
Of course, this photo was one of my favorites as well... this is Nurse Nicki's sister, and the back of her hair was adorable!  We probably wouldn't have made it down the aisle without her... she kept us all on schedule during the ceremony! 

I thought a few black and white photos were in order here...  I have a black and white addiction to be honest with you, (in case you've never noticed my gallery wall above our couch.) especially where weddings are concerned!  I love them.
I forgot to show you guys these cupcakes and the couple's cake.  Look at the crazy caramelized colored sugar splashes on top of the vanilla bean cupcakes!  Aren't they the most fun?  Kind of like Nurse Nicki... Gosh, I'm missing her.

Do you think it's obnoxious to text someone on their honeymoon, every day? 

Yeah... you're probably right.

Don't worry... I've refrained, but I've had all these things I've wanted to talk and laugh with her about! (giggle) 

Alright, I've got to go mop a garage.  Don't you wish you had even half the excitement I live in ?  Bwahahahaaha!

I really think a vacation is in order... or at the very least, a Sasha-Adrain get away without kiddos!  (I'm working on that one, so stay tuned!)


  1. Sorry about all the mishaps happening your way!!!

    P.S. LOVE those cupcakes! Such a cool idea!!!

  2. What is is about melting Otter Pops that makes kids fear the world is ending as they know it? Can you tell I have been where you were yesterday? Our freezer died just after we had filled it with pork from the buthcher last year. Yuck. The decisions you make regarding your family will be the right ones, I am sure. Now..those flowers are perfect! Love them! Hope your day is a good one.

  3. Wow, yesterday just wasn't your day, was it! Hoping today is better for you! I hate decisions, too and am trying to make one right now. Hmmm, wonder if your post is a sign that I should make the one I ;) Beautiful photos as usual!

  4. The wedding pics are gorgeous. Sorry about all the mishaps yesterday. There's not much worse than a freezer going out, especially after you just stocked it. Been there, done that...don't care to have the stinky t-shirt! ;) Wishing you the best in all the decisions you have to make.

  5. oh i hope you get your get away! and that JUST happened to me to with the freezer!!! i got home from AZ and the freezer door had been left open for a week :( a freezer full of steaks, chicken and ground beef...DONE-ZO! so sad...but life will go on. lovely wedding pics, too!

  6. Wow--$225 an hour...yikes!!Teaching doesn't come close to THAT! Beautiful pictures!! Hope your day is better: )

  7. awww you look so pretty and she looks so happy. i didn't even have time to read this, but i loved the pics!

  8. We really do lead parallel lives. lol At least you have beautiful gorgeous wedding pictures! :) Focus on that.

  9. Glad you can find the good among the challenges too. Hope everything works itself out for you!

  10. I am seriously drooling over all the wedding photos. I miss you guys so much! We've totally done the freezer breaking down in the middle of summer and all the food thawing out and spoiling. Ours, however was a bunch of fish on the hottest day of the year. Did you know that concrete soaks up smells? We never did totally get rid of the rotten fish smell in our garage. Glad we don't live there anymore!