Friday, July 15, 2011

Photographing my way though pieces of my day...

I love you guys.  I really, honestly mean it.  My finger hovers over the "publish" button, while the other hand covers my eyes, sure that I'm going to lose all my readers as I muddle my way through the every day stuff, vomiting it all over the screen for everyone to read.  But then you guys never fail to blow me away with your supportive comments (which I often save so I can read several times over) and understanding.  That said, I didn't post any photos with my early post today (it wasn't exactly a photo kinda post anyway) so I'm here to make up for it with a lighthearted look at pieces of the rest of my day. (Which turned out to be a pretty wonderful day, due in large part, to the love you guys continually pour out to my little family.) 
 I always laugh when one of my hoodlums picks up the camera.  I never quite know what I'm going to get, but every so often, I end up with something really fun.  Here I'm painting a few Great is thy Faithfulness signs for my Etsy store. (soon to be listed!)  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to create beauty and contribute to our family, by selling it to others.  I'm daily blown away by the opportunities I've discovered this year, through Etsy. 
 A quick cuddle with my favorite little girl, using a self timer, and the ironing board sitting nearby.  I'm so thankful that I've got these moments.  I'm so aware that they are fleeting...
 Then it was Ava's turn behind the camera.  She told me "Make a funny face, Mama!"  I'm really bad with funny faces.  I know these people that always look kind of cute and even sexy when they make funny faces.  I am so not like that.  I make the worst candid photos on the planet, and all of my funny faces look ridiculous like this, because the only "funny" thing I can think of, is to stick my tongue out the side of my mouth like a dead deer.  I still have nightmares about growing up in Montana, and walking into the garage during hunting season.  (shudder) There was inevitably a dead deer hanging by it's hooves so my dad could carve it up and get it into our freezer.  Life in the country....Good times.  Scary memories. 
 Then Ava said, "Okay make a normal smile Mama."  I do this head tilt thing... I don't know why I do it, and I try really hard not to do it.  If you ever see a photo of me without it, I've had to consciously tell myself to not do the head tilt. 
Lucy was bugging me about this time, wanting some of my attention too, so I picked up her little 38 pound self and made her get into the picture.  She was making me laugh.  I have no idea how this black mutt wormed her way into my affections, considering the fact that I swept up a few pounds of her dog hair this morning.  What I put up with for the love of a waggy little tail...
The hoodlums and I met my friend Amy for a walk this afternoon.  I thanked God all the way home for the gift of friendship.  This week I've been blessed by phone conversations with Holli, iced tea time with Maria, hilarious text messages from Alli, walks around this lake with Betsy and Amy, and tons of encouragement from my friends like both Kristin's, Becky, and all of you, as I posted all this stuff about my husband's job upheaval.  There is nothing more precious than friendship.  Anyway, before we headed home, I promised them duck feeding.  I have have to say, that I've been mostly avoiding photos in the summer sun.  I feel like I've got indoor photos fairly figured out, but I'm still trying to shoot everything in manual, and I haven't been able to figure sunshine out yet.  The kiddos were having a blast, so I was brave and tried it.  I was so happy I did, because wait til you see my final shot- it was so cute, I can't wait to get it on my wall!
Camera stats just for fun: 1/200s  f/5.6  ISO 100

 I love moments like this.  We have had so much rain and clouds lately, that we haven't really begun our summer yet.  No camping trips, no big day hikes, no swimming in the lake so far.  Getting a little bit of sunshine was a huge gift, and lifted all of our spirits.
 This photo cracks me up, because of all the stuff my boy has attached to his belt loop.  He has a slingshot, a lanyard or some kind, and a flash light.  I know his pockets were full of rocks and caterpillars too because he showed me when we got home.  Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... that's what boys are made of.  For sure.

And then, there was that little moment when the ducks swam away, and JJ was sitting on the bank next to Ava.  I snapped the shot and asked him to give his sister a little hug... I love it when they cooperate with me. 
 And every so often, I get a keeper that I know will soon be framed and live forever on my wall. 
There you have it... little pieces of a really good day... Happy Weekend friends.

I am so thankful for every single one of you!


  1. the hug shot melts my heart. Enlarge and frame!

    Glad the day turned out to be wonderful. :)

  2. There's a lot that I want to say after reading the last two posts, but for now, I see P90x is really paying off in your arm muscles! No really! I admire your faithfulness! You have a beautiful family!

  3. Love the pictures and I think you are doing awesome with the photography!

  4. i love the two profile pics of you , you gorgeous thing you.
    i love the hugging siblings. oh my.
    you have such a fantastic beautiful smile. head tilter or not

  5. What SWEET and BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  6. your photos are always amazing, and you manage to look on the bright side (even if its in a later post :) ) That end shot is so great - black and white plus an amazingly cute shot, total keeper! You don't have to worry, your outside manual shots are looking great!

  7. ah, the pics! so so good! are you shooting mostly with a 50 lens? and that hug pic...seriously a keeper!
    every time i read your blog i scroll down reading on and there on your sidebar is that stinking salted carmel recipe. i'm gonna have to send you a bill for new jeans ;)

  8. Looking at your photos makes me miss the Northwest that much more. Clouds and all. :) Thank you for adding to the pulling on my heart strings.

  9. Lovin' the dear Deer Face!
    A deer once hit my truck (cause we don't really hit them right? They hit us!) & I'm pretty sure it made that exact same face!

    Thanks for the laugh!


  10. Beautiful photos, beautiful family! Glad you had a great day!

  11. Awwwwwwww, those last few got me right in my Momma heartstrings! So sweet! Enjoy your weekend.

  12. the hug shot made be go 'awwwwww'!

    btw, when you're done being beat up by P90X, kettlebell workouts are awesome as is Leslie Sansone walking DVD's!!

    have a great weekend!

  13. Beautiful photos! The hug shot is priceless.

    I tried to leave a comment on your previous post but Blogger kicked it out. :-( Just wanted to say that change can be very uncomfortable but if we surrender and allow God to work, it always turns out incredibly wonderful. He does have the Master Plan...and I have to remind myself too. :-)


  14. Oh that black and white of the hug just gave me butterflies it's just so sweet.

    My friend Amy does the head tilt! Every single time!