Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding...

We got her married.  What a fun, busy weekend it was!  Nurse Nicki is now the glowing bride of Todd.  I feel like I laughed all weekend!  I was having such a good time, that I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would normally have gotten.  But this was her dress.  A gorgeous halter neck sheath, with a lace over skirt, flaring out in a slight A-line and train.  Uber pretty.  

Have I ever mentioned that I love details?  Um.  Yeah.  Because I do.  I love, love, love details.  Details are never lost on me.  How's this for a detail-encrusted hemline?  Gorgeous!
 I love this photo- You can't see the sweet Maid of Honor in it, but we were quite a trio.  the bridesmaid on my right was wiping tears of emotion and joy, while I had my mouth open just like that, in way too many photos, laughing my head off.  My man said he could hear me on the other side of the building!  (He also took four photographs of my hiney, which is precisely why I don't give him my camera very often.)

The wedding day dawned bright and early, full of sparkling sunshine.  This was the view from the guest seating.  It couldn't have been a prettier day to get married. 
 What a treat to get my hair done.  I didn't think there was much I could do with shoulder-length hair, but I found a photo of Eva Longoria, with a short-hair updo, and I asked my hairdresser to please make me look exactly like Eva.  Bwahahahaha!

It turned out very cute, messy, and updo-ish. 
 These were the bridesmaid shoes.  (Mine are in the center.)
 To me, this was almost the best part of the day.  Getting ready, taking nervous pees (tell me you know what I mean) and giggling with anticipation. 

I love this girl to pieces. What  a complete joy to be a part of her special day. 
 Todd and Nurse Nicki began taking professional wedding photos, so there was a little space of time for me to walk around and photograph random things like these two white roses that someone had left on one of the outside picnic tables. (I bet they were used for ring close-ups.)
 This was my bouquet.  I loved the mix of green and white. 
 One of the bridesmaids and I had a blast posing and photographing our flowers.  What else are you going to do while you wait?
 This sparkly purple flower was tucked into each of our bouquets!
 These kissing balls were so cute. lining the aisle.  

This is me, goofing off, taking weird photos of myself.  (Todd's daughter was helping me find things to photograph here.) 
 Nurse Nicki ordered cupcakes.  (Thus, making my life complete.)  She had Red Velvet (which always makes me think of Steel Magnolias and the Red Armadillo Groom's cake) Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel.  Which one do you think I went with?  (Your answer will tell me how well you know me! Ha!!)
 My photo of the day.  Todd and Nurse Nicki dancing in the background.
 Have I mentioned how special this woman is to me?  Because yeah... she sure is. 
 And these women... so special... The Kristin's on each end, Me, Nurse Nicki, and Alli in the center.  They have cataloged millions of laughs with me.  (Girls, if you want this photo for your fridge, I'll try and bring some to book club without my LMM stamp on it!)
 I welcomed Todd to my family right after they walked down the aisle.  That didn't really make any sense, but then again, it did.  I'm pretty sure he got it. 
 I know these two are going to be so happy together. 
 Speaking of happy together.  Gosh, I love this man.  Weddings always make me remember ours.  I adore this man.  He is my best friend.  He's my home.
 And he looks mighty fine in a suit and tie.  I'm just saying.  The man knows how to wear a suit.

 Sadly, I didn't get any photos of the wedding itself.  I mean, I was in it, and didn't think I could take any while standing up there.  (Sorry Erin!) And the same goes for the speeches and reception.  I was sitting at the Wedding Party table, no camera, and missed getting any of those moments captured.  I've got them captured in my heart though, and that's what counts.

We lit off paper lanterns for their send-off, and then everyone sort of wandered around, making their ways to their cars.  I felt happy, and yet sad to see it end.  Kind of like the day after Christmas... a good kind of sad.  You know?

Many years of happiness Todd and NN!  I love you guys!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding, and her dress was just beautiful. Good friends are priceless!

  2. Great wedding love the dresses for bridesmaids


  3. great photos!! you look beautimous :) and the dance thing? yes..i totally agree....AWKward! and the steel magnolias there a better movie than that??? "armadilla" love that :)

  4. Oh and I forgot to say that my zipper didn't burst! Praise the Lord for that!!!!

  5. I definitely cut the wedding party dance at my wedding! I was a bridesmaid enough times to know how incredibly awkward that can be! Haha. I'm sure my wedding party thanked me lol. LOVE the pics! Especially your pic-of-the-day.

    This might be my first time to comment. I started following you recently. Love your blog! :)

  6. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and groom and you look so beautiful in your dress with your updo....and yes, I have to agree your man looked might handsome. I too tend to remember our wedding day when we attend other weddings. I find my hubby and I looking all mushy at one another and holding hands as we listen to the couple say their vows.
    oh yeah and I think you would totally go for the salted caramel cupcake!
    Thanks for sharing Nurse Niki's lovely day.

  7. sigh.
    you and your dear are so sweet together.

    omg. omg. omg.
    that would be terrible, if all that "hypothetically" stuff was real... ;) oh dear. thank goodness, my best friend is going to have her brother as the next-in-line-after-best-man, and since i'm the next-in-line-after-the-matron-of-honor, i won't be stuck with a creeper! yay!!

    you look gorgeous. :D

  8. I will skip straight through the mush and say ALL my money is on you bringing salted caramel cupcakes. Love schmove. We're talking about chocolate :)

  9. Wow, gorgeousness!! That wedding dress is amazing!
    Salted caramel? :)

  10. salted caramel.

    fantastic random images my dear, seriously!
    you looked smokin by the way!
    LOVE the shoes. all of them

  11. Beautiful!!! All my best for Todd and N.N.! Let them know they picked a VERY lucky day! My husband and I were married on July 9th,1988. It's been 23 years!

  12. What a beautiful wedding and bride! Love the pictures, and you looked awful gorgeous yourself.

    I can only guess you chose the salted seems pretty fitting.

  13. you had to have chosen salted carmel...right?right? ah, weddings, it wasa pretty one, LOVE those kissing balls! my hubby and i were across the bridge in astoria this weekend celebrating year 11!

  14. Yes no question on the salted caramel!! Amen to that flavor.

  15. What a beautiful wedding! Everything was perfect: the setting, tables, flowers, dresses, and shoes! I loved all the bridesmaids' shoes!

    I think you went with the salted caramel cupcake.

    (And, I am so glad to hear of somebody else who "nervous pees!" I thought I was crazy and the only person who that happened to!)

  16. Maybe you should have been the wedding photographer....for photos off the cuff and on the fly, they are awfully good! You captured the mood perfectly!

  17. Love your pictures! Especially the one with them in the background! I bet they will love that!

    Your hair and dress were lovely!!
    So glad your zipper held up!

    Salted caramel?

  18. I supervise and coordinate weddings for work and this is BEAUTIFUL. I love weddings so much :) you looked beautiful- love love love your shoes!!

  19. Salted Caramel! Love all the details, she has excellent taste!

  20. That picture of the sound was stunning. It looked like the paiinted backdrop from an old MGM musical. I was born just north of Seattle (did I ever tell you that?) and there is nothing like a sunshine-y WA day for beauty. And salted carmel although I can't resist a good vanilla bean.

  21. You took such gorgeous photos! It looks like an amazingly awesome day!!!