Saturday, August 27, 2011

The beautiful "every," of the every day...

 We have written the official "Days til school" countdown on our big chalkboard. (This photograph is obviously a few days old.) New clothes, shoes and backpacks are waiting, tags still attached, for the big day.  (Cause my mama never let me wear anything new until the first day of school so I think it's only fair to inflict this on my own hoodlums.)  Nervous little tummies abound and bedtime talks are getting longer and longer as the day approaches. 
 Etsy items are completed, and soon to be listed.  As always, I'm a nervous wreck to show the items I've been making, but y'all are without fail, the most gracious and encouraging group out there, so I force myself way out of my comfort zone once again, and put myself out there.  My grand re-opening (since I've closed the shop for a portion of Summer) is September 1st, and I'll show you the items above a little more in detail.  I'm pretty excited amidst my nerves, about this collection of Fall things, and I've got more things in the works, once the hoodlums are in school and I have time to work. 
 Speaking of Fall things... I know it's a bit early for Thanksgiving, but is it? (Pottery Barn can get away with it...) I've been reading through One Thousand Gifts, and choosing to see the "every gift" in every day.  No, I mean the every moment of every day... and offer thanks for that gift.
 I've got my list hanging on the fridge, and this book is quickly becoming one of my favorite inspirational reads of all time.  The words "Give Thanks" inspired a lot of items I created for Etsy.  I kind of want to do what Becky's been doing, and post items from my list at the bottom of my posts but I'm a visual person and so I thought I'd leave you guys today with some photographs of the little gifts I'm giving thanks for and treasuring in my heart today.
 Flickering candles when the power goes out at dinner.
Baking for the people I love.
 Friends who encourage inspiration and give me boxes of corks.
 The delight on a most beloved daughter's face after following a recipe to a job well done.

 Serious playtime.

Dog hair on everything.
Perfect, ripe, nectarines with juice running all over our chins.

Love that surrounds me on all sides, friends, family, husband...and you.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. great post my friend
    & your photography is just awesome!
    i can't wait for you shop to open as i always have someone asking where my "eat" napkins are from.
    love the give thanks
    (maybe you can make some "merry merry" ones. wink.)
    love your kitchen and how you decorate!
    loved ann's phenomenal book too

  2. Another fantastic post! Looking forward to your Etsy shop re-opening. You are so incredibly talented. BTW...I totally stole your blackboard idea and am thrilled to have one of my own in my kitchen. Thank you for so generously sharing your wonderful ideas.

    What am I grateful for...
    My incredible hubby and girls
    YOU! for always making me feel better after having visited your blog!


  3. What a beautiful, visual post. I'm looking forward for you Etsy shop to re-open because I want to order the "give thanks" napkins. I participate in Multitudes on Mondays and every week I like to visit a few others. It's amazing to know what others find gratitude in. I really enjoyed seeing yours in pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love Ann's book! I read it in March of this year and it is one of my all time favorites, too! I knew you would love it! :)

  5. i love all your soothing pics. we have a countdown for school going too...not quite as cute as yours but still, a countdown. and i have your dish towels, well they're mine...but the same ones. ikea? 50 cents? sweeet!

    xo, alicia

  6. I'm thankful for a diagnosis that wasn't what they thought it was for my son--a healthy new approach to eating that all are on board with in this house--a successful first week of school--my family in all its everyday moments!!!

  7. Love this post! This timeof year can be soooo crazy! It reminds me to stop and breathe! Will definitely be checking the book out as well! Love your blog, the photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing your home!

  8. Well honestly YOU. I'm really thankful that God brought you in my life. I just adore you. Oh and the centerpiece with all the candles...just beautiful. Cuddling in today reading a book. A luxury for me. Makes me wish hurricanes happened more often...well maybe not.

  9. I'm reading this book too, and it's amazing how I feel joy with every simple gift of God's creation now. LOVE this book!

    Adorable photo of your little guy in his serious play... I have one very similar of my little guy and it's one of my all time favorites.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  10. Yeah for your grand re-opening! I just opened my shop too so I know what you mean about being nervous. Your home is just so stinking inviting...I love all of the pictures. I'm thankful to have gotten to spend an entire day with my family (Rondell usually works Saturdays), for this beautiful weather we're having, ice water & a laundry basket of clothes that have been washed and folded.

  11. Being able to share with other bloggers and being welcomed into their world-even for just a speck of time.

  12. Great post! I am always in awe of your photography. Your photos are gorgeous!

  13. I'm reading that book also, and her blog posts speak to a part of my soul that I have ignored for far too long. Most of them leave me a sniveling, teary mess. Hang in there.. things will get easier. (for both of us, I hope)

  14. What made you stop homeschooling? Is there a post on it?

    sandy toe

  15. I too am thankful for dog hair everywhere and even when he needs to go out at 1:40 am. Thankful also that school has started. And most thankful for your blog! Love your photos.

  16. Awesome post! We've been keeping a dry erase board in our house titled "Count Your Blessings" where we can write....well what we feel blessed or thankful for. I have struggled with infertility since before we had my son. I'm fully realizing how blessed and thankful I am that God has even given him to me. He's now three going on four and we've been doing treatments for going on two years now to have another child. Here is one thankful Mama. I'm so blessed for the gift of my little Josiah.