Friday, August 12, 2011

Hat hair.

I'm at an awkward stage of hair grow-out.  It's too long to be short, but too short to be long, darnit!!  I still have a paintbrush pony-tail, and my hair hits my shoulder and does that obnoxious little flip, (which I'd probably want it to do, if it didn't want to flip) so you pretty much have to go with it.  This time last year, I couldn't wear hats because my hair was all wrong for them.  Now they are becoming a life-saver.  I snagged an adorable creme colored hat at a consignment store, for two dollars!  (I know, I keep saying that.  I heart my consignment store.)  I brought it home and threw it into my washing machine.  It had a little fabric covered button on the side, but I decided that it needed something more...
And that, ladies and gentlemen... is how a project is born. 
I cut a circle from felt, and used a long strip of fabric along with a pin back that I got at the craft store. I love this gray and white polka-dot.  (I'll be using it for a few things soon, so keep your eyes peeled!)
I  basically just began turning and tacking in place with little dots from my glue gun.  As I went round and round, it began to resemble a flower.
This is how the back was looking, as I did that. (Please ignore my hideous fingernails.  I am the worst at giving myself manicures.  I have got to do something about that!!  Perhaps that will be my New Year's Resolution, which would mean I'd have wonderful looking nails from January to sometime around mid- February. Ha!) 
Once complete, this is how the front turned out. 
And the back!  The thing is, this was super easy, and I ended up making more with larger strips of fabric, and looser gathers, which changed the look of each perfectly sweet flower.
I glued a round of felt to the back, which covered up the raw, unfinished edges. (I used a tiny biscuit cutter as a guide for cutting the felt circle.)
For a finishing touch, I hot glued a pin back onto the felt.
Voila!  I liked this one a lot, but decided to use the same idea, and hot glue the little creme button in the center of a slightly bigger one. 
I loved this one!  I honestly wore this for two straight days after this, that's how much I love this hat. 
Sometimes, the hot glue gun burns are worth it...


  1. You are just so creative, and thrifty! Love it!

  2. Goodness you are creative! Love the hat - so cute!

  3. The hat is adorable! And your nails are a sign of a woman who works with her hands to make lovely things and that is something to be proud of!

  4. I have a Goodwill store within 2 minutes of me - why do I never use it??? You make me want to run right up there - SOOO cute. You should have a "thrift shop find of the week" section!!

  5. adorable...yes you and your funky hat!

  6. Love, love the hat! Its so cute on you!!

  7. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't spend gobs of money on pretty nails! I've often made the remark that if you have pretty nails--you don't do anything!! ;). No offense all you pretty nail ladies! The hat is too cute for words....enjoying your blog.

  8. I wish I could...
    a. wear hats and look as cute as you do

    b. find cute things at my consignment store

    I'm jealous!

  9. Oh how adorable!!! I LOVE hats!! Can you make me one? {grin} What kind of camera do you have? I need lessons! ;) And you should come join the photo swap again sometime!!

  10. Loooove the hat!! A perfect idea. I just got a super cute black knit hat for .25 at a yard sale. :)

    You have the best ideas...

  11. ADORABLE hat to begin with BUT the cute as a button polka dot rose was what made it FAB!