Monday, August 8, 2011

I think I almost died getting you these photos. Maybe. Because it was tough.

I was going to show y'all the rest of my dinner party photos (referred to in the previous cupcake post) but I got sidetracked by life, so here we are.  (Next post, I promise to finish the dinner party)  My family hikes.  As in, we pack a big lunch, our weight in water bottles, and then spend half a day climbing to a mountain top, or lookout point.  Then we suck in all the fresh air our lungs can hold, collapse on nearby rocks, down our lunch, soak in whatever view presents itself, and then try not to tumble over top of each other as we wind our way back down the way we came.  And I have no idea why I agree to this after I'm about 20 minutes in.  Not only that, we almost always drag unsuspecting friends and family along with us.  It's kind of our thing. This past weekend, we really needed a diversion.  My man was deeply struggling to reconcile his plans to the ones that have been made for him concerning his job situation, and a hike was a good way to take our minds off it.  (It turned out to be one of the most amazing days.)
Over the weekend, we brought newlywed friends Nurse Nicki and Todd with us. The climb was so crazy steep that this photo of me, halfway up the mountainside, pretty much says it all. Nurse Nicki and I collapsed and decided to take a nap on the rocks.  Just joking. (It's so nice that my man was able to capture this, don't you think?  To get him back, I"m going to tell you all something about him.  Prepare yourself for a deep, dark secret.  Adrain's guilty pleasure is the show, "Wipeout."  The man DVR's the show, and then sits on the couch, often with my hoodlums, laughing his head off at the ridiculous one liners, and antics of the contestants.  It's sick I tell you.  Now I feel vindicated.) 

 I made sure to take plenty of photos of the flora and fauna....
 .... and of course, the local wildlife....No matter what the signs say, you really should feed these little bears. 
 This was the teaser view.  Halfway up, we came to a clearing that kept us motivated for the real deal. 
 And Nurse Nicki broke out these really delicious, very non-P90X bars.  (I ate 3 over the course of the day.  I'm ashamed.  I just hope 6.5 miles of climbing, cancelled out the chocolate and caramel.)  Plus, I have to detox my liver over the coming month (more on that another day) so I won't be able to eat anything but fruit, raw veggies, milk thistle, a little fish and  unsweetened cranberry juice.  Oh... I can also make a cup of tea from nettle and dandelion.  Boy am I excited!!  "How about a steaming cup of compost tea?"  (Name that movie and you can be my BFF.)  Don't worry, I'll live... plus Adrain told me I can have his kidney if I need it.  Ha!  What a guy. 
 Gosh I love this girl.  Such a precious friend. (She'll get the movie reference)
 We all brought our dogs too.  My Lucy LOVES hikes.  She wags her tail almost the entire time!  And everyone thinks she's still a puppy, even though she's almost two.  She's part Black Lab and part Cocker Spaniel, and weighs  38 pounds, which is great, because she's big enough to hike with us, but small enough for the kiddos to manage. 
 This is a hoodlum.  In case you didn't know.  
 And this is an evil joke.  Nurse Nicki and I were like, "Oh look.. a glove, pointing the way... must be close..."  And then a week later, we finally arrived at our destination.  (Okay so it wasn't quite a week...)

  I swear, I would follow that man to the ends of the earth.  Let's just hope it doesn't come to that...

 We had to cross this scary but cool bridge.  It kind of reminded me of a rope bridge in Hawaii.  Adrain and I went on a rain forest hike there, and there was this creepy rope bridge.  If we hadn't been hiking with people we didn't know, and one of them hadn't been a guy who was terrified and taking forever to convince himself to cross, Adrain and I would have been in the middle of it, swinging it all over the place, and jumping up and down on it.  Don't ask me why... it just seemed kind of fun.  (I did feel very compassionate toward the fearful old guy, and I was careful not to rock the bridge much when he was on it.)

 And then... we made it.  This place was high.  And I mean, like it was a cliff you could have fallen off and died on.  Look at how close their feet are to the edge!  Are they crazy?? 
But this part cracked me up and warmed my heart... my man has our adventurous son's hand firmly in his, and has positioned both their hands behind his body.  Such a good daddy. 
And this is the view they were taking in.  Not bad for half a day's work... And then, get this.  We went to church, and the sermon spoke directly into our present situation... and then...get this... my man got a chance to lead someone to the Lord after church.  It was a definite high point, that's for sure. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Beautiful Pictures. Looks like you all had a great family outing. Oh and are you talking about the quote from Twilight? :-)

  2. Compost tea... twilight I am guessing? On the fieldtrip? Hike looks amazing. We always hiked as kids, guess I should get my butt moving again. I also have to say about one of your prior posts. I too grew up in a house with dead deer hanging. My dad would have us stand next to his latest kill and get our picture. So funny to hear similar stories from people who grew up the same.

  3. oh my gosh! gasp! That last photo is just breathtaking!!

    Beautiful, beautiful! I need to catch up with your blog--we've been away for the past week...I've missed you! :)

    This looks gorgeous. Is it humid there?

  4. I love how JJ is carrying his sister's backpack while she frolics ahead ... what a gentleman!

  5. Loved this post. It inspired me to go on hike with my hubby sometime soon!

    And praise the Lord about your husband leading that person to Christ!

    Sounds like it was an awesome weekend. So cool! :)

    Kind Regards,

  6. Oh my word. Amazing view!! Worth it, huh? :)

  7. Twilight for sure- just watched it yesterday! :)

    And the pictures are beautiful and made me hungry for one of those bars!

  8. Beautiful..the whole thing, pics, story, your man leading someone to the Lord...
    What a great day.

  9. Your husband holding your son's hand made me tear beautiful! Wnat an amazing day you all had. True blessings!

  10. Beautiful photos! You look absolutely adorable with your pigtails! I am totally curious as to why you have to do a detox. I was just tested for Crohn's Disease and it looks like I have it. Ugh! Also, I was on the floor laughing when I read your blog title today! I am off to make a cup of tea which I have decided is better for me than coffee~you have inspired me! :)

  11. Twilight! I always love the chance of throwing in any movie quote I can...problem is my memory isn't the greatest. So they usually end up all jumbled..regardless, beautiful pictures and beautiful family.

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  14. You know, I probably should have previewed my comments first. :o) I had to delete and start over..twice!
    Well, now that I am here, I have to tell you that I just love you so much!! You are truly amazing! We are so thankful that you pour your life out so we can share it with you.
    Thank you for trusting us and being so fun and crazy with everything!! (Whohoo!! Life is just too short to not have fun. )
    Well again we all just love ya lots!!!
    We are prayin for you and can't wait to see even more amazing dreams come true in your life. God is just SO good, ALL OF THE TIME!! Many many blessings to you guys!!!

    August 8, 2011 9:02 PM

  15. Ok I used to hike a lot when I lived in WA and now I live in NV and I still hike a lot, but where is this trail? It reminds me slightly of the Glacier Lake trail, but I am not sure.
    Praise the LORD for your husband being such a faithful servant. LOVE it! A new member in heaven!

  16. Wow! My kinda place! Would have loved to hike there! Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  17. The photos are beautiful and so refreshing. I am so longing for someplace pretty to go to. We have dead grass and trees everywhere since there is not a drop of rain in sight. I love your dog Lucy. Mine is black with triangle ears that stick up. God is good to give you a message at church and to use your man to further His kingdom. No matter what we are lacking God is still good. Blessings on your day!

  18. those are amazing girlie. i feel like i was with you minus the sore muscles and aches and pains. need to hear about this cleanse. hope everything's alright. love that adrain led someone to the Lord that's the best part of the day for sure!! love this post! can i still be your bff if i can't reference that movie?? i'm racking my brain i really am.

  19. So my little guy and your little guy have the same backpack!! Love, LOVE, LOVE LL Bean backpacks! As for hiking and snacking - girl don't ya know - THERE ARE NO calories when hiking! ONLY burning of calories. This is my personal book of wisdom, but feel free to partake!

  20. Love your blog! Keep it up, girl.

  21. I have no idea where this is, but I have to move there! What a tremendous treat to be able to hike in August during the day without having a heat stroke! It's been incredibly hot here...mostly 100 degrees with a heat index of 108! UGH! Anyway, I love reading your posts. The hike looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Wipeout. Love it!

    So does my husband.

    And kids.

    In fact, if I close my eyes tight and listen real close, I think I can still hear their laughter echoing in our house.