Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just another day in the life of my random mind.

I feel like a million random things are running through my brain today!  I'll try to limit it for you...

1) I have the cutest black top on right now.  I found it at my favorite consignment store for only $3.00!!  Seriously, how do people part with these treasures?  I have accessorized it with a chunky turquoise wrap bracelet and long necklace with turquoise and silver cross, and my silver handbag (also a consignment find earlier this summer.) Treasures, I tell you! (Sorry, I have no photo for you right now.  Perhaps I'll do a consignment store post soon- just in time for back to school shopping?)

2) My mama sent a pie home with my man not too long ago, and we froze it because of P90X.  (Which we have now officially just quit around week seven, because of his job/schedule change and the fact that I want to do other things.  Like bike riding.  And walking.  And Jillian's Yoga Meltdown to which I've become completely addicted, thanks to my friend Kristin. I do think I'm way stronger now though, thanks to P90freakingX.) Anyway.  My man and hoodlums ate the entirety of this pie, and I would like to proudly proclaim that I did not have one single taste. (Even though my Mama's pies rock)  I wasn't sorry either... I'm taking care of me.  And wearing a cute top.  So there. 
 3) My man found a "new" old car, that was perfect for his commutes and didn't break our bank.  In fact, he jokingly said, "Well babe, if we lose everything, at least this car is paid for and we can live in it..."  I didn't find that even remotely funny in this day and age.  Even though he has a valid point. I'm just saying.  And I call shotgun. 
 4) I briefly mentioned something about my liver- only I mistakenly said it was my kidneys- but you can't hold that against me because it's a miracle that I remember how to accessorize my own outfits these days.  When that goes, we all know I'm in real trouble.  Anyway... something isn't working properly and my levels of something are low, so I'm doing a detox where I get to eat berries and things while they run a few more tests and check my thyroid and other things.  It's lots of fun.  And one thing I can have... is hummus.  And lots of it.  (Provided I'm the one making it, so it's not chock full of bad things.  And that what I'm dipping into it, is sodium free, dairy free, meat free, fun free items.  Like veggies.  I made some to die for hummus.  (But in all fairness, I'm kind of a hummus freak, so all hummus is classified as "to-die-for" in my world.  Still, it's pretty amazing.  And I have enough ingredients to last me a month.)
 5) Tomorrow, I'm spending the night at my sis (n-law's) house and we are knitting hats.  I am over the moon excited about this.  I just am.  I can't explain it... but I've never knitted a hat and I think life is about taking risks.  Testing boundaries.  Pushing yourself.  Stepping out of the box.  And knitting.  Yeah!! Oh... and then, if that's not exciting enough... we are taking my hoodlums to the zoo.  It could get wild and crazy...

P.S. Kalmata Olive Hummus Recipe, found here. 

P.S.S. Check out these photos below, that my friend Amy took!! They are a few of my favorites from Nurse Nicki's Wedding.  I always love black and whites...

Okay y'all... that's all for today.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. OH!OH!OH!!! Me first!!!!

    Hope all is well with your health!

    LOVE ANYTHING you post and it's NEVER too much. Period. ; )

  2. I love hummus too! I hope your kidney, I mean liver, is ok. ;) I really do hope you're fine! Have I mentioned I love reading your posts? I do! You always make me smile, and after the past few days, smiling is a very good thing. Sending love and hugs your way and saying a prayer right now for you.

  3. i'm a hummus freak too. i think i need a food processor! wishin' i could just hire you to cook for me. you could be my personal fitness chef...just like Oprah has;) can't believe you didn't even have one bite of that pie. you are amazing!

  4. I love your random posts :-) and I lovelovelove hummus too! In fact, that's the #1 reason I'm hoping we get the food processor we registered for... ;-)

  5. Ok, well, THIS "Kristin" has never heard about Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, so do share (please!). I LOVE yoga, and I LOVE Jillian, so perhaps this is a match made in heaven? I was doing her 30 day shred, but stopped b/c I decided it wasn't focusing enough on WHAT I needed shredded (i.e. thighs, butt), but anyway, you didn't need to know that ;-). Just photographed your goodies for the GIVEAWAY next week. *Love* them! Can't wait to see the black top-Happy Thursday to ya!

  6. Hummus! I've never made it!! I might have to jump on that pronto! YUM!!

    Love you, girl!

  7. Hummussssssssssss! And I wanna see that top.