Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend review and photos that don't really match

This weekend was good. And weird. And good 'n weird at times. Adrain was un-jetlagging himself and is now suffering from a head cold.  I still have not seen any of his Africa photos because my church has them. Waiting is not my strong suit people!!  But know this: as soon as I've got them, you'll get them.  Ya know?
 My camera and I had a sweet reunion and now I can show you the photos of my quadruple-painted rocking chair.  (Sometimes you think you want wild, splashes of color... but then what you need are neutral, soothing, shades of ripe wheat.  So in the end, it's not very exciting, but it works.) We shifted all our furniture around this weekend... Adrain used to be based from home, so he had a (very messy) office in our bedroom.  We kicked all that junk to the curb now that he is in a different job, and moved our leather chairs all around, making new (and better) spaces for things.  Happppeeee... And now, my bedroom is just a bedroom. Happppeee.  Did I mention, that I'm happy about that?  Now if only I could get rid of all this commuting nonsense (which I am already not enjoying in the slightest) and have him closer to home... 

Also, I tried to get as much as possible done in preparation for school starting, which is frighteningly close people!  Frighteningly!  Close! (Me, trying not to panic.)

I'm not convinced that we are ready, in spite of the fact that my mudroom now hosts a shiny new row of backpack hooks, and a hanging shoe organizer.  I just don't think that's enough.

Also, I made muffins today.  Really yummy muffins for my little peeps.  Blueberry muffins in blue and white gingham liners, and strawberry jam muffins in pink and white gingham liners.   Because if you're gonna make a muffin, make a good muffin in a cute liner!! That's what I always say...  Or at least, that's what I'm saying right now. 
 I even made strawberry butter to go with them and thrilled my husband. 
For strawberry jam muffins, stir a bit of strawberry jam into a muffin mix, and do the same with some softened butter.   Huh.  Strawberry jam- the wonder condiment.
 And then my man made pancakes for dinner, forever cementing my love for him.  (Which was never in question, just so you know.) Sweet merciful heaven, that man could win any woman's love by pancake making.  Or perhaps just mine.  And he added fresh blueberries.

What did you guys do all weekend? 


  1. dear sasha, i think you are insanely talented and such a wonderful woman! I'm so blessed to know you. You home is so light, and airy, and inviting. Is that a keep it simple apron in your kitchen pic? I can't tell for sure but if it is that makes me happy! Love you!

  2. Oh-My-Gosh! Those pancakes look absolutley mouth-watering!

    I'm gonna try the strawberry jam idea in my lil' guy's muffins. Thanks!

    All is well. All is well. All is well...

  3. it's all so pretty. i need another visit. it's like you live in a new house since the last time i was there! those pancakes looked unbelievable. now my stomach's growling.

  4. Your home looks so beautiful. I am on the quest to quiet the colors down a bit here but am afraid to get started...I love color but the busyness of the patterns is getting to me. You've inspired me to get a move on. I rarely comment but read you all the time. Your family has been in my prayers. Patty

  5. I hope my house can be as pretty as yours someday-I'm in the re-decorating process! I absolutely love the way you decorate.

  6. Those pancakes are calling my name! Beautiful!

  7. You inspire me!! My prayers are with you, and if there is anything I can do, or help with in the information department, please let me know. Really - pancakes for dinner, my ultimate favorite! I knew we had more in common!

  8. Hey girlie! catching up on your posts. was out of town for a funeral.
    You have tempted me once again with food pictures. Man, those pancakes look so YUMMY! and while I am not a blueberry person, those muffins do look tasty.