Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 365

 Here we are again... it's 365 time.  What a month!!!  Did it go way too fast for anyone else?  I have to confess, that six of the photos are not mine.  They were taken by man man, when he was in Africa!!  He did an amazing job and I hope to show you many more of his photos soon... there are just overwhelming amounts to go through and I've got to get hoodlums in school first.  First up, making Chocolate Mint Oreo Cupcakes for my friends.  Because I love my friends.  And my friends love my cupcakes. So really, everybody wins. (Now that I'm eating gluten free (more on that very soon, I promise) I just have to find peeps to make them FOR.  Amy and David, ANY time... seriously.)
   My turquoise cross necklace.  And me, in my kitchen.  Doing stuff.  A happy day indeed.  
 At the brink of chaos.  Adrain's job... life... daily choices... kid stuff... just everything.  I successfully ignored this couch for the entire day. 
 Working to recover, with the good medicine of my friend Betsy, and her refreshing company, beach-side.  What is it, about afternoons with girlfriends that makes everything seem a little less bleak? 
  Heart melting sweetness. 
Following my man up a mountain.  Not the easiest of days, but so good to be in it together. 
 Sometimes one must photograph one's food.  The End.
 Perfection of lazy summer afternoons.  The sprinkler's duties done for the day, and time for a cool down break while watching "Tangled."
 The only thing I love more than my hoodlums actually getting along, is... wait.  I don't love anything more than that!  Bwahahahaha!  It only happened the one time, so I had to capture it on film!  (You think I kid...)
And then....he left... taking my heart with him to Africa.  I cried myself to sleep that night.  I admit it.  I love my man so much it nearly chokes me sometimes. (I have no commentary for the following photos... they weren't mine, but perhaps I'll get Adrain to guest post soon!)
 He came back with little hand drums for the hoodlums.  He also brought me an old, tiny, (but beautiful) hand-carved ivory Nativity.  I asked him if the Ivory police were going to arrest me for owning contraband.  He blandly reminded me that he wasn't the one who killed the elephant so many years ago that "donated" the tusk.  Still... I felt kind of responsible... Poor elephant.  I can't believe people did that to those amazing creatures.   
 Reading before dinner.  I love it when they get so lost in a book they don't hear anything around them. 
 Oh... can it get sweeter?  I think baby "anything" is absolutely precious... but little, pink piglets are especially sweet. 
 County fair treasures... play time.
 There is nothing sexier than a man who cooks.  (Even if pancakes are about the only thing in his repertoire.) 
 I love random.  Carrying eggs from fridge to counter top.  Simple. 
 My littlest man brought in a surprise for me.  (Thank heavens it wasn't another snake.  I've had way too many of those this month.  Up to and including a dead snake that is resting in peace (headstone and all) in my garden.  Uhgggg... so not a fan.)
 Power outage.  Something so fun about lighting candles and eating dinner in soft, flickering light. 
  Caramel eyes. Silky fur.  Waggy tail.  Man's Mama's best friend. 
 Date night with my soul mate.  Sunset.  My man's arm wrapped around my waist.  Him, teasing me about making out on the beach. Salted Caramel gelato with tiny green spoons.  Long walk along a pier.  Watching the sun sink behind the water.  Laughing over private jokes.  Sitting on a bench, talking about life. Slowly heading to the car in the dark with teenagers giggling on blankets and talking around fire pits.  Driving to meet friends.  Late night appetizers and laughs.  Sleepy babies whispering, "Goodnight," in the dark.  Wishing friends safe travels home.  Life's perfection, wrapped in easy moments.
 Bad hair.  This is my "stinky face."  This is what my hair looks like when the air dries it.  Ava said, "Mommy, you look like a lion."  I loved that to pieces.  Because you know... it kinda does. 
 I don't think it's possible to be productive with out a little chaos.  I like to call it "creative atmosphere." 
 And then comes the organization when I can no longer stand the chaos.  I laminated chore charts for the hoodlums so they can stay on task every morning before school.  I found some cool dry erase click pens and clipboards for them.  Mostly, they've just been flipping the chart over and drawing on it, but I'm sure once school starts next week, I'll be really glad we have them. 
Sweet face.  I am addicted to this precious little face...
Looking all around, trying to wrap up the month, thinking, "what to photograph... what to photograph..."  I found this old wood box a while back, and it was gross.  I'm talking mold, spider webs, the works.  But I brought it home, scrubbed it up, stained it, sanded it, and then drilled holes in the sides and put rope handles in it.  Now it's the home of a bunch of white candles, and I love it.  Just goes to show that you should never pass something up because it's nasty looking.

Wow.  That was so deep.

And on that note, I end August 365.


  1. You're my favorite.

    My favorite blogger.
    My favorite cook.
    My favorite crafter.
    My favorite husband-lover (cause I love my man in the same way you do and we are so similar in our marriage from I read on here!!!)
    My favorite random photographer.
    My favorite brunette.

    Don't even know you, yet I somehow heart you. In a non-stalker, non-weirdo kinda way.

    And......I'm first. ; )

  2. Your photos never cease to amaze me. I'm totally stealing your rope handle crate idea. I have lots of nasty crates laying around but I LOVE the rope handle idea and I'm even going to throw some candles in it! :) Your photos inspire me, you inspire me. :)

  3. I look forward to your blog every single day! Where in Africa did your husband go? His pics are a maz ing. I have always loved Africa and dream to go there someday.

  4. August 10th, I know how you felt... I was feeling those same things just a few days later. And August 26th- what amazing love! :)

  5. Love these monthly posts. Promise you'll always do them!
    The babies from Africa were absolutely precious.

  6. I love your pics!
    My hubby can't cook a like, either, except for his awesome panini-type sandwiches and grilling.
    I love your "lion" hair!
    I also love that old box and how you revamped it!

    Carmen at Old House Kitchen

  7. love your pictures.
    I HAVE to get better about bringing my camera out...I go in seasons. :(

  8. LOVE your "lion hair"...just wish my hair could look like that. So happy that you and your man got a night away. You deserve to have some one on one time. :-)

  9. okay girlie...there's not a thing about you i don't love. you know that right?? tell adrain those africa pictures were AMAZING! how cool that experience had to have!!! have a great weekend.

  10. Man I wish I could be on the cupcake friend list! I love your photos...I love these posts that you do.

  11. What great moments you captured.

    Your husband took some awesome shots. (Glad he made it home safely.)

    I have lion hair about every other day right now.

  12. I think your bad hair day is actually cute.

    Is that your idea of chaos? My house looks like that times 10...every day.

    Love the Africa pics