Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extravagant (with fun photos from my day)

Today was my birthday.  I'm 36 years old now.  Older than my man by a full nine months.
(The pile of birthday cards I awoke to.)
 Do you guys know about the five love languages?  My girlfriends and I have been having a lot of discussions about love languages lately.  Discovering ours, and of course the language our spouse speaks so we can better identify and meet the needs of those wonderful men we love so much.  My love language is big time, wholeheartedly, gifts.  This is what the author says about the love language of gifts:  Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday, anniversary, or a hasty, thoughtless gift would be disastrous—so would the absence of everyday gestures.

I'm actually laughing, because those people who know me even a smidgen probably know that every single word of this description is me, to a tee.
(Hanging at the vet's office with Lucy, savoring the fun art.)
 We pulled up to the mailbox, and the key squeaked a little as Adrain turned it.  I glanced over to look out the window, viewing the progress of a neighborhood project, a warm breeze blowing against my face.  Adrain pulled out a butterscotch colored- mailing envelope and casually tossed it into my lap with an easy grin.  I recognized the swirl of the handwriting, even before peeking at the sender, and a tickle of joy surged up my spine.  I quickly tore open the top, and yanked out a butter colored envelope... the thick kind, sure to hold a treasure.  It read, "My Sasha Girl" and I smiled.  I flipped it over, and slid my thumbnail under the gold seal.  I pulled out the stiff card, sprinkled with glitter and bright colors, and anticipation swirled for that tiny second before you "know."  You know about that second right?  It's the moment right before you see that they really "get you."  I live for that moment, as much as I pretend not to- because for some reason, I've grown to believe that you've got to play it cool in those moments. Inside, I'm screaming and giddy. 
(Where my man and I ate lunch)
 The moment of truth.  I flipped it open and the gift spilled out, filling my hand.  All the breath in my lungs escaped in one big whoosh as I sat staring at it.  The sun was hot on my shoulders and the car began pulling away from the mailbox.  "Adrain........"  I gasped, holding it out between my fingers...  He glanced at it and grinned.  He had known.  He gave me a nod as he turned down the street.  I almost couldn't breathe.  Half words sputtered out of my mouth over and over, as I stared at my gift. "But how....what.... why....I mean.... really?....oh..... I can't believe.... oh..... "  He chuckled and said simply, "I know."  I began grasping for my phone.  I had to reach the sender.  I had no words, but I had to speak.  Giggles began bursting from my lips and then I stopped cold.  "But Adrain... how do I accept a gift of such magnitude?"  "You just do.  And then you say thank you."

Shock. Delight.  Wonder.  Overwhelming gratitude.  Amazement.  Pure excitement.  I dialed the phone.
(My gluten-free lunch.  Yum.)
 Never, in my entire life, have I been given a birthday present like that.  I'm reeling from the overwhelming love and friendship... a gift I could never have imagined... a thoughtfulness I could never repay and the only words I can come up with to say are thank you.  My love language, spoken in it's native tongue.  "Prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to me."  Oh.....

I wouldn't embarrass my sweet friend by calling her out or naming the gift, but she is reading and she knows.  And yet, she'll never know... I'm so overwhelmed by this sweet, thoughtful, extravagant gesture. 
(My family took me to the grocery store to pick out dinner!)
I love you my sweet friend.   You are a gift. 
(At the car wash.  Trust me, this is a gift...)
(These were on my doorstep, from my mom-in-law)
(Little hand-made necklace from my boy.)


  1. what a wonderful birthday! I'm dying to know what your friend got you... :)

  2. Hey girlie!
    I too am older than my husband. He loves when my birthday comes around because for a few months before his birthday we are two years apart. It really cracks me up how he never tires of it each year.
    Sasha, really, you know how to tease. You know we are all dying to know what wonderful gift you recievd...but seriously, just being showered with something so unexpected by someone is gift enough isn't it?

  3. it's SO hard not knowing what your gift is or who gave it...what a sweet and precious friend!!!

    I'm 10 months older than my man.....he LOVES to call me his "olda lady" in a real sultry voice.

    Happiest Birthday, sweet lady!

  4. Oh NO!! You aren't going to do this to us...are you???!!!????

    We don't need to know who but we need to know whaaaattttt!!! PPUUUUHHHHLEEEASE!!!

    (; Just joking.

    Although it would be lovely to know what sweet surprise you got!

    Happy Birthday Sasha! Your blog is one of my all time favorite ones to read. Has been for years!

    (: Shelby

  5. Happy Birthday, Sasha! Wishing you the best day ever!

  6. Oh sweet girl it sounds like you had such a great b-day. I'm so glad God blessed you in a BIG way today. You deserve it! BTW I love that cute doggie art. How cute was that? Love you Miss Sasha.

  7. Happy birthday dear girl! I hope you have the bestest, most fantastical, year ever!! :)

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Blessings, sweet one!! I can't wait to share pictures mu husband happened to take yesterday as I opened my package from you. He was cracking up at my excitement--I can totally relate to the love language: gifts. I just returned Gary Chapman's book to the library today!!! Wishing you happiness, health, and love this upcoming year. Yay for 36--I'm a month away: )

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like an uh-maze-ing day! :)

  10. It's sounds like a spectacular birthday. Happy Birthday.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY purty lady:) i wish i could swoop up there and take you out for soem sinful dessert!

    and yep. curious as all get out.

  12. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. I just love getting things in the mail. Especially brown paper packages tied up with string. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Sasha!! Looks like you had a great one.

  14. Glad you had the birthday you deserved. Blessings...

  15. what a wonderful day you sweet girl!!
    i love it
    i love how you describe all the emotions too.
    hope your weekend continues to be full of birthday gift love!
    happy birthday sweet sasha!!!

  16. Happy, glorious birthday to you a day late! Sounds like you had an incredible gift all day long. I am 3 1/2 years older than my husband, he thinks he's my boytoy. We are not in our 30's anymore so he's stretching that one! And I totally relate to going through the car wash as a gift.
    Be so very blessed in your 36th year! Love, Jeannie

  17. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope your day was beautiful! I'm telling you what...I'm in bated suspense over this whole gift thing. It's just killing me not to know what it is!!!

  18. Happy Birthday, sweet mamma! I hope you received all the gifts you wished for, and even more than that!

  19. Happy Birthday! I am fairly new to your blog and I love it!

  20. What a wonderful day you had spent with people who love and cherish you! Happy Birthday!

  21. that's it! I wish I would've read this before our phone call! I would've died to know what the special gift was!!! You are blessed! Thank you for your prayers! Call me if you need me!

  22. Happy Birthday! You are a gift to us -- your readers!

    Many happy and healthy returns of the day!

    PS: Dying to know the gift....

  23. Happy birthday Sasha! What a great birthday story and wonderful friend who knows your heart!

  24. Happy Birthday! Yay for gifts that hit the deepest part of your heart. Did you know there's a love language book for kids? It's as equally great.

  25. awww, happy birthday! I'm also dying to know what the gift is! lol

    Call her out! Spill the beans! :)