Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just for fun

So you know how we were just talking about love languages the other day?  (And yes, I do forget y'all are on the other side of a computer screen sometimes.)  Well, my daughter's love language is quality time.  (and I'm pretty sure it's also unofficially "creating artwork."  I say unofficially, because that's not listed as a "real" love language... but it's a language that both Ava and I speak to each other, so we'll just go ahead and count that.)
 After a week of school, and missing her, I surprised her with a painting party.  She went with horses and a brilliant orange sun.  She's fun like that.
 I went with sunflowers and my favorite colors- turquoise-esque shades of blues and greens.  I remembered that I'd forgotten just how much I love painting.  I used to paint on canvases every weekend back before kids.  I loved it.  I've filled several corners of my home with my own artwork as a result. 
 But today... just for fun... I'm listing this on Etsy.  One of a kind, and oh-so-cheery!  (Get it here.)  

Ava's painting is not for sale.  (grin.)

Happy Weekend Peeps!


  1. Love it! And I have to tell you that you inspired me to open my own etsy site! You rock!

  2. I think creating should be a love language, too!

    great way to spend quality time with your girl....

  3. Gorgeous! It reminds me of how my yard looked earlier in the summer!

  4. Gorgeous painting! You def. need to add your paintings to your shop :)

  5. That is simply beautiful. My official love language is acts of service, but my unofficial love language is sunflowers...hands down. This is a day I wish I had extra cash.

  6. You're killing meeeee! That painting is beyond adorable and I 100% agree that you should add some paintings to your shop. I would've bought that but the background colors don't match what I've got (but I'm sure it'll go to some thankful soul) ~ so instead I shopped around your shop and bought a couple different things. Those Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases are so darn cute and I finally get my own chicken wire hanger thingie!!

  7. That is a gorgeous painting. Like Kelli said I wish I had some extra cash, I love sunflowers! You are such a good mom. That is something my mom would have done. Ava and JJ are so blessed. One day Ava will be a proud mama just like you! Blessings all over your Sunday!

  8. just saw tara's comment when i opened up to leave a note
    i'm changing what i was going to say
    going with a ditto on what tara said

    love your sunflower. gorgeous

  9. LOVE doing art with my kids!! Love your painting fun! :)