Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new kind of comfort

Comfort.  There's just nothing quite like it, is there?  As I type this, I've got some gluten-free bread baking, and tomato soup in the works for dinner.  The table's all set to look pretty and inviting (which I seldom do unless we have company coming, but I wanted to take photos of my runners for Etsy, and thought I'd just leave it like this for dinner tonight and surprise everyone.  Just keeping it real.) and the smells in my home are incredible.  It's raining outside, so it's a perfect day for soup, lit candles, and comforting food....
 But that's not the type of comfort I want to tell you about today.  Yesterday, my precious (and often introverted) little daughter blew the lid off the kind of comfort that can't be laid out, stirred, tasted, smelled, or photographed.  (Though those are nice.)
Ava has a private little blog, where she practices typing and journals about the fun things in life.  Whenever she is finished typing, she hit's that publish button, and I get an email that shows what she wrote.  Anyway, I want to share her words with you because if I achieve one thing in life, I want it to be faith like hers.  

This is what she said about her day yesterday, and I've left it unedited because it's so sweet.
"today Jj couldn't go to school because he was sick.and today was the first day I Was supposed  to go on the bus alone!!so that was crumby and it just got worst: i was supposed to go on bus 56 but i ended up going on bus 27 instead aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!so every step of the way i thot This:Be Strong and courageous  for the Lord is with you always.and the next thing i new was i was in my neighbor-hood.God is amazing."
When I can't be there to comfort her, I have no greater joy than knowing she knows Who to turn to for that comfort.  And in no small way, that comforts me. 
Do you need some comfort?  I can't be there to make you soup, but I can offer you these words... the same words I whispered into my daughter's ear this summer and told her to bury in her heart... to tuck them away so they would be right there when she most needed them;

 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9  

That's a comforting promise, and something to really give thanks for, don't you think?

P.S.  These are the last of my "Give Thanks" runners, as I won't be making any more this season. 


The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Thank you friend: )

Stuff and Nonsense said...

i absolutely love when we can see
the word of the Lord
come home to roost in our children

true comfort indeed.


Alisa said...

And they are right there when I most need them at this very moment. You never know how God is going to use you. Thanks for letting Him speak through you.

Leslie said...

I need this comfort Sasha! What a sweet little girl you have there, you have done well! I have been laid up for 3 weeks now with a broken leg and today learned that my hubby has a broken elbow, we are quite the pair, tonight I wonder how we will manage with both of us needing the other. You reminded me that we will get through this with the Lord by our side, we are not alone! Bless your heart for touching mine tonight! (thank Ava too!)

Beth said...


The Beauty In Me said...

I found your blog and fell in love with it!!! you are so creative!

Come Visit&StayFAB.

Tamara said...

that is amazing, i wish i would have thought of that. She has a great teacher!
Thank you for sharing

Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

A beautiful truth! What a strong, courageous daughter you have. I hope my little girl grows up to have the same sweet faith. You have been blessed!

justatryer said...

Wow, I've never posted a comment - ANYWHERE before but felt compelled to just now after reading this. My childhood religion fell by the way-side many, many years ago, but this just made me cry at my desk... and now I can keep those precious, innocent thoughts in my heart. Thank you for reviving good feelings... :) and for a fabulous blog - I'm wishing for time to be so creative - maybe now I'll say a little prayer as well...

Jen said...

Your daughter is very wise. Her blog post was beautiful! Praise God!

Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I love that you can even hear her distinctive "voice" in her writing (aaahhhh!). Love th epurity of her faith and her innocence in expressing herself.

What a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

Jessabells said...

Oh you are so lucky. I wish my children loved the the Lord like your daughter does. We are at a transition right now where the kids are questioning faith. I try so hard to keep God in the forefront of their lives and it is challenging. I hope my children find their way back to the Lord.

You and your husband are truly great parents. You are an great example and role model that I wish more parents would get to read about like I do.

God Bless you and your family Sasha.


Sara said...

That is SO special when kids start having their own faith in God. LOVE this post and this promise!! Thanks for reminding me! ;)

Melissa said...

Your table looks great - what a fun surprise for your family. And love your daughters blog post!

Noelle said...

Wow that is awesome!!! really really awesome!!! Your table is beautiful and I love those runners!

Patty said...

That is beautiful! Good job, Mama and Holy Spirit!

Farmgirl Paints said...

one of my very favorite verses. love coming does comfort me:)

daisy said...

Oh, so sweet.

Tonya said...

That absolutely blessed my soul. Thank you!

Jeannie said...

Wow, that is amazing! Like mother, like daughter, you have already taught her well. She is precious! My (step)daughter just told me she was trying to have a better relationship with me and I could talk to her if I need to. God is good! Enjoy your sweet hoodlums this weekend!

Cheryl said...

I was loving the GIVE THANKS napkins...but these runners are sooo cool. Your table looks lovely. Can I come over for dinner?
Thanks so much for sharing about your dinner. Doesn't it do your heart good to know their are listening and hiding HIS word in their heart?
I have been experiencing the same thing with my daughter as she is in her first semester in college.
Have a blessed day!

mamabear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamabear said...

That is so sweet and wonderful. You know you are doing something right, when all else fails, when you see that your child has faith like that. Good job, Mama. Love your blog. :-)

(Sorry, my first post had goofy spelling errors!)

Kristin said...

What a cozy day. Thanks for sharing Ava's words. They were wise and adorable all at the same time! Loved your consignment post too girl! So fun! Hope this weekend is a great one for you...

Danielle Broadbooks said...

The absolute most amazing thing! I can't wait to see the evidences of the things God is teaching my little one. She's only 9 months old, so thus far, I can see the evidences of His hand in her life (she was born 6 weeks early at 3lbs. 13. oz., spent 5 weeks in the NICU and is now healthy and strong)but to actually hear her heart and the way God is talking to her? I can't wait for that experience. Thanks for sharing yours with us today! How do you let her blog privately like that?

sdcano said...

i love the thought of creating a blog for my daughter. she 10 and i am homeschooling her. would you mind sharing your daughters site with me. i would love for my daughter to read it. said...

How very precious that Ava knows who is in control of her life!!!

You and "your man' have done something right!!!


Dandy said...

I'm a total mess. What a sweet girl. You've done a good job.

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