Friday, September 30, 2011

September 365

September is by far my favorite month.  It's a month of crisp air, new beginnings, crunchy leaves, new blue jeans, school supplies, wind storms, pumpkin spiced candles, apple pie, flannel shirts, extra blankets on the bed, rainy days, and of course, my birthday!!  That said, I thought my favorite month should kick off with my favorite photo.  Only um... I can't choose one!  That's like trying to decide which I love more, chocolate or caramel.  So, I give you my photo gallery wall, in part.  I love this wall.  I have three more frames that I'm hoping to add soon... looking for a forth.  If I get many more "favorite" photos, it will be time to begin another wall. Ha!
Okay I have no witty explanation.  (Not that I normally do, I'm just saying.) I had nothing for ya but a candle on this day. I was trying to burn the last of my summer candle, so I could start burning something that smelled like pumpkin. (It's a sickness that overtakes me on September 1st.  It's called pumkinloveitis.)
Ava's at a really sweet and fun age.  She put on my leopard heels and tromped around with that little, man-do-I-make-this-look-good attitude, and I thought she was so cute that I snapped a photo. 
This was our hiking day and the day my family chose to celebrate my birthday.  Such fun to be with family. And be celebrated.
Picking the last of the tomatoes off the vines....
....and lining them up to ripen in a window sil.
First day of school.  My heart just fluttering.  So many of you have emailed me, asking why we chose to quit homeschooling and jump into public.  It would take a long time to give those explanations, and most are very private, so I'll just say that this was the best and right decision for our entire family, given our specific needs, at this point in time. (How's that for vague?)  We considered every option, we prayed very seriously about it, since early last spring, and God opened every door for us.  We are crazy happy with the choice, and feel amazingly blessed by the school, staff, and teachers we have been dealing with. 
This was my birthday... Sadly, I didn't take a very birthdayish photo... I couldn't resist this little green-eyed hoodlum, who is also my favorite boy on the planet.  He has a sweet heart and he brings me joy every day.  After I took this photograph, I couldn't believe how grown-up my little man is getting! 
Okay now this was a fun day.  We invited my parents over for our final BBQ of the season, so the kids could share stories of their week, and it was so fun.  The kiddos jumped on the trampoline and the adults hung out visiting and savoring dark chocolate.  Seriously, it was a perfect way to kiss Summer goodbye. 
Ava and I painted together... there is nothing quite a sweet as spending happy moments of quality time with your babies after a week of missing them while they were in school. 
Such a good reminder to sprinkle throughout the house.  In all things, give thanks. 
After school, the kiddos singing songs and goofing around...
I don't know... sometimes there is no explanation.  Kids are funny.
Some sweet friends over... a yummy zuccini cake recipe, adapted from this recipe, using gluten free baking mix instead of regular flour.  It was so good I almost cried. 
I ran all day long.  I dropped off the kids at school, and was gone running errands until I picked up the kids again.  I need a nap just remembering this day. 
Ava's after school snack.  She really wanted her snack to make it into my 365.  Who am I to say no when I think of some of the other things I've photographed for 365?
I found these knobs for $1.50 each at Michaels.  What on earth should I do with them?  I don't really have anything that needs a knob... hmmmm.  I'm sure I'll find something. 
Gluten-free.... getting the hang of this... I think.  
I found this at my consignment store for a dollar.  I loved the sentiment.
My door used to be a sort of rusty red color, and while I liked it, it's been the same color for over eight years, and my babies, then toddlers, then preschoolers rammed toy after toy into it over those years, fired nerf darts at it, taught a dog to look out the window, and many other destructive things, slowly chipping and scratching away the paint.  It was time for a repaint, so I decided a color change couldn't hurt either.  I told my man kind of what I was looking for, and he chose the color for me!  It's so pretty... (It's called "Clover" by Sherwin Williams.)
I am so happy with how it looks, alongside the white trim and yellow house paint. 
Little white pumpkins... maybe my favorite fall decoration. (Pumkinloveitis)
Counting laps at the school's fun run. By the way... is it hard for any of you guys to make friends with other school parents, or is that just me?  I've always been so bad at that.  I can make friends just about anywhere else, no problem, but I seem to have a tough time breaking into established school groups (though everyone is of course sweet and nice!)  Hmmm... maybe that one goes back to high school and four moves in four years.  I'm pretty sure that means it's me... but can anyone else relate?  I see all these other moms laughing and joking and they all seem to know each other so well. 
The good thing about that, is that I go home to a guy who knows me better than any other person on the planet, and he makes me laugh like no one else can. He took a bunch of photos of me while blackberry picking, that had me doubled over laughing at one point.  (I'll spare you those.) He's such a goof behind a camera. 
I've made my own chicken stock one other time this month you guys.  For the first time in my entire life!  And the thing is, it was so easy and made the most amazing difference in my soup recipes, I had to do it again!  Plus, Adrain brought home a chicken because he wanted me to make some more so how could I resist?  Have you ever made it?  (Drop a chicken carcass into a big pot, add some chopped up carrots and onions and celery -don't worry about peeling carrots or onions just chop them.. and throw in some salt, pepper, fresh or dried herbs, and cover it all with water.  Then set to boiling and cook that baby til the veggies are soft, then pour into containers over strainers and you've got some delicious broth for the freezer!  Ready when you're getting ready to make soup.)
 Little girl sweetness. 
 This was all I could find to photograph.  (Well I mean obviously I could have photographed anything, but there was nothing I really wanted to photograph, you know?) I had on this cozy gray turtleneck sweater (consignment find a while back) and a darling vintage flower pin that I nabbed the other day, also consignment!  I do love my consignment stores...But I guess you already knew that.
 Salted.  Caramel. Apple. Pie. Bites.  If you didn't make these yet, you need to. Not that I'm trying to boss you around or anything....
Soothing.  Pretty.  Vintage looking, golden floral sheets, all clean and crisp, just waiting for me.  And man, did I need em!  Loooong day.  Looooong week. 
No matter what else the month brings me, nothing in life makes me happier than this.  Two hoodlums, all in a row.  (I cheated a little bit and took this photo on a different day, but I had to put it in, because it was the perfect way to end the month.  Sometimes.. cheating can be okay.)

Thank you Lord, for every moment, and every day of this month, that I got to have.... all the ups and even the downs.  Every need met, with always just enough.  Lessons learned and hope restored in the smallest places, ready to bloom and grow.  YOU are so good to me and I rejoice in Your blessings.  Amen!!


  1. What a wonderful remembrance of September. So many changes, so many good things...

    Yeah, I can relate to your feeling about the other parents at school thing.

    Bring on the pumpkins!!!

  2. To answer your question about 'school moms' -YES! It is hard to sort of 'break it' to already established relationships! I can relate to how you are feeling about it. In other news, I had an impromptu date with my husband last night and we went to Starbucks and I thought of you. Did you know that they have Salted Caramel Mocha? Mother of pearl it was amazing! I had it as a frapuccino! You should check it out sometime! :)

  3. I just can't believe this! When I saw your end of the month post I could NOT believe that Oct 1 was here! Where is the time going??? You take gorgeous images as always! And I had that basil candle from target too. That's a good line of candles!

  4. these are my favorite posts. it just wraps up the month in a big fancy bow. your pics are so pretty sasha...and so are you! love the tennis shoes one and ava in those shoes...sweet. funny we just painted our door RED! love it. happy weekend sweet friend.

  5. What a wonderful month! Thanks for taking us along.

  6. Love your 365 photos every month. I hope you do them again next year too!
    I like the color of your front door. I was thinking of painting mine. Currently it is red. The house is beige with a orangish/brown (sorry, don't know what color to compare it to) roof. What color would you go with. I have white trim around the doors and windows. I love your selections of colors. Any ideas? I'd greatly appreciate it.


  7. Hey Jessabells, have you considered a rich espresso brown like "Turkish Coffee" from Sherwin Williams, or a deep, almost navy blue color? I think both would compliment those really nicely! I have a friend who painted her front door a very dark purple-blue, and believe it or not, it was gorgeous. You couldn't quite detect the purple.... of course her house was kind of a dark sage green color, and lacked the warm tones of the beige and orange. Good luck! You'll have to let me know what you went with! :)

  8. you kicked off my Friday with a smile :)
    oh, and thanks for the broth recipe.

  9. Beautiful gallery wall, I like the all white picture frames idea.

  10. I just love reading your blog. I, too, have two babies (8, 10) that I am so thankful for and a hubby who can make me laugh like no other.

    Also, I think it is hard to break into established mom groups. I just figured it was me - I am not that outgoing. :)

  11. It must be something in the autumn air because I am painting my door too from red to black. Love those soy candles from Target.

  12. Salted caramel apple pie bites? What?! I'm catching up on your blog today and hoping you posted that recipe!! :)

    Also, we want to paint our house yellow next the door color you chose--it's beautiful!!

  13. So beautiful...thank you for the smile, and I hope you don't mind me sayin' that you've got the prettiest blue peepers, gal! I love your September! Thanks!

  14. I adore these posts...adore! Hey, do you have two lefties? I'm a lefty and so is my son.

  15. what a fun Sunday! and I love that you have 2 lefties. I've always wanted to be a lefty. lucky ducks.

  16. Just found this again... I actually couldn't remember who had mentioned the verse about the desert road, but was reminded about it again by Jon Acuff (stuff christians like) - he refers to this quite often. Hearing his reference sent me on a two week search for where I 'heard' this first - and it was here.... gotta love how God ties it all together for us! From one desert dweller to another!! Here's sand in your eye! :-)