Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday morning, rain is falling...

Today was a perfect Sunday.  I haven't had a lot of lousy Sundays, but today was by far the most perfect, for all it's lazy-day glory.  We worked together as a family all day yesterday, sweeping out every corner of the garage, de-spidering, (involuntary shudder) organizing, filling a truck bed with our old kitchen counter tops and random wood scraps from our recent kitchen renovation, and putting everything in it's place.  So by the time we got to today, everyone was ready to sleep in, watch football, and play with toys.
 I was smart and put split pea and ham soup into the crock pot before bed last night so I could just get up and turn it on this morning.  And this weekend was probably the first weekend in ages that I actually crossed everything off my "to do" list.  It feels so good!
 You know what else feels good?  Making a list for what I've been giving thanks for all weekend.  Can I share it with you?

My husband, talking to the football refs like they might possibly be able to hear him.
Gluten-free bread, baking in Maria's bread machine, making the house smell warm and delicious.
One munchkin playing tea party with dolls and the other building Lego creations that drive.
Pumpkin scented candle, flickering on a shiny, clean counter-top.
Adrain, making a mixed CD for his mama.
 Rain, falling down outside, and nowhere we have to be.
Kids in jammies until noon.
Everyone making their own lunches.
A stack of old barn wood, sitting in my garage, waiting...
Teasing my man about his favorite song, which is kind of a dumb song.
Him, defending his favorite song while doing my dishes.
 Kid lunches, packed.
 Clean sheets on the bed.
Nice customer service people on the phone.
Waiting in a parking lot, and reading an amazing tale of an amazing man who stood for what he believed in.
Trying a new recipe and actually loving it.
Getting my hair styled by an eight year old. 

Telling my babies that I rocked their daddy's world.  (And knowing I did.) 
Carving out time to read my book, and getting to the really good part.
 Flipping through Pottery Barn and still feeling content afterward.
Whipping up some fresh guacamole that make my husband love me more.
Having extended family with me at church.
 Seeing Betsy at church.
Needs met, and having just enough.  (I think that one was my favorite.)

How was your weekend... and what are you thankful for right now?


  1. Today was such a gift. Sunny here in New England. A roast chicken in the oven, the Pats on tv and everyone in my family doing their thing. A day like this is like pennies from heaven.

  2. date night with my man, flag football filled Sunday with my little one, a potty trained 22 month old, projects getting crossed off the to do list, a contractor replacing our whole floor to make amends for an accident, hanging out with my mom during a yard sale, Season one Friday Night Lights with my husband--haven't watched good tv in a while!! Goodies in the mail (I am posting two of my goodies scored at your etsy site: ) Thank you!!! Blog friends, my health, and a sink--in the kitchen--finally: )

  3. My weekend was good thanks for asking! I had a very eye opening weekend filled with love and faith and a little bit of house cleaning to some good music!

  4. Being able to be home to enjoy a rainy afternoon.

  5. I am thankful for the glorious rain we are finally getting, for my husband and getting a lot of laundry, ironing and cleaning done.
    It's still hot here so I have to pretend it's Autumn with my glittery acorns that seem to glow the beauty of the season. Thank you for shaing.

  6. love your grateful list. those are the best posts ever in my opinion. freshed baked bread and an 8 year old doing your hair...oh and football in the background...sounds pretty perfect to me too.

  7. oh and b cleaned and organized every little corner of our garage this weekend too. notice i said he did it! shame on me;)

  8. My weekend was fabulous. The hubs and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary with dinner at a fave Italian restaurant and then back home for a movie.
    I am so thankful that God has blessed me with him and my two children.

  9. Love this! Thankful I've come across amazing people like you! :)

  10. I've been reading your blog and I have to say my daughter and I are big Kit fans.

  11. Holy Moly I've missed reading your blog and I'm going to read all the ones I've missed. Then I'm hitting Becky's tomorrow.