Sunday, October 30, 2011

Before I leave on a jet plane....

I'm getting ready to head out of town for a long weekend in just a few short days, and I'm terrified.  I'll be flying on an airplane (you know, those huge metal things that hurtle through time and space on a wing and a prayer?) to go see a special girl for a few days. (She's very worth it)
 This will not only be my first time flying alone, this will be my third time on an airplane in my entire life!  I've been dreaming of all the awful ways that I'll be lost in an airport because I'm not afraid of the flying part, I'm just afraid of the airport navigation.  I have to change planes (never did that on the ONE other flight I took) and I'm so afraid I won't know where to go, will panic, and be stuck in a corner crying with my wallet stolen and my phone battery dead.  And don't tell me that's not possible because I know it is! (deep breath.)
 My man is a seasoned international traveler and doesn't quite understand my level of fear... and quite possibly thinks I'm overreacting. Which is absurd, because I never overreact.  In fact, no one in my family overreacts!!!  Ever!!!  To anything!!!!  (Feel free to pray for me!)
 I'm so excited to go, that it's the one thing forcing me to master my fear!  (Of course, in my case "mastery" and "denial" are difficult to tell apart.) That said, I've got two posts going up before I leave- this one and my October 365...

 Okay, so now I'm taking a minute for a shameless Etsy plug but it's the last one I'll do before next year, I promise!  (Incidentally, these are the last of any items I'll be making for Etsy until next year too.)   
I had a lot of fun with these things.  Everything was my favorite, but these festive cloth napkins with "eat drink be merry" on them kind of have my heart.  I used a vintage typewriter font face, and it turned out perfectly!  (Wait til you see these babies in your mailbox! You'll do a happy dance right there, I'll bet.) Oh and I made a giant red chalkboard, some big burlap "Santa bags,"  and some of the cutest little reindeer table runners too...Click here to shop!
I made a few toss pillow covers because I fell in love with the Burrberryesque pattern, and I love how the printed burlap bags turned out.  They were exactly as I saw them in my head and just think of all the uses! Click here to shop!
Click here to shop!
(The sunlight was shining through the reindeer's hind end... just so you know it's not printed like that- it's a solid red.) I adore this little reindeer.  So fun.. and dare I say, "merry?"  (giggle.)  Click here to shop!
Have I mentioned how much I love these?  Cause yeah... I do.  They are just so much fun.  I always get the sweetest comments every time I wear mine.  (This saying seems so fitting for my life these days too!  Anyone else?)
And because it's Christmas and all, I have decided to put all of my Keep Calm pendants in sweet little gift boxes, so you can give them to someone you love, or just treat yourself to a little Merry Christmas!  Click here to shop!
Is anyone else as excited as I am about this?  ("Elf" lovers UNITE! Yeah!) I made these poster prints so you can easily slip them into your favorite frame and display all season long! 
I love these trays. I lined them with wine corks and covered them with this awesome coating that made them all pretty and shiny.
 The beauty is, it's a tray so the possibilities are endless this time of year! Click here to shop!
And I saved the best for last.  I hand stamped some Christmas tree garlands with the names of God and let me just say, I may only put this on my tree... it's that cute!  It comes as a two part roll, totaling six yards of garland! Click here to shop!
 And last but not least, I've only got two of these babies left, so if you want one before Thanksgiving, they're yours.  Click here to shop!
 You can grab any of these items on my Etsy site, here.  Happy pre-holiday shopping. (You guys are my favorite customers!!!)  I was going to wait until November 1st to publish and open my holiday shop, but because I'm getting ready to leave next weekend, I decided a little early couldn't hurt any.  (And I was just excited to share these items with you!)

Okay one post down, one to go... and then I'm going to panic.  I just am.

But first I'm going to pack.


  1. Oh you will do just fine navigating!! I hate the actual flying part...I am always sure I won't make it....!! ;) Love your Christmas stuff!

  2. i just read your comment on a certain someone's blog... and i'm totally jealous that you are going to see her. : ) you two are going to have too much fun. can't wait to hear ALL about it.

  3. You are darling and there's no other way around it. ; )

  4. hmmmm i wonder where you are going??;) love all your etsy stuff. girl you been busy. i'm such a slacker. a million ideas...terrible follow through.

  5. You are an amazing talent and a special girl. Enjoy every moment of your trip!

  6. I don't like to fly either...especially without my hubby. You will do fine. Make sure you keep the hubs on redial or whatever it's called...LOL.
    I usually bring a good book to read, my bible....and sometimes I pray...espeically if their is turbulence. I will definitely pray for you as i truly know how you feel. Enjoy your time with your friend....and KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. : )
    Oh, I almsot forgot your Christmas goodies in your etsy shop are fabulous. I can't pic a fave. They are all just great pieces to use for the holidays.

  7. You will be just fine in the airport. Good luck with the flights and I'm sure once you reachh your destination it will all be worth it.

    LOVe the items in your shop. Great plug.

  8. loving your etsy shop and debating which cute thing to buy :) have a great trip.

  9. I agree the whole travel thing is stressful. You basically give up control of your life from the moment you enter the airport until you leave the next one luggage in hand. But, sounds like it's going to be a special trip. I love all your etsy items, you even matched up the plaid on your pillow, I'm probably the only person who would notice. I love your photo of Lucy, give her a big kiss on the nose for me. Doggie noses are so cute. Praying for peace and an easy time travelling. You'll be there and back before you know it.
    Sweet Blessings!

  10. Have a wonderful trip!

    Oh my gosh -- I am jumping over to your store and shopping! Gorgeous items!!!! :)


  11. Your photos are outstanding. The pillow cover is going to be mine !

  12. Just FINALLY ordered those stamps you use so much...from the company you ordered them from. I was telling them about where I heard about them from and gave them your blog......they said they were going to check it out! I hope so.....thanks for the info and have a great trip!

  13. I love traveling. I love getting on that airplane for an adventure. 3 weeks after 9/11 I jumped on a plane by myself to meet a friend in Italy... with a plane switch in Paris. The plane switch was terrifying so I totally know what you are talking about.

  14. Love all your pumpkins. I can't wait to check out your shop.