Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you can trace, you can make this.

This weekend will probably be our pumpkin carving time, and while I enjoy a good lit up pumpkin with the best of 'em, I also like a nice, clean, and pretty pumpkin.  My favorite, are monogrammed pumpkins!  Or big pumpkins that say, "Welcome" tucked into some harvesty scene  by the front door... They are as easy as can be to create.
 Here's what you'll need to gather to create this little harvesty work of art:  

1) A pumpkin (I love white ones)
2) The image you want, printed out to the size you need, using the font you favor.
3) A sharp pencil
4) A sharpie (with a nice, sharp tip)
5) A piece of tape or two. (This is optional and I didn't use one, but it helps)

Now, smooth the printed image over the surface of the pumpkin and tape into place.  Carefully trace the image, using your sharp pencil and pressing firmly as you go along. Then, use your sharpie to slowly go over the traced indention and fill it in!  And that's it.  See?  Easy!  It took me all of about ten minutes to do mine.   It's not perfect, but then... neither am I. 

Happy pumpkin marking!  (And carving...) 


  1. Love it:) and your close enough to perfect

  2. So cute!! ;) Where do you get the white pumpkins?

  3. Sara, I got my white pumpkins at an outdoor produce stand... but I've seen them at grocery stores and at Trader Joes... and you could always buy a faux pumpkin and use one of those too!

  4. Super cute! As my daughter says..."perfect is boring!"

  5. Love the pumpkins!! What font did you use?