Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scooping out the junk so the light can shine

 The thing I love most, is listening to my hoodlums talk to each other when I'm not directly in the room.  It's their job to scoop out all the pumpkin goo and seeds before Adrain helps them carve it. 
As they picked out seeds and slimy strings of pulp, I heard one of them say to each other, "Hey... do you remember that pumpkin story?"  "Oh yeah I do, the other replied." "Scooping out this stuff reminds me of that... it's cool how God scoops out the junk in us just like we do with our pumpkins isn't it?" (More scooping for a few minutes and some random seed flicking)  "Yeah... I agree.  (Little pause...) These seeds are slimy." 
 Little bits and pieces of random conversation went on for the next ten or so minutes, and I was once again reminded how like pumpkins we are. Filled with goo...pride, ego, selfishness, greed, vanity, and so many other things, and so in need of a Savior to scoop it out, clean us up, carve an image in our hearts, so that His light shines through us to a darkened world.  And what delights me most, is that my hoodlums get it. 
 In their own little sweet ways, they get it. 
Let your light shine today!


  1. looks so cool, i also did craving but i did too soon and the pumpkin went bad!

    "Come Visit&Get Comfortable"

  2. I love your comparison to a pumpkin! I hope HE shines his light through each one of us this upcoming holiday season!

  3. i love the pumpkin patch parable! i love your title even more.

  4. I love this post!! It is in the everyday situations where you teach your children or other (school, church nursery, etc..) about God's truths and help them see how much we need Him and how He is so good to us, sending His Son on our behalf. This is precious. Looks like a lot of fun and a great lesson too :)

    Kind Regards,

  5. I got some junk. Hate to see what that looks like.

  6. hello sweet friend.
    sorry i've been a little mia lately.
    i love how you give a word picture to your sweeties. truth & creativity & His promises all wrapped up in a little family time.
    have i told you you're a good mama?
    love you friend!

  7. those are some gigantic pumpkins...
    God is faithful to clean out our junk.....I've given him plenty to do in my life. :)

  8. Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVE the metaphor!! :) Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  10. Can I just say....this may be one of my favorite blog posts. I love seeing and hearing little minds get the big picture!

  11. Although my parents are devout Catholics and we went to church every week and I went to catholic school from k-12 grade.... God was something that my family and I never really talked about. We didn't pray together or share stories or anything so this all feels so unnatural to me. I envy you and it reminds me that I need to teach Peanut and I'm not sure where to go from here.

    I'm sure that sounds odd but we just never talked about faith and I've never really talked about faith and B isn't religious at all. But I want this and I want to talk to Peanut about it.