Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trying to get my children to smile without appearing in pain...

First before I get to my post, I am laughing because so many of you weighed in on our family's choice of clothing for Christmas pictures. You guys are the best!!! And then Debbie went and mentioned doing navy and red and it was all over for me.  I couldn't stop thinking about THAT as a possibility.  Today I bought groceries and there was this little aisle of red velvet little girl skirts for $5.00.  (Seriously?!) So I got one for Ava.  You know... just in case.  Plus I have a red and blue scarf that could go.... okay see what I do?  Anyway, I'm here to talk about photos... and the point is this.  After this day and writing this post, I'm not exactly sure I WANT to take these hoodlums for a family photo shoot.  Ha!  Read on...

 I had this wicked awesome idea the other day.  It appears that my man has a desk at his new job.  And he casually mentioned in passing, that he wished he had a little photograph of the kids and I, to place on his desk.  So I thought to myself, "Self, why not take the kids out for a little photo shoot, and then surprise Adrain with it!" 
And you know... in theory, that's a great idea.  Except for one thing.  These are things that must be well thought out when you're dealing with after school crankies.  And homework.  And the fact that Ava has suddenly decided she needs to grow her bangs out and is in that awful and awkward stage of too long to pull back and have every hair stay back.  (see above)
 Am I the only one that knows how to smile?  Because after about five minutes of trying to coax a smile from both children, at the same freaking time... I feel ready to throw the camera into the lake.  Except it cost nearly as much as my hoodlums did.  So I refrain.  Besides, it sets a bad example.  And we don't want that, now do we?
  You see... when one smiles, the other sort of grimaces.  Or won't put his/her hand on the other person.  Or won't sit on slightly damp grass.  Or won't crouch down.  Or slide closer to his/her sibling.  I know you know... I know you feel my pain. 
 And that's when I tend to walk away and photograph something that doesn't require a smile...
 Or separate the pack and get them one-on-one. 
 Or let them do something totally opposite of posing for a photo.
 I don't know what this was.  A lapse on their part, in fighting?   Bwahahahahaha!  (But really... I think it was.)
 So after a short break of pretending we had bread for ducks....
 And trying to see how close we could get to almost falling into the lake...
 I got a fun one.  Just one... but I knew there were more where that come from...
Pretty much perfect!  Except for one thing... I just needed one with me in it too...
 So with a promise of one "last one,"  I set up the shot... hit the self-timer, and ran.  I'd like to pump my fist in the air and yell, "This is how we do it!"  Only... it was pure luck that everyone was tucked in close, and mostly smiling.... even if they both still kind of look pained.  Oh well... you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.
 Kids are funny.  They don't fit our molds.  They don't bend to our wills... and yet... we don't even really want that, do we?  These little personalities stretch and grow me.  And mostly... they force growth in my level of patience. 
   We seem to be in an interesting stage of letting go in new areas.... letting them step out on their own and see if they can balance...
 And if they fall in, I'm there to bail them out and dry them off. Sometimes.... those are the best days.  And the best conversations. 
But the best part, is that a little wrapped frame is tucked inside my man's lunchbox today... just waiting to surprise him.

And now, I'm off to contemplate how the colors navy and red coordinate without making us too matchy-matchy.  Though... I'm kind of a fan of matchy-matchy.  Heck, if Ava and I could wear matching shirts... Yes, I'm that girl.

Happy Weekend sweet friends!  


  1. What a beautiful family your hubby has....I am sure he would be proud to put any of those photos on his desk!!!!

  2. Cute pics! You all look super! By the way, I know you did this a couple of weeks ago, but I absolutely LOVE your hair color--it looks really great on you.

  3. That pic of ALL THREE of you should most certainly go on Daddy's desk!!!!!!

    .....and GIRL!!!....what the heck did you do with your make-up and hair color???, cause you are lookin' HAUTE!!!!! OWW!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, whatever you did looks great on you. Very rich colors are your friend!! ; )

  4. Cute pics! And dang girl, you have a great tan! ;o)

    Love the navy and red idea, too!


  5. What a great idea for your husband! He will be so suprised and pleased. I have gobs of photos of three kids when ONE of them looks terrific and the other 2? Well.....not so much.

  6. Mary... I really am the whitest person on the planet... I do not know why I look tan in this photo. Isn't that funny? I have a sort of bronzey blush but still... I DO look tan!! LOL

  7. My favorite photo of my hoodlums is where they aren't even looking. IN fact I think they forgot they had parents on the beach. Priceless. WEll done on the lunch surprise!

  8. you're a wonderful wife. he's going to love all the effort you went to. can i just say you are just the cutest thing ever. and TAN! what the??!!! i thought you were laying off the self tanner for the liver's sake. i need to get to the mystic soon;)

  9. I love the one of them facing the lake.
    Hope your hubby enjoys his new pic.

  10. So cute! And yes, you know we all feel your pain when it comes to getting everyone to look just right at the same time. My favorite part of this post..."You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." That's going on a sign somewhere in my house - or on my front door - or painted on my garage.....

  11. Beautiful photos! I understand about trying to get a perfect shot, never happens. My youngest son is a jokester and can never do anything serious. I have so many pics of him being nuts. Love every one of them. Have a great weekend!


  12. What a beautiful family and wife your husband has! Love this post. Warmed my heart all the way through.

    You are a blessing.

  13. Your hair looks incredible and how in the world are you so tan?! The warmth is just radiating from you.