Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas advent and the Brown Eyed Fox

One of my most favorite blogs is the Brown Eyed Fox.  Carissa is a total sweet heart and inspires me like crazy.  Her photography, her creativity, her style.  I find myself doing the shop alike- Do you know what I mean when I say that?  It's when you find yourself adoring someone's style so much, that when you go out shopping for an item, you think to yourself, "What would (in my case, Carissa) do?"  And then you shop along those lines... I do that constantly.   I adore everything that girl touches, and wish I had her instincts.  I also wish I lived near enough so we could go out shopping together!!
 Anyway... they say that the most sincere form of flattery is imitation.  And of the dozens of things I find myself copycatting about her creativity, one thing in particular got my heart last holiday season.  She wrote this post, and showed the most adorable old ladder, displaying 25 tiny metal buckets (be still my heart!) for their advent countdown.
 Well, last summer, my sis in law found me an old ladder and the second I got it home, I thought how much fun it would be to use Carissa's wonderful idea come Christmas-time.
 I went online and ordered some tiny buckets (I think they were wedding favor buckets) and bought some simple sticker numbers at the craft store.  (And actually, I think I am using the same exact buckets and numbers as she did.  That part was completely by accident, as I just grabbed what I found.)
 I failed to remove the stickers from the bottoms of my buckets.  Oops.  I'll get em next year.  I filled each bucket with a sweet treat and tissue paper and hung them from a simple ribbon tie.  I'm so glad Carissa thought of this!
 Every time I pass by it, I smile.  
 If you haven't visited The Brown Eyed Fox, you are missing out on a real treat.  You've got to take a second and click over to say hi to her... and while you're there, make sure to drool over her 365 galleries.

Her eye for photography inspires me daily.


  1. she is such a cutie indeed!
    love your advent bucket creation! entirely smile worthy

  2. I totally copied your little trees and numbers in my kitchen for Christmas! SoYOU are the one I channel when I shop!

  3. Love this idea..going to check her out! I also admire your ideas and check yours out regularly!

  4. i'm inspired by YOU all the time, so i totally get what you're sayin'. love the ladder and buckets. i have an old ladder that i love but it didn't make it on the stupid moving truck. so ya. it's coming. later. boo.

  5. great job! it's super cute~ fun idea.

  6. OH!! I love the little advent buckets! And your photography makes me gasp too. LOVE IT!!

  7. You're pretty inspirational yourself...your creativity, Photography....and your sweet spirit!!! Love the buckets and ladder!

  8. I am in love with this, the buckets are adorable and I love how you used the ladder.

  9. That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen :) It's to late for me to get something like that together now, but it's something to strive for next year :)

  10. squeal!
    i am squealing!
    out loud!

    your advent is sooooo pretty!
    i love it!
    to pieces!

    and... what in the world?!

    all i know you inspire me LOADS!
    make me want to be like yOu!
    have your spirit... spunk... and hellooooooo crazy style!
    i think it's pretty cool how God leads us to people we click with!
    He's so good like that.

    thank you!
    thank you!

    i am missing my ladder.
    darn move! :O)
    i think our ladders...
    remember it before i painted it blue?... are twins!
    kid you not...
    it was red & worn just the same!

    love you...
    could squeeze you for your kindness!

    be back soon...
    i am sick of missing out!

  11. If it turns out to be a major pain to scrape off the price tags (& I'm guessing it will!), you could always find some festive Christmas scrapbooking paper, cut out circles of it, & glue it onto the bottoms. I love little extra details that not everyone will get to notice.

  12. Just shared your cute advent bucket ladder on my blog! So cute!

    Blessings, Katy

  13. Oh dear! I thought I had looked closely for a disclosure about using your info...just now saw it at the bottom of your blog :0( Forgive me for not asking first!? I can totally take down my post about your ladder advent calendar if you prefer. Let me know...Blessings, Katy