Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 365

As I prepared this post, and sifted through the month, I couldn't believe how I went from "here" to "there," emotionally.  October 1st, I was sitting, eating my gluten free grilled cheese and soup, thinking life was taking us one direction.  Then that chapter completely and unexpectedly closed on us smack in the center of the month.  We mourned deeply for a solid day, and slowly began mulling over our options.  A week later, we said, "Okay," and cracked the page on a brand new chapter, listed our home, and agreed to remain open to the future looking very differently than we thought it would this time last year. 
 Probably not many things in life can compete with the heart warming moment of a little boy yanking the last flower up by its roots and presenting it as a gift to his mama.  (I said, "Oh hang on right there, I have to get a photo of you before I go put this flower into water."  Bless his little heart... he just stood there smiling and waiting for me.)  I pressed it in my bible. 
 Creating... I love it when I find my groove...that thing that hits me in the middle of an ordinary moment and I go, "Yessss! I'm so making that!!"
 I had so many good ideas this month... they kind of spilled into each other, daily.
 Early morning light... raining outside, and warm and cozy inside...perfect for getting creative and making things.   Sweet little gift boxes. 
 I had to take a break and sit down and eat lunch at the table one day.  (I think people who sit down to eat their lunch slowly live longer.  It's what I've heard anyway.) As I sat there, in this quiet, empty house, I glanced over at the counter and it was so shiny it looked like a mirrored surface.  So though I was missing two precious hoodlums, I took a moment to say thank you for the calm.  Thank you for the quiet.  Thank you for the clean.  Thank you for the brother in law who installed the counter.  And then I got myself back to work- this time, with the radio blaring.  Ha! 
 I learned how to blanket stitch.  I mean... how did I never know this before?  I felt a little bit like Martha Stewart in that moment.  Only my hair wasn't neatly half-tucked behind my ear. 
 So by now, you are realizing that I spent a lot of time in my craft room (studio) making stuff for my Home for the Holidays Etsy Collection, and this was about all I had the opportunity to photograph.  But November and December will be tons better, I promise!  Anyway... this is my pincushion. It's a hedgehog.  If you want one, you'll have to go here and try not to drool over the little stuffed fox.  I want it badly!!  (But what on earth would I need a little stuffed fox for in my studio? Still... so cute...)
Cozy day of rest.  My man started us off with devotions.  Oh be still my heart.  Big tan hands, cradling his bible, pointing out passages for my little ones to read aloud.  I love him, teaching them about HIM.  I hadn't really ever purposed for our family to set aside a set-apart day, but it's been special lately.  The entire day has a soft feel to it.  Savoring the slowness and easy pace.  I hope we can make a habit of this! 
 Sweet fabrics, ready for some sweet little projects for a sweet little sweetie.  
 I love quiet reading time.  I adore seeing my hoodlums get lost in their books!  Does anyone else love The Berenstain Bears as much as we do?  They have been our favorites for years!
Okay.  I'm just keeping it real here... This is a dead bird.  It flew into my glass sliding door and died as I gently cradled it in my hand.  I literally felt it's tiny heart quit beating and watched the tiny eyes turn foggy.  (Don't worry I scrubbed my hands after.) I don't think anything has better encapsulated a sad day, the way this moment and photo did.  Quite possibly the saddest day my man and I had experienced for the previous seventeen months, as a dream died in our hearts on this particular day.  We know God is still in control and we know that He has a plan for our life.  As of this day, we also realized it wasn't going to be what we had been hoping for... something I've never been at liberty to share publicly with you guys.  I sent a plea for prayers on Facebook, and you guys responded.  Thank you for the love.  We sure needed it.
 The next morning dawned bright and sunny, and I logged six miles of walking and pouring my heart out to my Heavenly Daddy.  I find that the words of this song, often soothe, when I'm in a certain place, I can't quite explain it.. but I love the words, "Standing on the edge of me..."  I think I've lived that feeling for nearly two years now.  Knowing who I'm supposed to be, struggling with who I often am... knowing I just need to be near Him. 
 What is it, about time shopping with girlfriends?  One of my besties, Kristin, and I had this particular day set aside for weeks and finally got the chance to spend almost an entire day in each others company!  I love Kristin, because we always really talk.  We chew on things, and share our hearts and I always leave her presence with a smile in my heart and on my face!  I thank God for blessings like friends.  (She showed me this darling antique store.  Isn't this pumpkin to die for??  Oh and we had the best gluten free lunch too!)
 We spent this entire day looking at homes in the city my man commutes to, and works in now.  I didn't have any creative energy left... I simply walked in, pointed my camera, and clicked the shutter and this was what I got.  Blah... 
Sunday.  Day of Rest.  Doesn't this feel like a restful photo?  My little daughter, grooming her doggie for the fun of it.  So sweet.
 I have this new plan intact right now.  The kiddos get 15 minutes of computer time for every 30 minutes they read.  So far, so good.  I'm so not above bribery when it comes to reading!  (Though my kids do love to read so admittedly, it's not really a hard bargaining issue.)
 Season confusion.  I was dragging Christmas things in and out all day long, photographing things for Etsy. I do love me some Christmas!! (But first holidays first.)
 After school beach combing.  My hoodlums always find little treasures and I have to convince them that nature should stay in nature.  Ha! JJ always spots things that I miss.  Tiny things I'd have walked right past, without ever seeing.  I love that he has the gift of pointing out the seemingly insignificant things, proving their significance.  
  Ava and I are reading through Anne of Green Gables.  I love it when she giggles and asks for "one more chapter."  JJ snapped this photo of us, but I had to include it!
 Oh what a good day... coffee with another one of my besties, Betsy!  It was so good to get all caught up and pour our hearts out about life.  I love the fact that I have a unique and special relationship with every single one of my sweet girlfriends.  You girls all mean so much to me (and yes, this includes you girls reading this too) and I would be pretty lost with out ALL of you.  I'm so glad Betsy came into my life... we just clicked in the first five minutes of meeting each other and KNEW we were destined to be buddies. 
 This was a fun Saturday.  We toured a model home that is nearly identical in layout to the one we are hoping to move into, and I took a million photos since it was decorated so sweetly!  We'll call it inspirational research. 
 Farms and wildlife.  I don't know what it is, about roosters and chickens, but I always find myself staring one down and taking it's photograph.  For some reason, they just crack me up!
 Here we go again.  Sign went up.  I'll spare you the emotional rundown... I'm pretty sure that's because I'm secretly still unraveling it my own self. 
 Essie, "Chinchilly."  Love. Love. Love.  I feel like such a girly girl whenever I take the time to do my fingernails-which is pretty much never.  Or that one time a year we go to a Christmas party.  But I love it when I do it... it just chips off the next day no matter what I do, so then I stomp around muttering how ticked off I am about wasting ten minutes of my life I'll never get back. (I made this last three days and I tried not to mutter as I took it off.) 
I made this.
 White pumpkins are my favorite.  So is smiling.
 My children don't share my love of white ones... they want the real deal.  Big ol' orange ones, carved and lit up.
 Have I mentioned how much I adore this child lately?  The one that pushes me to my last morsel of everything in me.  Yup this one.  The one that makes me laugh harder than anyone on this planet sometimes.  The one that keeps me on my knees praying over his life and my own patience.  The one that's going to change the world for God someday if my prayers are answered. 
 Okay you guys.  I have a secret love affair with magazines.  I don't know where this one has been all my life, but now that I've found it, I'm never letting it go.  (I love a little drama sometimes.) It was like one big, breath of minty fresh air, blown all over my sunburned face.  (Again, I know.. drama.) But seriously, if you haven't read it... READ IT.  I cried my way through it.  I read parts of it out loud to my entire family for days.  It inspired me and blessed me, and encouraged me and I've still got a few articles left.  I'm savoring them like really good chocolate. 
 I had to end on this one.  Sometimes in life, I just want to run down the road, screaming, "GIVE ME CANDAAYY!"

Can anyone relate?


  1. My A.D.D. mind is all awhir at all these photos. But I just want to say that that box sign you have? About the marshmallows? I work at a store that sells dozens and dozens of awesome box signs

    Ok, I think my A.D.D. mind can go back to thinking about Twizzlers now.

  2. oh sweet girl...i prayed for you that day...the dead birdie? oh heartbreaker. i would have been sobbing...praying for you again.

    love the eat drink & be merry.
    love your bedazzled punkin.
    love her skpping on trick or treat.
    love your heart

  3. Love Switchfoot! Why did ya have to steer me to the fox? Like I need a stuffed fox...but now I wannnnnt one. Dead bird was sad. But that picture was good. Love you friend. We are so similar that it's almost creepy.

  4. I look so forward to your posts! Beautiful stuff!!

  5. I just adore that last photo. It is so sweet of your daughter running down the sidewalk so carefree. The innocence of children shines through!

  6. I love Life:Beautiful magazine too! I need to subscribe--it's hard to find in Southern California.

  7. I need you to make me one of those wine cork trays...amazing!

  8. Oh Sasha, you are truly blessed and a blessing to others. I hope you are having a wonderful trip.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!

  9. I love the Life: Beautiful magazine. I wish it had more issues throughout the year. Thank you for sharing your month- I enjoyed it!

  10. I love this thing that you do with all your's so fun. Come January I might join you!!

    I have to get myself caught up on your blog, but I'm praying for you... I know a little something about things not going according to plan these days!!

    :) LOVE what you're doing for your etsy shop, and YES, I may need to make a purchase (or two...) :)

  11. I just stumbled on your blog a few days ago. I love it! Your so real and amazingly creative and witty! Keep it up! I love the monthly recap that you do as well.

    The bird post made me so sad :( So glad that you actually went out and comforted the bird during its last few moments. It melts my heart. We are all connected and I truly believe that you were meant to be there for that bird!

    I am sending some white light to you and your family to help make that dream of yours come true!

  12. i love the picture of the dog being groomed. it made me laugh out loud. poor girl needs a modesty patch!

    i just love reading your thought provoking words and emotion stirring photos. there is like a gagillion thoughts for each one. thanks again sasha

  13. Sasha I am so happy to have found your blog from Becky's! In fact I am thinking that you are with her as I am reading your blog :) What a precious blessing for you two!
    Later today when I have time to be all snuggled up I can't wait to read back at your previous posts ~


  14. Love your blog! So glad I found it:)

  15. great month in pictures....
    you are a wonderful homemaker...I loved inspecting the details of the pictures of your home in the is so beautifully put together...I can tell that you put your heart and soul into it....and it has made all the difference.

    praying for you guys as you wait on the Lord.
    Be Strong and Courageous and wait on the Lord.
    Do not grow in His timing.

  16. "The one that keeps me on my knees praying over his life..."

    ^That brought tears to my eyes. So precious!

  17. I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.