Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Failure's a lousy friend

I set out to kick December's butt, only to discover that I've failed miserably in an area that I desperately wanted crazy success in all because I made stupid and wrong choices.  Has this happened to anyone else recently? I could see immediately that it was about to take me down a road I'd much rather not travel and eventually really derail me in all attempts to practice the self discipline I committed to, in this post.  I could see the wheels falling off before my eyes, and I felt the rise of desperation bubbling up inside me. So I dug my little creative journal out of my purse, took a big black ink pen, and wrote the only word that was bouncing off the walls of my brain at the moment.


Then I stood back a bit, and stared at it.  The house was quiet because everyone was gone, but I was standing in my kitchen right beside my good friend, Failure.  I took a deep breath, closed the book, tucked it back inside my purse and went out the door, getting my errands finished.  But there's something about writing it out in black and white (literally) that has a bit of staying power.

It wasn't until later, when I'd yelled at the kids, tried to pick a fight with a weary husband soon after his work day ended, and kicked the dog (okay I didn't really kick Lucy) that I discovered my friend, Failure, had settled in, and I'd been taking it out on everyone within range.

Yeah.  That's not exactly kicking December's butt, is it?  So Failure and I went to bed, and when I woke up, he was hovering beside me on the pillow, grinning at me with his ugly face.  Soon after, I went for a walk with my girlfriend Betsy and told her all about it.  She didn't even hesitate before stomping all over Failure, and saying, "You need to get a big red pen, and write, 'Grace' all over that word!"

So you know what?  I did.  Only I didn't really get why it was important until later... in the afternoon, when I actually gave God my ear for the first time that day. (Don't be like me.)

I was reading Romans 3:23-24, and it says, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."  Ummm... you know that part where is says, "justified?"  My dad taught me that when ever you see the word, "justified" in the bible, replace it with, "just-as-if-I'd (never sinned)." So really the verse, could almost read like this: "Lemonade Makin' Mama has failed, and fallen short of the glory of God, but is just as if she'd never failed, by the free grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."

Ah yes... now that grace thing is making a whole lot more sense.  So I kicked Failure to the curb, cause he's a lousy friend, and now I'm keeping company with Grace.  How about you?  Feeling like you're failing in anything this month?  There's grace for that, you know.  And it's free.  I say we grab it and set our minds to do it better.  Amen?


tootles said...

Divine timing, can we kick guilt and condemnation by the way side too?!
Thanks so much for your transparency.
P.s. Many ask about my darling necklace - sending 'em your way

Farmgirl Paints said...

Uh...did ya write this for me because I feel like a failure in about a million areas right now. Now where's my red pen!?? Tell that Betsy thank you. Love you friend.

Jill said...

AMEN!!! "Grace" IS the best friend anyone could ever have!
*beautiful post!*

Lissa said...

OH! I had the same kind of day yesterday only it was a different word. ugh~ LOVE your friend and her wisdom!!

I think I've got the spritz cookie recipe done. Just posted it. You're free to make them now. ha!

Alicia said...

you're so not a're such an inspiration and light to so many. don't forget it, ms. ade :) hope your day is better.

paige said...

what a thought provoking post my friend
& yes, that failure is a horrible acquaintance.
move her out & hang out with the grace girl. she's much more loveable

Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

I'm sitting hear reading this bawling my eyes out because failure has been right there beside me, too. Personally, I fail at so many things and I am so darn hard on myself it makes me sick. Thank you so much for your honesty. I'm learning from it and I'm inspired by it.

A Thrifted Market said...

Ahhh Grace...thank you Lord!! Beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

julieann said...

Ahh I see you liked that pic of you as much as I did and you changed it here on your blog. See that Adrian is a good photographer..
Failure is only a teacher to promote grace.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Grace is Gods light in this world. I love the way you wrote grace in red all over the black failure. Your friend must be very wise and I love your dads description of justified. I will always remember that saying now!

randomrandallnews said...

For the last couple of weeks I have had a day or two where FAILURE has taken over, it is a horrible feeling to have during the most wonderful time of the year. Especially when you are trying so hard not to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of the season, never to forget the real reason. Your post was awesome & spoke directly to my heart. I will never look at justified the same again.

Christine said...

Glory to God in the highest! You don't have it all together! I am sooo very thankful to those women who are courageous enough to say it. We are ALL failures in indeed, but we are who are washed in the blood of the lamb, are saved by GRACE. and His blood alone is enough. Thank you JEsus!

Just started following you from seeing some stuff on pinterest. Now, I am a dedicated reader. Thanks for being real.

Patty said...

That's EXACTLY how I've felt about December already as well! Thanks for this post. I needed it a LOT! Hooray for GRACE!!

Melissa Emma said...

Amen! :)

Angela M said...

Thanks so much for being brave, and letting God speak to us through you, and your wonderful blog. I was having a rough morning with my kids, and sent them off on the bus on a sour note. I needed this reality check this morning.
Have a SUCCESSFUL day! :)

Jeannie said...

Amen sister! The motto that NASA has adopted is "Failure is not an option." We only fail when we give up and don't keep trying. From your posts you always keep trying, so I would remove that other word from your vocabulary. May God's grace run all over you today!

Blissful Blooms said...

So needed your post this morning! Thank you for being so open and real. You have no idea how many lives God has touched through you. Isn't that beautiful and SO fun? I'm off to write a big fat GRACE in my prayer journal! Blessings to you!

Peters said...

Just what I needed this morning...Ahhh His mercies are new every morning. Thank you for sharing your heart. Im in the midst of trying to open a new business and felt defeated yesterday. Thank you for the reminder of God's Grace. And thank your dad too. I LOVE the definition of justified and will share with my hubby children. Hugs from a cyber friend xxx

Peters said...

Just what I needed this morning...Ahhh His mercies are new every morning. Thank you for sharing your heart. Im in the midst of trying to open a new business and felt defeated yesterday. Thank you for the reminder of God's Grace. And thank your dad too. I LOVE the definition of justified and will share with my hubby children. Hugs from a cyber friend xxx

Erin said...

Amen and amen again! Thank you for posting. My eyes and heart needed it.

Tiffini Kilgore said...

this makes me think I am hanging out with the wrong crowd..time to kick failure's butt to the curb
and i'm so glad you were honest and shared so that we could see ourselves in you:)

songbyrd on the mountain said...

Oh, I love -- how I love-- this post! My dad taught me about the 'just-as-if-I'd-' too! Amazing! I love reading it that way. After the week my husband and I have been through, Failure has been screaming our names, trying to stake a claim in our heads and hearts but we are clinging to God's Grace to make it through.

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...


I will never forget the "justified" inspiration. It is one I will share and I bet your dad never knew just how many people he would affect by teaching you that little trick.

(Sorry, had to delete previous comment due to improper tense of a verb. I am weird like that.)

lexsmama said...

I think it was in the water. Thank you for this post. SO much.

Bethany said...

Don't know how this came about but perfect, perfect timing! This is exactly how I've been feeling lately :S thank you <3 AMEN.

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