Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 365

Did November fly by, or was that just me?  It's already time for my 365 post and I can hardly believe I'm down to my final month already. I'm thankful that I began this fun project and have been able to keep up with it, even during some very chaotic days.  Thankful that I've been able to photograph some joys and sorrows and capture the balance of life therein.
Thankful for these little candies that were made of only maple syrup.  Thankful for syrup. 
Thankful for the opportunity to go see one of my dearest girlfriends, Becky.  Thankful for such a gift of time.  Thankful for the chance to be brave.  Thankful I was able to get it all into this suitcase! 
Thankful for the gift of this gorgeous flight.  Thankful for the sunset.  Thankful I could see all these tiny little postage stamp yards and areas, rich with a web of intricate life details.  Thankful that God's in charge of them all.  Thankful that He hears every prayer, sees every celebration, and moves all the pieces.  Thankful for such an overwhelmingly sweet moment, that caused me to whisper a Thank You to the Giver of life. Thankful for Becky and her girls, waiting with a great sign at the bottom of the escalator.  Thankful I didn't fall off the escalator with all my excited jumping. 
Thankful for perfect days.  Thankful for friends who stick by you when you're fun and full of life, and still love you when you're coming off a tough year.  Thankful for friends who are a kindred spirit, a soul sister, a bestie, and all the in-betweens. Thankful for fun plans.  Thankful for good food.  Thankful for creme brulee.  Thankful for capturing it all on film. 
Thankful that I got to see a piece of her little world.  Thankful for blogging, that brought her my way.  Thankful for a man who took time off work so I could get away.  Thankful for walks with Becky.  Thankful for history and experiences.  
Thankful to be home, safe and sound into the waiting arms of my family.  Thankful for the break that I was given.  Thankful for Becky for braving roads she didn't know to come and get me.  Thankful for her thoughtfulness, love and time. Thankful for falling leaves.  Thankful for gorgeous colors on both coasts.
Thankful for my morning walk.  Thankful for this little guy who didn't seem to mind me at all.  Thankful to live in an area where I feel safe.

Thankful for orange.  Thankful for this home.  Thankful for Autumn.  Thankful for beauty that sheds and makes way for the coming seasons.  Thankful for God's faithfulness year after year. 
Thankful for something shallow and personal but I'm going to keep it real and just say it-I'm thankful for my teeth.  Thankful for the man who loves me best, and got me the braces I'd never had, and revealed the smile that had always been in my heart in spite of my awful-looking teeth. Thankful for his gift, so unlike any other, but meant the absolute world to me. Thankful that he just knew.  Thankful the braces are long since done.  Thankful that I can smile with all my heart now and not be ashamed or put my hand up to cover my mouth. 
Thankful for our last house meeting, as we finalized details for the house we hope to buy one day. Thankful for a big strong man who takes care of me.  Thankful that though I'm the absolute worst at driving, directions and finding my way, my man is awesome at navigation. Thankful that he always takes such good care of me.
Thankful for a project with Ava.  Thankful that the boys had their own project on the computer.  Thankful for  a terrifically fun day.  Thankful for grace when I yell over smeared brownies all over a dishtowel and then get forgiveness I don't deserve from my children.  Thankful for stain remover.  
Thankful for a realtor that loves the Lord and is trustworthy.  Thankful for a God who holds the plan. Thankful for the reminders in the book of Haggai.  Thankful for letting go.  Thankful for a chance to rebuild the temple of my heart and draw close.  
Thankful for the lessons my dog teaches me.
 I'm thankful for little treasures.  Thankful that God gave me two children who continually point out the sweetness of life to me.
 Thankful for the gift of plenty.  Thankful for always having enough.  Thankful for the check that comes in the mail on the day the medicine needs to be purchased. Thankful for good ideas.  Thankful for my kitchen.
Thankful for moments of peace.  Thankful that God gives just enough to get through what I couldn't get through on my own power. Thankful I'm not doing this alone. Thankful for pine cones.  Thankful for encouraging books.  Thankful for friends who call.  Thankful for surprises.  Thankful I was able to return the snow boots that hurt my feet.  Thankful that tiny prayer requests about year old snow boots matter.
Thankful for family who took our children for a weekend when it was most inconvenient for everyone concerned.  Thankful for a man who took me to see a ridiculous movie that I enjoyed in spite of it's ridiculousness.  Thankful for his little bonus check that made this weekend possible.  Thankful for laughter and car rides up snowy mountains.  Thankful for super-cool Australians (You guys ROCK) who recommended good hiking trails, places to eat, and were just generally fun.  Thankful for restaurants who took good care of me and my gluten intolerance. 
 Thankful for comfortable snow boots I could wear all day.  Thankful for friendly Canadians, easy border crossing, and being somewhere fun.  Thankful for getting found after getting lost.  Thankful for private jokes.  Thankful for warm coats when a fire alarm ripped through our building at 1:30 in the morning, sending the entire hotel into evacuation mode.  Thankful for a man who stays calm in a crisis.  Thankful for remembering to grab our passports just in case.  Thankful for moments of levity when the pizza guy pulled up to the waiting crowd.  Thankful for the "all clear" sometime later.  Thankful for no real emergency. 
Thankful for home-sweet-home.  Thankful for a good night sleep, with no fire alarms.  Thankful for my kids.  Thankful for routine. Thankful for clean, sweet-smelling sheets sprinkled with printed golden roses.  Thankful for my man's hand, finding mine in the dark.  Thankful for the howling winds outside, but warmth inside. 
 Thankful for the orders that provided Christmas shopping money.  Thankful for shopping done early!  Thankful for a day to wrap presents creatively.  Thankful for a dog to keep me company while I worked. Thankful for power outages that remind us to think of others less fortunate. 
 Thankful for the person who invented pecan pie. Thankful for gluten free pie crust. Thankful for the guy at the co-op who helped me and danced down the aisles with me, pointing out all the gluten free foods.  Thankful for the hysterical giggles Alli and I shared when I called her. Thankful for traditions.  Thankful for excited kids, hitting the door after school, eager for tastes.  Thankful for a to-do list done.  Thankful for a soothing foot soak and red toenail polish. 
 Thankful for teachers that teach and love on my kids.  Thankful for the fun my hoodlums bring home.  Thankful for pizza leftovers for dinner.  Thankful for coffee with my mom-in-law and good conversation that warmed my heart. Thankful for billions of text messages with my man's little sister, making weekend plans.  Thankful for excited kiddos being tucked in.  Thankful for gluten free cinnamon rolls thawing on the counter. Thankful for the Elf on the Shelf named Buddy even if he's a little creepy.  Thankful for Seinfeld re-runs. 
 Thankful for 45 minutes of reading the Pilgrim's account and being reminded of their faith and God's faithfulness.  Thankful for family to spend the holiday with.  Thankful for gluten free stuffing.  Thankful for leftovers.  Thankful for funny movies, seen year after year.  Thankful for time to finish Corrie ten Boom's "The Hiding Place."  Thankful for Etsy orders. 
 Thankful for the opportunity to show my children how blessed they are.  Thankful for the ventriloquist, who's jokes were so lame they were funny.  Thankful for comfortable cowgirl boots on my feet.  Thankful for finding the perfect Christmas tree.  Thankful for family time to decorate.  Thankful for a sis and brother in law coming to watch movies and hang out.  Thankful to have everything done.  Thankful for a broad-shouldered husband.
  Thankful to wake up and see some sunshine.   Thankful for church.  Thankful for the kind of worship that makes me worry about my mascara running down my face.  Thankful for hugs from friends. 
Thankful for a day of rest.  Thankful for family reading time and the Hunger Games trilogy.  Thankful for turkey rice soup simmering.  Thankful for time to organize recipes, ideas, and kid's art work.  Thankful for walking plans with friends for the coming week.  Thankful for no laundry needing to be done.  Thankful for Burt's Bees almond hand creme.  Thankful for scented candles burning, children playing hide and seek, and warm socks.  Thankful for Toby Mac's new Christmas song with Owl City.
 Thankful for creative ideas.  Thankful for bright tubes of glitter.  Thankful for a police officer who let me off with a warning when I was gabbing on my cell phone and had an expired insurance form in my car!  Thankful my insurance agent emailed me an updated form to print and put in my car.  Thankful for emails from dear friends and bloggers.  Thankful for roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips. Thankful for a husband who gives my muddy dog a bath so I don't have to. 
Thankful for my walking buddy today.  Thankful for the devotional book that arrived in the mail.  Thankful for the Daily Burn.   Thankful for accountability.  Thankful to have chores done before the kids get home.
 In closing, I'm thankful for twinkle lights, Anne of Green Gables on TV, holiday smells, a day off with my husband this week since he has to work on the weekend, a haircut scheduled, my first Christmas card of the season, finding the perfect gift for one of my favorite people and excitement of waiting for her to get it, new recipes that tasted amazing, and the love of friends and family.

One thing I don't say often enough... but I'm very thankful for each one of you who take the time to leave me comments.  I love it when you guys pop in and tell me that you're new around here... or commenting for the first time... and I love every one of you I've come to know by name from your daily doses of sweetness and encouragement.  I appreciate every thing you guys say to me and though I'm horrible at returning the favor, I don't take you for granted and feel so thankful to have you in my little world.


    makes me breathe out

  2. You're not horrible. You're adorable and everyone just wants a piece of you!! lol!! Precious, Sasha. Love the pics and sharing your thanks. I feel better every time I read a post of yours. ; )

  3. I love this post.

    Enough said.



  4. Thank YOU for taking the time to do the 365 each month. It's a wonderful escape for me. I appreciate the dedication it takes to get it done.
    Continued blessings...

  5. I look forward to every post you write! You make me more thankful and appreciate the simple joys in life. Your spirit is so beautiful!

  6. I read everyday! You inspire me to be crafty! I'm doing a homemade Christmas since money is tight and I find myself looking through your posts for inspiration daily! :)

  7. I love the gift your friend gave you!

  8. i love everything about this post. so many things to say back to you...i loved the hiding place. i love etsy orders too and am paying for a lot of christmas myself, which makes me feel studly or something. i want to do this too, can i copy you? you feel like superwoman to me and seem to get so much done. reading this post makes me want to like organize my sock drawer or something. addressed you card tonight...with a little somethin' special in it ;) and i like you a lot. you are such an inspiring person. for reals. you are. ok...bye.

  9. love this. I can't believe I have never been here before. I love your friend, Becky. She is my friend too. You have gorgeous teeth and your eyes are beautiful, but I can tell your insides match. I will be back!!

  10. there it is my favorite post of the month and i'm on several times;) yeah:) love you girl. SO thankful for you!!!

  11. Beautiful 365, beautiful heart, beautiful you!
    I am thankful for you..that you choose to share your life, home decor inspiration, recipes, beautiful photography and the Lord.
    Have a blessed day!

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  13. Your 365 has made me want to do one for next year! This compilation made my heart full and helped me have a better perspective on today. I'm thankful daily emails from Lemonade Makin' Mama.

  14. KiNdRed SpiRiTs ~that's what we are, loving and thankful for so much that our Gracious GOD has provided for us.
    Thanks for all the reminders~

  15. Thank you for such a sincere post!

  16. Beautiful! I just purchased the Anne of Green Gables DVD set... it gives me joy just to hear it in the background. That movie has always given me a warm feeling. Thank you for your post.

  17. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Jade

  18. You are precious and I LOVE this list of thankfulness. Abundant gratitude- so beautiful.

    I think your husband getting you the braces is one of the sweetest things I have heard. Such a beautiful smile, who would ever believe you would hide it?!

  19. I am thankful that I found your blog! Your words inspire me daily!

  20. Thanks for sharing,the photos are gorgeous and you are such an inspiration!

  21. I'm really gonna miss your 365 posts! I'm truly thankful that I found your blog because you inspire me all the time and keep me going :) love you loads! <3

  22. this might be my favorite post ever from you....

    you have a grateful heart and it is contagious. I couldn't help but "yes and AMEN" all of the things that you are thankful for because it reminded me of all that I'm thankful for.

    I hope you know that you have been given one of those rare and precious contagious personalities from God.

    He uses you!

  23. What a sweet post! I think I had to even worry about MY mascara running down my checks here! A truly wonderful account of November.

  24. This has blessed me today. Thank you.
    I still need to email you after you kindly offered to hear my questions about the homeschool to school transition.... but a new born has slowed me down somewhat! :)
    So appreciate your beautiful blog!

  25. your 365 rocks!
    always jaw dropping good!

    and we love yOu!
    thankful we get to peek into your pretty world.