Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The randomness of December Tuesday afternoons.

Hey friends.  I've completely given up apologizing for the many random posts I create, along with the pointless talk that streams from my mouth.  It is, what it is.
 And I do hope that randomness is somehow enjoyable.  Bwahahaha! 
 Okay, so first up... lets talk about resolutions, (which will be here in just a few weeks) healthy eating, accountability, etc.  If there's a chance that you are looking for that, but want to join a group for accountability sake, blah, blah, blah and want it to be free... you can join ME doing the Daily Burn.  Just go to their website and create a free account, and invite me (Sasha Brodeur) to be one of your motivators.  I promise to motivate you if you motivate me!  You can even spy on me to see what I'm eating and if I'm drinking my water and working out!  I may do the same to you.  Thus... the motivation, you see?
 I need a baby.  Or a  million babies.  Gosh I just love babies. 
 I have a whole rash of friends and family having them... so consequently I'm dreaming about them, longing for them, thinking about them, and pretty much mush whenever I'm near one.  This is my friend Amy's baby.  He's so yummy!

Speaking of babies... mine are growing up and creating a LOT of school papers.  In January I'm going to be listing something really fun in my Etsy shop,  for those of you who want to organize the chaos once and for all!  (I make no guarantees it will organize every area of your life... but it will help with the school papers anyway.)
 I've been getting a lot of questions on photographing a Christmas tree bokeh.  Um... yeah... not an expert here guys.  But I'll tell you what... I'll give my settings for the following photos for you to play and experiment with!  So the smaller the F-stop number, the  bigger the round lights in your bokeh.  I was shooting on a very gray day with my 50mm lens.  Shutter speed was set to 1/50,  F-stop was set at 3.2 and because it was so stinking dark inside my ISO was all the way up to 1600 for this shot.  (Not my favorite, but I wanted to get a photo into this post.)
Don't you think jingle bells make the most darling candle and vase filler??  
 And speaking of darling things... paper whites.  Oh love love love.  Always have, always will.  Every year I swear I'm going to start some  bulbs in random bowls and dishes on Halloween, doing one each week so I have blooms throughout December... but I never do.  My grocery store did though!  Hallelujah! 
 I thought these would make fun teacher gifts too, so I bought a couple extra pots just beginning to bloom, wrapped them in brown paper, tied them with twine, and had my children attach some sweet tags with "Thank you for helping me learn and grow." 
Now I'm off to learn how to make 3-D snowflakes with my son!!  I've always wanted to know how to do this.  We're going to hang them in our windows and pray for a White Christmas!!

What are you guys up to this week?


  1. i love love love your pics. they are just awesome. you inspire me :)

  2. Ok. 1. Love the bokah. I need to try this.
    2. I'm interested to see yur paper organizer...we homeschool. I know you know the depth of papers!! Please help!
    3. I kinda want a baby and I kinda don't :-/
    4. I love your sweatshirt. I live grey.
    5. We just made snowflakes for the windows. Like a bunch.
    6. Ok...now it's getting a bit long...bye!! :D

  3. Your blog makes me breathe more easily. ; )

  4. Love babies! Super fun!

    Love the Christmas tree bokah...bokkah...bocca? Anywho...love it!

    And...those jingle bells are super stinkin' cute! Going to put this idea in my book for next year!

  5. you have the prettiest eyes..I think that everytime I click on
    We are growing our first paper whites..they are about to bloom...:)
    I am most excited about the motivating thing. Can't remember what you called it but yeah..going there right after I hit publish. SO looking for some motivation ...

  6. whoa girlie. those are some fantastic pics. can you pretty please post your settings all.the.time?! ; )

  7. That's an awesome teacher gift. You have the best ideas. You look pretty comfy with that baby laying on you. Need to check into that log thing.

  8. ok..can't wait til January!! Love babies too!!!

  9. I'm a teacher, and I would LOVE that!!! The jingle bells are very cute! What a great idea!

  10. Love the photo of the sliver bells...... I bought some@ our dollar tree store and they are now out of them.
    I want some more. What kind of candles ?

  11. Love all your photos and yeah, the bokah is great! That baby is precious, you're making it hard for this mama to not keep thinking about adopting again. :/


  12. brockey, I got the candles at Ikea for about $2.00 each!! They smell yummy too.. like baking goodies.

  13. Thanks for ur crazy randomness! Tomorrow I'm getting braces at 34! So I have a feeling this weekend I will be ...enjoying the pain. Lol

  14. Love your simple decorations. They reflect the beauty of your home.

  15. silver jingle bells? who knew?
    what a clever idea!!
    love your little bokeh lesson xoxo

  16. Your just really cool. :) Loved this post. All your posts really.

  17. I need to try that with my tree! Love the jingle bell idea and the teacher gifts.

  18. Ohh I can't wait to see your paper organizer! Awesome idea with the jingle bells.

  19. I love the jingle bell candle filler.

    And babies... oh babies. I didn't think I'd ever want another baby until I knew that there would be no more, but to snuggle with them. Pure heaven.

  20. Thank You! I tried your settings and they worked! Please keep sharing...your photos are amazing! You really need to start a new job ~ photography! Really! It really helps us out here if you share your settings...thanks!

  21. need all the help I can get with christmas bokeh...I keep trying and learning....

    love the jingle bells...pinning your pics to remember for next year. :)

  22. Love the jingle bells and how bright your picture is, considering it was such a grey day. :)

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