Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 365

 Another year of daily photos begins!  I love this photo, because it's an idea I had on New Year's Eve, while sitting next to my man, watching ridiculousness on TV.  I suggested that we write our goals and changes we'd like to see in each area of our life, along with hopes, dreams, and prayers for the year.  Let me tell y'all, his were so sweet they made me cry.  He wrote one about our marriage that said he wanted to learn something new about me this year, and love me fiercely.  Once we had all our little folded papers written, we sealed them in a box and packed it away with our Christmas decorations.  I jotted mine down on a paper so I could check back on it and keep myself pointed toward the goals.  Gosh I love that, and you know something?  It was actually fun!  We plan to add to it next New Year's Eve and see how we did over this year. 
 Painting for myself.  That's a new concept that I've fallen madly in love with.  Used to be, I'd paint for others, paint to give away, etc, but I've been making things I want, things I love, and it's been awesome.
 I tried a new recipe/idea.  I adapted a favorite brownie recipe, and made brownie pops with it that were gluten free and they have haunted my dreams.  Mmmmmm. 
There wasn't much excitement to photograph this day, but I have a tiny love affair with cutie oranges.  
 The most exciting thing I did all day, was clean my desk off.  It has been the clutter spot of my life for a while but since we are back in the swing of showings, I needed to find boxes to shove all the papers in. Too bad it never lasts...
 I made a new necklace.  It wasn't long enough... so it's a work in progress.  And it made me really mad while I was making it, because I wanted to use elastic cording but I had to jimmy rig a needle and thread and... never mind.... it was just a pain.  I'll leave it at that. 
 I brought my daughter to a baby shower and had some mama-daughter time doing something kind of grown up with her.  It was fun to watch her get excited about it.
Every so often, a photo perfectly captures the day.  It captures my heart and the feelings within.  This photo shows a jar, empty of everything good.  That's how I felt and that's what I blogged.  You loved me in return. 
 I made something new today. Gray eat napkins.  Lovely.
 I sought God with all my heart, chasing Him all over my house.  I suppose that's not entirely new for me... but I was having a new problem and I wanted a new answer.  Did I get it?  Time will tell...but until then, I just keep saying, "yes" to Him.
I took photos of my new creations.  I know it's rather trendy and all...but is there anything sweeter than gray and golden yellow?  Everything about it makes my heart smile.
 I sold a ton of my little VW Bus art prints to you guys!  Thank you for buying them up in bunches.  I love that little pieces of my artwork (pieces of my heart) are making their way to your homes!!
 I ran all over creation buying groceries and finishing errands, and while at the grocery store I was duped into spending $6.99 on three of the most gorgeous white hydrangeas.  They died on me by morning and I was so mad at myself.  I automatically thought, "Oh perfect. This seems to be how the month is shaping up for me..."  But then I splurged on a big bouquet of white tulips, tossed out the dead flowers and started fresh.  A new day.
Ava's into dolphins now.  So every moment of every day that she's home, is a day where she sits at the counter drawing pictures of the cutest little happy dolphins you've ever seen.  She's a bright spot in my world, that's for sure!
 Speaking of bright spots... I bought some of the prettiest golden-hued paint (I have no idea the color because I brought an envelope into my paint store and had them match the color) and covered this old gray bedside table in it.  Then I sanded spots and rubbed in a dark stain and beat it all up.  Now it's pretty and sunny.
 And then the snow fell... and fell... and fell.  Life is sweet when your biggest task all day is trying to catch snowflakes in your hand or in your mouth. 
 This photo might be my favorite one of the entire month.  See the little cutie in blue?  She's my "yes" girl.  Bless her little heart... school was cancelled for the day, so she showed up on my doorstep at 7:45 am.  I begged her to give us an hour to get moving and get dressed, then back she came.  Wearing nothing but a soggy pair of gloves, boots with no socks, snow pants and a soaking wet sweatshirt.  I yanked them off her in a heartbeat, threw them into my dryer, wrapped her in a warm coat, hat, and fresh gloves so she could go build a snow fort with my hoodlums.  She stayed most of the day, so I fed her lunch, maple snow ice cream, hot cocoa by the gallon, and watched while my man had a massive snowball fight with all the kiddos.  They loved every minute of it too!  I am beginning to love this little girl with my whole heart.  And isn't that kinda the point?  I love you guys for loving her too.
 Still home with snow day adventures all week long, and I was going absolutely stir-crazy.  Feeling like I had to create something... anything!  This baby was snatched up ten minutes after I posted it!  I love that.  I might need to make another for myself, but my barn wood is cut into shorter chunks so we'll see...
 Tea party day.  What I thought was the sweetest thing, was after they were done, the girls pushed stools up to the sink and washed their own dishes!  So cute.
 Sometimes you need a little cherry bomb red in your life.
 Inspired by Mr. Darcy.  That is all.
 Intensity with a light saber.  Oh how I love this boy with his creamy skin and green eyes.  Gangly and long, he still tries to curl up and fit on my lap sometimes.  I love those moments.
 My man went off on a business trip, so everywhere that Ava went, her little orange bear from Daddy went too.  (Adrain gave it to Ava after being gone on a trip when she was about two.  She wrapped her little arms around it, and slept with it every night for the following four years.  Now she just brings "Tennessee" out when Daddy goes to... well, Tennessee.  Isn't that cute?
 As I sat at the table eating my lunch, I contemplated the fact that I almost never sit at my table and eat my lunch.  Do you?
 Artwork on my fridge.  Love.
Can you really ever go wrong with pink iced cookies?
 I was so glad I made those cookies... because the next day, I was able to bring them with us to the hospital, where my new little niece, Berkeley Ryann, was born 2 weeks early.  We had ourselves a little party.  These are her feet, minutes old.  Still wrinkly!  You can imagine how in love I am with her.  She is precious and little... 6 pounds, one ounce!  The waiting room erupted in cheers when my brother texted from the hospital room with, "She's here!" (So glad she waited til I was present! ha!)
 Gumballs.  I was a little preoccupied with wanting to see "my" baby girl again.  And very tired... major lack of sleep going on in my house. And darnit, but this child lives an hour and a half away!  If/when our house sells, I'll be less than a half hour away.  Oh I can hardly wait for that day!
I couldn't stay away... so we went and spent a few more hours just holding her, photographing her, and watching her yawn.  Don't you just want to kiss her? (Sweet little Miss Berkeley, your auntie Sasha just loves you so!!)
Poor baby... sick little Lucy girl. 
And with this final photo... I'm personally ringing in the month of LOVE.  Did you guys know that Valentine's day is my favorite holiday?  (Okay so in all fairness, every holiday that is about to arrive is my favorite holiday.)

Anyone else doing a 365 project this year? 


  1. I'm not, but I love the idea. Maybe next year.

  2. i'm not jumping on the 365 train. because for some nut-case reason it stresses me out too much. but i beg you to always keep doing yours. because i love them.

  3. You are such a beautiful lady...spirit & soul. Just sayin. :)
    Also, the only 365 project I am doing is Project Life. Pretty excited about it. SO far so good.
    xo Jen

  4. What a beautiful month! And you are a beautiful person! Those baby pictures are making my heart ache!

  5. I did awesome with it the year before last.. kept up with it until November of last year (so I'm going to use my photos of last year to do monthly highlights because Oct. and Novemember a missing a few days and I think early December also).. and I started out OK with this year, but a winter depression has me in a huge funk and I fell off the wagon early in the month, so I am giving it up this year. I think I'll do photos when I can, and stick with a "monthly highlights" theme for this year as well, and get back to a photo a day next year.

  6. You are amazing for following through! Love it!

    (also-are those candles from TARGET any good?)

  7. Love the pictures! Love your blog! Where did you get your LOVE candle? I'd 'love' to have one! Apparently I'm excited about the coming up holiday too! I really do LOVE Valentine's Day:-) Okay, I'll stop now;)

  8. My second time commenting...and I can not tell you enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You lift me up when I really need it...like today. I was diagnosed with clinical depression nearly 4 years ago now. For pretty much most of my life I lived with this darkness but couldn't get answers anywhere. Until I was 9 I lived a virtual "leave it to beaver" childhood. We were not well off financially but our house was always rich with love. When I was 9 and a half my mother was in a near fatal car accident. We were told if she survived she would be "a complete vegetable" (Doctor's words, not mine)...She came home after one month. Our family miracle. Then 2 months later my beloved father was diagnosed with stage four, inoperable cancer. He passed away 2 years later a shadow of his former fit 6' handsome self. In those 3 months everything I new disappeared and I suddenly felt anger and fear...something unknown to me until then. I celebrated my 40th birthday last week and have to say, I live a blessed life and am quite happy and content in general...despite battling the darkness daily. Your blog brings me sunshine on the darkest days. Please don't ever stop writing and sharing your heart. You have no idea the difference you are making (or maybe you do). Sending you warmth and love from Northern Ontario, Canada. xo

  9. I love your photos! I'm trying 365 for the first time. So far? BIG. FAT. FAIL!

  10. I love your 365's you post. I would love to do a 365 this year, but I don't think I would have anything good to share....not enough time to enjoy taking photos. : ( we'll see.

    Okay, Jan. 24th what is that deliciousness on the plate? Looks yummy!

    anything with wrinkly baby piggies is just precious. Thanks for sharing pieces of your everyday life with us. : )

  11. As always perfect, love that baby girl! I wish I had one or seven of those cookies or brownies!!

  12. My four-year-old SON is peeking over my shoulder as I'm looking at your pictures. All I hear in my ear is "Cute! That's cute! they're all cute!" and "Mommy, can we make those chocolate things tomorrow?" We both agree...great pictures!

  13. Gorgeous photos and paintings! You are blessed with a gift. I love the photo with the orange bear and Lucy. I pray the little girl with no socks will remember you forever for your love and kindness. I hope Lucy is doing better too!

  14. This is one of my favorite features. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world with your readers.
    Peace to you and yours...

  15. LOVE your pictures.
    one day, I'll get on the wagon and do these 365 days of life in pictures.

  16. i am sorta on the 365 wagon, but i'm cheating...you'll see soon. planning to post on it this afternoon :) BUT you do a beautiful job and i lovelovelovelovelove all your sweet moments. don't ever quit. never!

  17. i am sorta on the 365 wagon, but i'm cheating...you'll see soon. planning to post on it this afternoon :) BUT you do a beautiful job and i lovelovelovelovelove all your sweet moments. don't ever quit. never!

  18. love your hair.
    love your kitchen.
    And i love your 365 err 366 this year!
    I love it so much I started it!
    I missed January, but who cares? I started it this february and so far I treasure each picture! I cant wait to look at all fo them together the end of the month!
    Happy weekend