Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love is all you need, peppered with weekend snapshots

 Right now, I feel well loved.  Bathed in it really... As I read the comments on my previous post I can't help but tell you guys that I don't remember a post I was more afraid to write, a vulnerability I was more afraid to reveal, and a piece of the yuck inside me I was more afraid would repulse.  I have read them several times.  All of them
 "Thank you" feels inadequate to say to each one of you... the ones who newly commented, or appeared for the first time, and those of you I am familiar with because of your daily stops... those of you who referenced encouragement sources, verses, and personal stories... Thank you for the love.  It really bounced me back from the edges of a pit of sadness, in ways I could never share... it was precious. 
 I had one of the sweetest love-thank you's late last week too.  I had to share.  Do you guys remember that post I recently wrote about a little neighborhood girl?  The one I said "Yes" to? 
 Well, the other day she was doing a craft project at my kitchen counter, and just blurted out, "It's so peaceful here."  I just smiled at her and before I could say anything further, she shyly stated, "It's never peaceful at my house...."  I hugged her. 
 It's so hard to keep my heart from twisting, not knowing what that precious little thing goes home to every night after she leaves my house.  But I'll keep saying, "yes."  She made me a tissue paper heart decoration for my fridge.  It's a little burst of love.  
  And now.... the reason I feel literally drenched in love.  We don't get a lot of snow where I live.  Usually a couple weeks tops, and more than often, the rain washes it away long before it has time to settle in.  The forecast called for snow all week long and millions of elementary school children began praying their little hearts out for school cancellations.
 Wearily, I shopped for gluten free hot cocoa and marshmallows on Friday, knowing we'd have chilly little hands to warm up after snowman making and sledding excursions all week long.  Throughout last week, I'd counted half a dozen cars pulling into our driveway, downloading house information on smart phones, peeking in my windows, talking on the phone about my house for long stretches of time, excitedly grabbing fliers... and I was beginning to look forward to the open house scheduled for today.
 Except for that darn forecasted snow that was threatening to make it's appearance, which would surely cancel an open house, here in the Pacific NW. 
 And then the snow began to fall.... everywhere in the county except for our city. 
 I giggled as I sat on the couch last night with Adrain, saying, "Wouldn't it be hysterical if it snowed everywhere but here?"  And then I thought some more... "Man I would sure feel loved if God ignored all the millions of pleas for snow from kids, and held it back for little ol' me." 
 Currently, the open house is on, and even though no one may come... or no one may buy our house yet, it's on. The dusting of snow that appeared early this morning is competing with the sunshine that is flooding through my windows as I type.
 Snow is on it's way for tonight... and I don't mind.  Because this tiny little thing said, "I love you," to my soul, from the One who is very fond of ME.  Yes...even little ol' me.  

What's something small that has said, "I love you" to your soul lately?


Marissa said...

I think that last post was my first comment, but I've been reading for a while. Thought it was about time. ;) So glad your sunshine is back and that you felt the love! I'm glad you said yes to that little girl. Lately I've been trying to be mindful of my interactions to strangers. I've felt simple thank you's, excuse me's, and smiles go a long way recently--both giving and receiving. Have a blessed day! Hope the open house goes well and that there are some nibbles from those that stop by!

Beth said...

I absolutely love your blog! I love to read what you write and see your pictures! I'm so glad you have some sunlight in your soul today:)

Alicia said...

Even though I've never been to your house, it DOES look so peaceful. All your white decor is so soothing and peaceful. I love feeling loved when I write a heartfelt post. It's the blessing for being real and not a faker-i-tous :) Praying, like really praying, that your open house goes, really well. I mean it. No worries friend, trust His plan.

Brittany Blogs said...

Good luck with the open house. Your story about the neighbor girl makes me want to cry. A lot of people might see her as an inconvenience and turn their backs. You really don't know what kind of impact you will have on her entire life.

Barbara said...

You're house looks like it's filled with lot's & lot's of love! Have a great open house.

Lisa said...

Yes I am one of the readers that has to read your blog every day and holds onto every word you type !!!! I have been so inspired by your typed words, internal thoughts and shared pictures. (I am even starting the beginning phases for my own blog site for which I have wanted for many many years) I have looked up scripture, recreated crafts and tried out recipes..... Your home is very comfy and peaceful and family friendly. Your home is angelic! I cried with your postings of your "little girl" and want to send her hugs from Illinois {{{♥}}} .

Good luck and blessings with your open house today. God hears our requests and sent you a window of no snow - light snow so as to keep the open house event possible. Remember with God ALL things are possible. ♥ Maybe tonight the kids might still get their no school opportunity or maybe next week....

Thank you for everything you do and share. You are one of God's very special messengers. You touch many lives and hearts. Thank you !

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

I am learning so much from you as a blogger and how to do it the right way, honest and authentic.

i would love any advice on doing more for my blog.

Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

Sasha, I adore you. You inspire me in ways you will never know. Thank you for helping me to realize that it's okay to share the "yuck inside me". Most of my life I've been taught that I must be perfect and if I wasn't, the judgement that would come down on me would be unbearable. I'm so not perfect and you make me want to blurt out to the everyone that I'm not and never will be and that it's okay and I will still be worthy of love. Thank you for helping me heal. I hope that makes sense. Hope everything goes well with your open house!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

well it's two weeks till my husband is home and out of the Army for good, and this past month we've had quite a few 'blessings' come our way (trying to see all my trials and troubles as opportunities to learn and lean on the Lord) but lately I've just been finding the most touching verses in my devotions, and on your blog :) I've just had constant reminders lately that I am not alone God is always with me and always walks In Front of me! He never gives more than we can handle, God bless you for saying yes to that little girl. She will always remember just put a big ol' diamond in the crown you're gonna wear in heaven!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

and good luck with the house!

runnermom said...

I've noticed your silence the last few days as I've looked for your blog. The narrative + pictures is MY tiny little burst of sunshine each day. As the week wore on, I prayed for your soul. I love that the Lord has shown you, in such a small but significant way, that He loves you as if you were his ONLY child. Isn't that grand? We've been on the real estate roller coaster before and it was a test of patience and endurance. Hang tough, sister. His timing is PERFECT and he already knows where your next nest is. Isn't that grand, too?

Kelly said...

I have felt a peace each weekend when I have so many 'big plans' for getting things done, and yet I don't get around to it. God has blessed me immensely, and I am so thankful.

This weekend, I got 20 minutes outside with the birds, and it was just what I needed. There were so many new friends flooding my yard with smiles and each a unique song. It was a gift from God.

I love your blog, keep posting!

Cheryl said...

I pray daily and TRY to get in my quiet time with God. Sometimes I think he doesn't hear me, but I had an I felt loved moment in August flying back from visiting with my mom. I thought wow, God is not only listening, he answered me too.
Sometimes when I am having a bad day he blows me away with his beautiful creation like a doe running for cover crossing the street to the other side.
So glad to hear that the young girl feels at peace in your home. How said it is not peaceful at hers. Praying for that sweet little one.

Mandy said...

the story about your neighbor girl breaks my heart and fills it up all at once. i need to remember that. it dusted here in the valley of couthern oregon today, the rain washed it out promptly. prayers for the house!

Mandy said...

um, *Southern* one of these days i'll learn to proofread before hand;)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

girl, your house looks so gorgeous. all the brightness of it has got to do a good job of cheering up. i'm a bit disgruntled in my house... it's all earth toned. what was i thinking 7 years ago?! anyway, i must say that if i ever repaint or redecorate i'm copying you all the way. and also? your shirt with your valentine heart necklace is gorgeous. i can't believe how fast stuff has already sold from your shop. i was going to show my mom the heart necklace but then it was already gone. you are rockin girlie!!!

Jeannie said...

Love IS all you need and He has a neverending supply. That tissue paper heart is just priceless. God has given you an incredible ministry to that little girl. Praying for the sunshine to overflow in your life!

Rach@In His Hands said...

I always, always walk away from your words with a smile and a peaceful heart. Thank you for that!

Oh how I'm loving your shop! January is our "no spend" month, but February brings my birthday and you can bet I'll be adding some of your things to my cart! Gorgeous.

Ronda said...

Once again you leave me inspired.... Today I will work on showing to everyone because you never know their hidden story..... Everyday I read your post I am in awe !! Thank you for not only sharing your beautiful pictures and words but your life also. ( I know you are just talking to me but I will let the others listen too LOL )

Cristi said...

In answer to your question, I'd have to say, "Your post!" :) Remember back in the day when we would meet together as "young marrieds" and then minister to all those crazy middle-schoolers? Life seemed so full of purpose and ministry...I have to admit I've felt a little lost lately, wondering what exactly I'm doing for God with my days. Discouragement quickly follows when I realize I don't have the energy to add a "ministry activity" nor the desire to leave my family at home to do it. Thanks for reminding me that there are opportunities all around me right where God has planted me. AND it's been so inspiring to watch how God has used your natural creativity and passions to minister to so many in such a meaningful real way. I felt love today because Your posts changed my thinking from "What's wrong with me? How come I can't be like so-and-so? What do I need to change?" to "I trust that God made me who I am and put me where I am. All I have to do today is say yes!"

chere said...

Love hearing of this little one that visits and feels so peaceful in your home. Isn't that what we want everyone to feel in our home? We too have a little 9 yr. old boy that visits my son and we often wonder what he also goes home to with some of the comments he makes. We know there is no man in his life. Last weekend while taking our kids fishing he was quite excited to catch his very first fish while with us. We sure felt blessed that he has chosen our door! We recently visited friends there in the NW for Christmas and would have loved to have met you. I usually read your posts but don't take the time to comment. You are a blessing for being so REAL!

Chrystal said...

Knowing just a little about how your "yes" changed that little girl's day for the better made my heart fill with joy.
Growing up I was probably the little girl that people said yes to. Things weren't always peaceful at home. The people that said yes probably weren't aware of how much of a respite they were offering when they let me in.

Between You and Me said...

love this, girl.
how did the open house go?
any bites?

Mrs M said...

Thank you for saying YES to that dear little girl. Your peaceful home is the perfect place to 'live out' the gospel in front of her.

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