Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh Baby!

My niece is less than two months away from arriving!  This will be my brother, Officer McJakey's, first baby so I'm a little bit (or a ton) excited.  It's got me doing things like glittering elephants.  He's having a girl, so my family started a name draft to guess the name. (Think "NFL draft," but on a tiny scale and with baby names rather than teams.  Yes... this idea was invented by a man who loves sports.)  Adrain spent an entire weekend getting movie tickets for the prize,  making draft worksheets for us, and got a great big white board pad with tear off sheets so we could organize our picks.  He put a ton of time and thought into it to make it fun.  It ended up just being the four of us participating, but Adrain and I agreed if either of us win, we are giving Officer McJakey and Holli a night out at the movies (while we babysit the mini-hoodlum for them!)  If my kids win, Jake and Holli are just out of luck.
His wife is one of my besties, and she's been giving me a lot of rope with the baby room decorating process.  We have scoured pinterest and gazillions of sites, pulling all the little details together.  Her colors are gray and white with pops of Tiffany blue/turquoise/aqua and pink of course!   I have been working on her baby gift quite a bit this past month to have it ready for her baby shower.  I'll be putting quite a few of the items I show here into my shop later this month too!  I drew inspiration from all over the place, and nothing is very original to me but everything is incredibly cute!
I started with a metal bucket, and spray painted it "hammered metal" to make it look old and gray. 
And then there is this doll.  Ava named it "Emily" because she is naming everything Emily right now.  The trick will be getting it away from Ava so I can give it in my gift. (I made her one too, but she loves them all.)
I found the pattern here at  I didn't embroider a face on the doll because I saw them faceless here and fell in love!  I'll have four dolls in my shop, and they won't have faces... cause yeah... I can't embroider.
I had been saving a pretty, gray, french ribbon for years for something special... and I ended up using it for her little pigtails.  I knew Holli would love the gray and white checked skirt, and decided to make the shirt from a soft flannel in a sweet vintage rose print.  I couldn't resist. 
 I stamped sweet little tags with butterflies for the extra girly touch!
I made a couple of swaddling blankets with a flannel side and a cotton side because when my kids were babies there were never enough of these babies.  This is usually a staple gift item when I go to a shower.  I found the idea years ago from Martha Stewart,  (Love her) but couldn't find the link for you.
I made burp cloths and bibs because you can't have a baby without these!
 I've been making these bibs for years!  (There will only be a couple in my shop.)
 And my favorite thing..... a personal and fun thing....
I made these little onesies (and will be selling several of these in my shop) because my sis-in-law loves "Dirty Dancing."  I have planned on making these for her for at least five years... I was just waiting for a baby! Printed in a soft gray using my favorite fonts, they are perfect!
 Little sweetness, tucked in the front...
 This didn't go into the baby shower bucket.... it was her first Christmas present from "Auntie Sasha."  This verse always meant so much to me as a young mama, and I wanted to pass it along to my brother and his wife.  (I actually had it scanned and will be selling prints (without the "Auntie Sasha" signature) in my Etsy shop as well.)
 I just loved it so much... sweet little sheep.  My man calls this the ransom note artwork.  Isn't that a crack up?  He's right too.... kinda looks like a ransom note!

And now, I'm off to a baby shower.  I just had to share these with you before I left!  


  1. What a beautiful beautiful gift! The new little girl is so lucky! Now I'm kicking myself for not simply making a swaddle blanket for my daughter when she outgrew the receiving blankets ;-)

  2. are you kidding me?
    that is all so stinking cute i almost feel the need to have another babychild so i can order all those goodies ;)
    baby in the corner...hello jennifer gray. i love it!
    the emily doll? oh my!
    the shepherd painting? OH MY!

  3. I never had baby showers for my little ones. I had two complicated pregrnancies that had me in the hospital for a month prior to them both being born. I did however get showered with some lovely gifts from family and friends. Some of my faves were ones just like yours. Homemade...with love. Those handmade blankets, booties, etc. I still have in a special box for when my hoodlums get married and have children.
    We are done having children, but if we weren't, I would surely scoop up that beautiful lamb print. LOL at your hubby about the ransom note. Too funny. : )

  4. It's all just AWESOME! and I giggled about the ransom pic. I didn't even notice that the sweet dolly didn't have a face until you said something. These are TREASURES! for sure!

  5. You said you can't embroider but I don't think there is anything you can't do! Love the dollies and the painting. Since you are such a great artist you could draw or paint the faces on, but they are adorable faceless too! Thanks for sharing and giving me motivation and inspiration.

  6. YOU are way too talented for me! I am actually teaching myself how to sew and it is frustrating,lol! These gifts ARE amazing and even more so bc Auntie Sasha made them for the baby girl! LOVE the doll and the print! I love it all! YOU have got talent girl!

  7. love every little bitty thing. oh my! honey says that to me all the time...nobody puts baby in a corner. that is too funny. maybe i should have you make me one! they are gonna explode with excitement over all of it. wish you were my sister in law!!

  8. my feelings can be summed up rather simply: i wish you were my sister-in-law.

  9. Be still my baby lovin' heart. Every little thing is perfect. What a gift for a special little lady!

  10. That baby is so lucky to have an Auntie Sasha! I want one, too. Everything is wonderful and heartfelt. Truly.

  11. that's the most beautiful baby gift ever. what a lucky baby!