Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Public Svc. Announcements, Ma Ingalls, Maple snow ice cream, and LOL

 "Here on the Lemonade Makin' Mama blog, we do not promote, condone, or encourage public displays of wild drinking.  We (as in I) don't like whiskey, and the content of the following post is for laughs and giggles only, not intended to point anyone toward any irresponsible whiskey binges.  Please consult your physician should you feel the urge to imbibe for medicinal purposes.  Thank you."  

That said... 

I'd also like to say that I love, adore, and want to be Ma Ingalls.  And I'd like to make a heartfelt plea to the Laura Ingalls Historical society to please not sue me for slander because of this post... The following is so obviously preposterous as to be hysterical in it's fictional content.

There. I think I've covered myself, and hope to offend no one. 

So yeah... today I was planning on making some maple snow ice cream (photos shown throughout post, and recipe at bottom) with my hoodlums.  I mean, they're eating the stuff anyway, so why not add some flavorings?  It's what Ma Ingalls would have done.  (Who I love, by the way.) I originally got the idea from my friend Shawn when she posted a similar recipe on Facebook yesterday.  (Thanks Shawn!)  And then my BFF Alli, started texting me early this morning about "stuff" and it had me hanging over the bathroom sink laughing so hard, it took me twice as long to blow dry my hair.  And because I found it funny, I decided I should share it with you.  Please don't be offended.  Alli and I love Ma Ingalls and loathe whiskey.  Mkay?
 Alli: "Where did you find the arm and hammer laundry booster.  I can't find it." 
Me: "I think it's called washing pwdr or something...in the laundry aisle at Fred Meyer." 
Alli: "Thanks I'm obviously using your recipe.  I'm also making my own liquid hand soap and dishwasher soap.  So Lil House of me..." 
Me: "I'll just call you Ma Ingalls." 
Alli: "I love it :) but did Ma have a glass of wine after she did her chores?  I think I might have missed that part of the episode." 
Me: "Lol oh my word I love you.  I think...she had whiskey...you know "for medicinal purposes" and all...
Alli: "Yes for her pesky "cough"'
Me: "And maybe for the "migranes" from Laura and Mary's constant bickering..." 
 I mean really... can't you almost see sweet, gentle Ma sinking down into her rocker, reaching for her knitting and saying, "Well Charles... I finally got the girls to sleep.... I've got a raging back ache from all that butter churning.  Shall we have a little toddy before bedtime?" To which I'm sure Charles put down his fiddle, and reached into the cupboard for their nightcap.
 Which of course he didn't. 
 I'm just saying.  It would have been a funny twist to the story to see them do something so out of character.  But of course not very kid-appropriate.  
 Lastly... I have to tell you guys this.  Up until a couple of years ago, I thought that "LOL" meant, "Lots of love."  I really did.  So when I'd get text messages from my peeps and they'd say "LOL" I just thought they loved me a LOT and wanted to say it to me over and over again.  It made me feel so good....
 And Mama... just in case you're reading this... LOL means, "Laugh out loud" not "Lots of love."  I know this probably surprises you too....

Life is too serious.  Laugh.  (you know... out loud.)

Maple Snow Ice Cream 
2 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp pure maple syrup
Whisk all ingredients together until well blended.  Then take it outside and add about 15 cups of fresh CLEAN snow, whisking until smooth and creamy.  Serve into cups immediately. (freeze any leftovers.)

P.S.  This is awesome according to three small hoodlums, my man, and four empty bowls. 


  1. Wetting my pants, hehe you are hilarious! And I have never seen anyone post a recipe that called for snow, that gets me good! And I totally believe ma ingles needed a toddy! Totally! You are the best lol;) used both ways

  2. you. are. hilarious!! i, on the other hand, do not want to be ma. i admire and love her too, but when they hand me a STICK to bite on for "pain meds" during childbirth, that's when i DON"T want to be ma. and i love this recipe. if it would ever snow here, i will totally do it!

  3. LOL! Oh and LOL! I'm loving this post! Can't wait to try out this snow ice cream recipe. The one I've been using hasn't been so hot! Hope you are having a great snow day!

  4. a friend and i once went
    all Ma Ingalls
    and decided to make that maple candy
    with snow


    at all

    so yeah
    poor Ma probably did require
    the occassional medicinal swid
    of Grandpa's cough syrup!


  5. Sasha -
    Your bright spot here is a refreshment to my soul. It's true that grace and peace exude from your photos, your words, your life... even when things seem difficult or confused on your end. Your heart is lovely and from it, loveliness springs! I always leave thanking Jesus for the ways He loves YOU and being so amazed and tickled to belong to Him as well.
    Keep keeping on friend!
    You sparkle
    and bless this reader and many many more.


  6. I'm just so glad y'all don't hate me for joking about Ma Ingalls and whiskey!!!!


    SUch relief!



  7. I REALLY need to make that ice cream sometime...always wanted to!! But what I REALLY want is to buy some of those Twin Brook Creamery bottles...how ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Do you know where I could get them?

  8. funny funny, lol! I'm gonna have to try that snow ice cream recipe, that is if we ever get any snow in MN!

  9. LOL! Love this post! Looks like you got lots of snow! Fun!!

  10. Ha! Love it! We own all of the seasons of Little House and the thought of them doing that is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!!

    LOL! *wink*

  11. Sasha,
    love your sense of humor. Thanks for reminding us that we need not to take ourselves too seriously and to LAUGH OUT OUT LOUD. : )
    Wishing I could try your recipe, but sadly it doesn't snow here in Louisiana. : (

  12. Love the first pic. You better not have had any. That's all I'm sayin' friend!

  13. Too funny! Hope the texting didn't inspire a Ma hair due!

  14. I was a GOOD girl Becky... not one bite! LOL

  15. I wish it snowed in Australia so I could make some of this, mind you I would still have to wait until July!

  16. You make me lol. I'll admit I had no idea what lol meant a couple of years ago but I was embarrassed to admit it because everyone was using it and was pretty sure I should know what it meant. I finally asked my best friend's tween-age daughter. I think I like "lots of love" better.
    I'm also glad to know there's more Ma Ingall fans out there.

    Hopping your open house went well.

  17. I REALLY TRULY laughed when I saw your explanation of LOL. An older lady friend from our church thought the same thing. She saw a post on FB about someone losing a family member suddenly and send them a message LOL.....and then days later found out what it meant. She was absolutely mortified. She was eventually able to explain it to the FB friend....but we all laughed together about the mistake. Oooops!!

  18. I didn't know what LOL was till a few years ago either. I'll go with Lots of Love too, that's so much better. If your friend Ma Ingalls comes up with a good hand soap recipe I'd love if you post it.

  19. I'm in a bad mood, cause I'd like to see some fluffy white snow falling....we are having a mild winter here in N.C.....enjoy

  20. haha we don't get much snow in tx...(here in the north part maybe once a year) and we were told that if we ate the snow we got diarrhea!! haha so every time i see a snow ice cream i freak out thinking that all these ppl are gonna get the runs. i think that was just our parents way of telling us to not have fun.

    and yes i'm pretty sure ma was sneaking out behind the outhouse having a toddy.....goodness knows i would have back then not having a dishwasher, or fridge or indoor plumbing..list could go on haha

  21. HILARIOUS!! I'm reading the Little House books with my girls, I'll never think of Ma the same! Hee hee! Love it!
    And we just got a few fresh inches of snow last night and I am SO GOING TO DO THIS so I can be a fun mom today! Thank you for the giggles and the recipe!

  22. This made me think of the story that I heard about a mom texting her daughter,"What do IDK, LY, TTYL mean?" Her daughter replied,"I don't know, Love ya, Talk to You Later." The mother's reply,"OK, I'll ask your sister." haha...I don't know if it really happened, but it sure made me laugh! I used to think LOL meant Lots of Laughs...a combo of the two, haha. :)

  23. Thanks for the recipe! It was delicious. Hubby said it tasted like vanilla ice cream

  24. We used to make snow ice cream when I was little and meant to this year during our NW "blizzard" but forgot! :(

    My sister & I suspected that our dad thought LOL meant Lots of Love too, since he would sign all emails that way. Wouldn't it be wonderful, though, if all the LOLs out there meant Lots of Love. Imagine a world with that much love in it!!!

  25. lol=lots of love LOL!!! I just read a pin on pinterest from that website...damnautocorrect.com and a mom sent a text message out that said aunt so and so just died LOL... (she thought it meant lots of love) the son says mom that is not funny! She replies ofcourse it's not! He says then why LOL...she says I thought it meant lots of love and then says oh crap I have to text all the family back and tell them sorry. LOL!!!!