Thursday, January 26, 2012


 Hey gang!  I've been baking up a storm today and I have no idea why.  I just felt the need.  Nervous energy I think, because my man's been in Tennessee all week and is coming home tonight- SO EXCITED.  I do get really nervous when he's in the air, hence the baking, and baking, and baking.   I hope he wants to eat a couple dozen gluten free sugar cookies! (Icing recipe found here and cookie recipe found here)
 So...very randomly... have you guys been having trouble leaving comments?  I get people telling me that all the time and I don't know what's up with Blogger anymore... seems to be falling apart on us!  I heard that if I tweaked my comment box and made it a pop up window, that would help you guys.  So I did.  We'll see if it helps or not.

Also, have you ever read a book and wanted to just strangle the women in it, because you could clearly see what they should be thinking and doing differently?  Ugh.  I just read a book like that... drove me nuts.  And then as I was driving around today I started thinking that perhaps if someone was reading a book of my life, they might be feeling the same way about me.  Ha! Two years of struggling to be out of a funk... always on the unknown edge of life changing but never actually changing, fighting for control of an out-of-my-hands situation.  I drive my own self crazy.  Someone should write a book about me. (I'm kidding.  Please don't.  It wouldn't be a very good book anyway.)  The book was for my book club, ironically titled, "The Book Club."  (Book club girls if you're reading this, please ignore that I just said all that until book club, mkay?)

Have you ever wanted to make a cute, tiny pedestal?  You know... just on some off chance that you think exactly like I do?  I made this one using an egg cup and a small plate.  I first marked the center on the back of the plate.  Then I smeared superglue all over the rim of the egg cup, and stuck it onto the backside of the plate.  Done.  Cute huh?  (Tiny brownies in muffin cups with more of the same icing and gummy hearts.)

Also, Target was out of heart shaped marshmallows.  I almost cried.  I went there specifically to get them... and they were gone.  Nearly broke my heart. Don't laugh.  I take my marshmallows very seriously, and I've been trying to get those suckers for two years now, for my kids.

Okay lastly.. and I know this doesn't have anything to do with anything, (when does it ever?) but I'm working on a post with a bunch of your questions.  I get random questions all the time about things (Love that) and yeah... I'm kinda bad about answering them.  I'm working on getting MUCH better.  It's been a goal.  To be honest, I have a hard time imagining that you guys have many questions that I haven't already vomited all the answers to previously... but if you do, leave them in comments, and I'll do my best to answer them soon.

Fire away!


PandaMom said...

I just bought the pink heart marshmallows yesterday at Target!! Sorry you missed them. : ( Cute cookies!!! How do you not eat them all up?!!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Love the plate and eggcup! So cute. Your cookies look GOOD!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Even talented in the kitchen--not fair!!! So pretty all your baked goods look--pieces of perfect: )

Lorraine and Jessica said...

Your baked goods are precious. I LOVE the mini cake plate, it makes the cupcakes look that much sweeter <3 Praying your man makes it home just isn't the same when they're gone <3

Chavala Orlando said...

I found a recipe on pinterest for homemade marshmallows and you can use a heart cookie cutter to make them heart shaped.

Mandy said...

my blogger was all funkified too, until i changed to the pop up window...presto! i'm going gluten free soon too, and man those look yummo!

Little For A Little While said...

Super cute! Puts me in the mood for some vday crafting with my girly!

Country Blossoms said...

You have wonderful blog! I want to know your secret for making your chalk board looks so nice... special chalk or what?!? Thanks!

Cheryl said...

just love stopping by your little corner of the blog world. Thanks again for sharing more gluten free recipes. I haven't ventured out into baking gluten free yet. I can't tell you how bad I have been wanting some dessert and haven't been able to get to the store to get gluten free supplies...UGGH! Hoping to make some brownies this weekend. Hopefully that will satisfy the craving.
Heart shaped marshmallows...never seen them. Must be good if you been searching for a while. Hope you are able to come across some.

Blissful Blooms said...

Can I just say . . . you are amazing! Love all the beautiful baked yummies and your mini-cake pedestal is adorable!! So sorry about your marshmallows- I totally get it. But here are 2 little suggestions.
1. I've used a little heart cookie cuter and cut out little hearts from large marshmallows. It worked just dandy.
2. I saw an idea on Pinterest using Coolwhip . On a cookie sheet spread out a little heart shape then freeze. I haven't tried it yet but thought I might give it a whirl.
Hope those might help . . .
Blessings to you!

likeschocolate said...

I have had problems posting on some people's blogs, but not yours. I have found that it is only with the computer because if I try to comment using my iPhone then I have no problem. I wish they would fix the problem. I cant seem to upload more than one photo using Picasa. It says memhe cashe full, but that is crazy because I still have plenty of memory left on my blog. I wonder if anyone else has had that problem.

daisy said...

You are one domestic diva!
Those heart-shaped cookies look divine! Lucky man!

You make gluten-free fun! How do your kids feel about going gluten-free? Do you notice any changes in JJ?

carissa at lowercase letters said...

how do you make and bake everything so pretty and perfect? : )

Just B @ Love Where You Live said...

Your treats look yummy! And your tiny pedestal is ingenius. Thanks for sharing. :)

Barbara said...

Super cute cookies if they taste as good as they look your husband will love them, I found some cute marshmellows at Walmart the other day.

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I do have a question...I get you through email but would prefer to have you in my blog roll...I don't see a Google Connect button to I missing something?
The little heart cookies are just adorable! He'll love them!

Jeannie said...

Those cookies are so sweet! Everything looks like it's straight from a professional bakery. Blogger was doing weird things for a couple of days. I would like to know where you get the vinyl letters for your canisters. At least I think they are vinyl. I've been looking for some smaller ones for spice jars and haven't found any I like. Well, I'm sure your man is home safe and sound by now. Have a fabulous weekend together!

Alely said...

i ditto carissa! i'm in love with the egg cup and plate idea!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Seriously hope those hoodlums appreciate a momma who bake for them. My poor kids are just plain outta luck! Let's see questions?? Please tell your most embarrassing story...ha! Okay maybe not. How about your testimony? How did you find Jesus? What age?

Kelly said...

The egg cup and plate idea is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

simonsonk said...

Which font did you use for your subway art? Thank you. : )

Lora said...

YUM. and yum. Oh...I want some cookies now.

julieann said...

I have the marshmellows at my target..
No problems with blogger.

lexsmama said...

So cute! I'm making these cookies tomorrow.

I found heart shaped marshmallows at Walmart today. White and pink, even. They make for fun Rice Krispy treats. If you keep "not being able" (please excuse my grammar) to find them, I'd be glad to send 'em your way!

Holly said...

OKay.....where can I mail you some marshmallows? We have them at our Target......we use them to make pink krispie treats! :) Or they are fun to be dumped in the kid's hot cocoa.

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