Monday, February 13, 2012

Before there was pinterest, there was my idea file.

I'm a girl who loves pouring over photos- especially home photos, and since this is LOVE week, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my all time favorites. It's rare that I use photos I didn't take... but in this case I had to.  These have been my inspiration for a very long time.  Unfortunately, I don't have the sources for these photos.  I took only one of them myself, and the rest were gathered here, there and everywhere.  I love little pieces of all of them!  I'm going to say the first thing(s) I loved about each one and we'll call this a post, okay?  (Incidentally my favorite kind of post...)  Love the roman shades, slouchy basket and pot of flowers.  Love the mix of white and blue. Love the sweet little blue coffee-side tables!
 Pretty much everything about this... I've had this one bookmarked for a very long time.  Love the bucket of flowers, big inviting dining table, and what's on it, and the mix of neutral and easy color all throughout. Love the light and airy, yet warm feel.  This is the photo that has pretty much single handedly inspired my decor choices.
 Love the floor tile.  Love the wire basket, and the framed mirror.  Love the shelf with "B" on it.
 And now we get to my dream kitchen.  (I mean, besides my own!) I don't love stainless, and I don't love dark counters, but everything else I LOVE.  I adore the rug and dishtowel... love the little apple plates hanging, love the bowls, and love the creamy Le Cruset pot. (Someday...)  Oh and the white subway tile... sigh.  Happy.
 LOVE the white cabinet.  LOVE the thing sitting on top of it- big white holder of something.  Love the colors- blues and greens... maybe a bit too pastel in nature for me... but I still love it.
 Love the colors and the organized chaos.  I took a few bits and pieces of inspiration from here to create my own studio space.
 Someday... I will have a great big table that could feed a threshing crew.  And I will cook and feed the masses and I will be happy.  And so will the people I feed.  And on that table, I will have cute things for when I'm not eating and cooking... cute things like these jars with flowers.
 Love the cheery headboard.  Love the side table.  Love the colors... love the little pot of flowers, alarm clock and rug. 
 Madly, deeply and passionately in love with the chippy green cupboard.  This will be in my future someday, mark my words.
 What I love about this photo.. is the idea.  You can soothe and neutralize a room with easy pieces.. and then pop in a bold chunk of color and the whole thing becomes FUN.  There should be more of that in this life.
 You're going to laugh, but I never noticed the bright butterfly until I was typing this post out... I painted one almost identical to it for myself without realizing it's similarity, so you see, this was destined to become a favorite room because I obviously have similar taste to the person this belongs to!  The things I love here, are the chunky blanket on the bed, the light colors of the room (notice I'm not a fan of dark anything, anywhere) and the big ottoman.  I have my eye on one of those babies... Love the basket of books and toys and the way they staged the bookshelves.  So pretty.
 Okay what's not to love?  Orange, blue, happy... love the little reclaimed desk.  Love the buckets, love the orange boxes, love the clean look. 
 Golden yellow (one of my favorite colors) and the cutest bedding I ever did see. Love the little box on the bottom shelf and love the ruffly edge to the euro pillows. 
 And here we go.  Love the owl.  Love the curtains, the rug, the bedding, and how it's arranged on the bed.  Love the bed itself and no bed skirt... dying to get rid of mine. Love green and white, love the jug of flowers and the glass lamp.  LOVE!
 Hmmm... guess this one isn't really me.  Bwahahahahahaah! Okay I lied.  This baby is my whole heart in a photo.  Love the glass doors, the counters, the cabinets, the stool, the french drying rack, the chippy green dog dishes, the flooring, the counter jars, the light fixtures, and the initialed containers in the shelves. I even love the striped dishtowel.. and the & symbol on the counter.  This kitchen is so similar in feel to mine and you all know how much I love my kitchen.
 Simple.  Love the pillows, and the bucket of flowers.  Love the wicker trunk.  I used to have one of those...

 Well yeah... just love this.  Creams and golden yellows... I love the hardware and the little plant. 
 I love the mudroom idea with a sink.  Maybe someday I'll have a mudroom with a sink... and if I ever do, I will be thinking of this room.  I love the shelves and the cupboard colors. (Um.. but does anyone else think that stool without a seat might be a safety hazard?  I can just see a kid washing their hands, spilling water, slipping, tripping, and impaling themselves on the stool with no seat.  I might be a worry-wart.  I think about that sometimes.  But that said, I think the solution here. is to either put a seat on that thing, or get rid of it.  It's distracting me.)
   I love the "can't mess it up" feel in this room.  Love the shoe cubbies and the bench texture, and the bead board and trim. (I also love the lack of safety hazards in this photo.)
 I took this photo myself.  I am in love with the finish... this finish is in my future on a piece I'm dreaming about... I love it so! 

I love the big window, and the mix of neutrals and blues, but I'm not a fan of the coffee table and side table colors.  I'd probably paint those babies white.  I'm just saying.   My favorite thing besides the color of the couch and the sweet rug, is the cream pillow with jute trim.  I covet that stinkin' pillow. One of these days I'm just going to splurge and get it. 
Love the desk... but what I really love, is the green cupboard.  Oh me, oh my do I love it. Think of all the materials it could hold!! 

Now we have Pinterest.  What inspires you?  Do you keep a file or book somewhere, or do you Pinterest?  


  1. Oh my goodness. This post is amazing. I share your taste and I have slooowly rolled through these pictures, delighted by how many there are! I will be coming back to this post again (and again). I have been browsing your archives this weekend (just found you) and I am so excited to have added you to my reader. I used to keep a notebook of magazine pages I ripped out, and a file on my computer of online photos, but now I just Pin! It's nice to discover a lovely blog that isn't just eye candy but incorporates your faith as well. Thank you! :)

  2. Wow, these are great inspiration, thank you for sharing. I rip pages out of magazines and keep them in sheet protectors in a cute binder and the online stuff I've been bookmarking. Slowly doing the pinterest thing, it can take a lot of time, but it's so fun. You have a great eye for finding the beautiful in the simple. About your last post the only thing I know is that God's ways are not our ways and His will will be done in your life. Can't wait to see how things work out for your family. Blessings!

  3. I love it all .. . thank you so much for sharing your ideas with all of us! :)
    You have inspired me to paint some of my dark furniture white.
    p.s. I felt like we were playing "I spy" in a couple of the photos. . . "where is the striped towel she is talking about? oh! there it is!" I love this post.

  4. I love every.single.pic. If I could find that kitchen rug (yellow and white one) I would buy it right now. That is just delicious.

  5. Beautiful inspiration...all of them...abut that stool...yikes!

  6. I love every single photo you posted. LOVE LOVE LOVE - I was swooning (is that a word???) over each one.


  7. Oh big giant wow!! Thank you for sharing these photos, I could stare at them all day and dream my house looks like these. Ohhhhh.....

  8. fun fun! glad i'm not the only one who kept pages and pages of inspiration b.p {before pinterest}. maybe one day we can meet up at the portland antique show and fight over cupboards like those;)

  9. Lovin' this many pretty pictures. Well, I did have an idea book I started after you mentioned yours a while back. It's a grand idea, that I still use for my magazines, but Pinterest by far has become my go to for ideas. I'm afraid my idea book is being neglected.

  10. Wow! I really like all of those photos! I used to have a binder full of ideas of how I was going to decorate my house/apartment, but I lost it :( I still have one thing I ripped out of a magazine for a Paris theme which I plan on using eventually. Thanks for sharing these!

  11. I love this post! Love all the yellows! So springy & fresh! I'm not sure if you have a Home Goods near you?? I just scored 6 Ralph Lauren pillows in various sizes for my living room. The large ones look like French linen, & the smaller look like burlap with cream strips down the center. They are so cute, & way cheaper than anywhere I've seen lately! They are down filled too! Also, they had cream color pillows with the jute border! I think they were under $20!I'm tempted to go back now that I've seen them in your pictures! They look so pottery barn! I'd check out Home Goods! :)

  12. I like all of those pics and most of it is my style. I wish someday to have a house that looks like some of those photos. I too like Pinterest, and recently started using it.


  13. We definitely share the same love of color. They all just pop don't they?? Pinterest is like Kyptonite for me. I love it and hate it all at once.

  14. I love the cream & yellow kitchen wow! Great idea file!

  15. Ok, the themes with all of these photos are the pops of color that are just HAPPY!!!!! So fun, sweet girl - love them all - they are SO YOU! xoxo

  16. I love all the green chippy cupboards. Great style file! The top picture is in my style file too. I'm loving Pinterest!

  17. These are great inspiration pictures!