Saturday, February 18, 2012

The best laid plans

It happens every weekend.  I begin with a plan to photograph every little thing, so I can document it somehow like a good blogger, and photographically tell some kind of breathtaking adventure story.  For whatever reason, perhaps absence of breathtaking adventures, I seem to lack follow-through for this and half way through the weekend I've already given up.  So here, in broken pieces, mixed with random thoughts, are my photos from the past two days.  Not the weekend days necessarily... just regular days with my family.
 You know... I can be... just a little (she cringes) bossy.  I like to think of it as more like lovingly suggestive.  (I might be pushing it with that description.  I realize that.)  Well, I married a very easy going man.  Calm.  Solid as a rock, self assured, quiet and relaxed.  A guy who handles stress with the greatest of ease, always with a smile on his face.  And he picked me- his polar opposite, in nearly ever way.  He's this big easy guy, and I'm a little fire ball of feisty.  He smiles and lets me have my way a lot, because truthfully if it was some big earth shattering decision, I'd never make it without his input anyway so it works.  I'm talking about all the little things, like decorating choices.  That sort of thing.  But one area the man has not and I daresay will never budge and let me boss him, is his wardrobe.  (Truthfully I do love this about him.  I wouldn't want a man I could push around all over the place anyway.  I married a man, not a piece of wilty lettuce!) However... when he came out with a hockey jersey on this morning, I honestly said, "Really?  You just woke up this morning and thought, 'Today I'm wearing this.' "

And yes.  Yes, he did.

He looked down at me, and gave me the "Hey little miss bossy, you'd better back down" look.  And then said, "It's hockey season."   So for that... please know I had nothing to do with his clothing today.  Not that I ever do. 
 We woke to liquid sunshine today.  Both kiddos got up this morning and climbed into our tiny, queen-sized bed with Adrain and I, and as squirming elbows began to irritate everyone, I hopped out and suggested donuts!  So we bundled up and braved the blowing rain, to go find some gluten free donuts. 
 My man asked me if I realized that everyone in the shop was watching me run outside into the rain, and take photos.  To be honest, I wasn't.  (I think they were actually looking at his hockey jersey. )  Bloggers are taking over the world.  Everyone knows that.  Silly man.

 I have to say my kids were troopers.  The huge case was filled with gorgeous, plump donuts, glazed, sprinkled, and drizzled within an inch of their lives, and in a small case to the right, was a tiny tray with about six very small, almost pathetic looking "donuts."  They gazed longingly at the big case and then back to the gluten free case and finally... up at me.

 I felt like a person doling out prizes at a carnival booth filled with over sized, impossible-to-win items.  "You can have any of the prizes in this six inches of space right here.  Basically you can have this pencil or this lollypop." 
 We agreed that Adrain should have a regular donut.  He chose some massive concoction with pineapple in it.  And in spite of his loud wardrobe choice, we felt he was quite deserving of this treat, for all the times he chokes down gluten free food alongside us, with nary a complaint. 
 Somehow, we managed to inhale them all in a matter of seconds.  JJ looked up at me and said, "Mine's already gone..." in a sad, almost pathetic little voice.  I laughed and pointed out that if it wasn't for the shop making gluten free donuts in the first place, we wouldn't have been able to get any at all.  He quickly nodded in agreement, but I'm pretty sure he'd have eaten about five more, given the chance.  We seem to be at a "always hungry" stage of life with our boy.  I hear this is quite normal and going to get increasingly worse with time.  The good news... I love feeding people, so I'll have an opportunity to soak this up.  
 Always look on the bright side of life.  Right? 
 Then we let the kids bounce around for a few minutes, high on sugar, and I snapped a picture of Mr. Hockey and his warm, caramelly brown eyes.  By now, I'd almost forgiven him for the jersey.

 I'd like to enter this photo as Exhibit A, as proof of what happens when I feed my hoodlums sugar.  Okay, this might have more to do with his Sensory Processing Disorder than sugar... but I'm pretty sure the sugar encourages it.  Also.  I want this child's abs.  Isn't he the cutest thing on the planet? 
And now I'm going to disappear for the next few days, because I'll be repainting kid rooms a soft, neutral color.  "Fleur de Sel" by Sherwin Williams.  I loathe room painting.. but it needs to be done and JJ's room re-do is scheduled for this week, and I want the painting knocked out first.

Also, yes, our house selling situation is still up in the air.  But to be honest, I've put this off for the last few years and unless something wild happens this week, I'm betting we'll be off the market by next weekend, prepared to stay a while.  Life is too up in the air right now, and we feel more and more strongly, that until we know more... we need to stay put and wait.  Again.

So weird, but I'm oddly okay with that.

 How are you guys doing?


  1. Glad you are feeling better: ) Also happy that you are okay with sticking around a little longer...waiting can be difficult--but you are used to difficult being that you've been dealing with it for awhile--I keep on praying for your little nest--so glad you let us share in it!

  2. Glad you are feeling better and out and about taking your photos and loving on your family ~ going out for treats ~ happy photo taking this weekend!! Love all your shots

  3. HA! Bloggers are INDEED taking over the world. Today we went to Amish country, and I was standing in the entry-way of a bakery taking a picture of the lace curtains. A man, holding the door for his wife, stopped in his tracks and turned around to see what on earth I was taking a picture of. I took my picture, and walked away, leaving him staring after me dumbfounded. LOL

  4. love the pictures of your everyday life...I'm not good at capturing those moments well at all.

    so grateful that you guys found gluten free donuts!!!

    We did our last pre-marriage session with a couple that is dear to our hearts this morning and the young lady is gluten free...very allergic to it. Anyway, her sweet fiance gave up gluten 6 months ago, and he feels SOOOO much better. They encouraged me, if for no other reason than my back problems, to give gluten up for 2 weeks.

    Girl, I really need you to pray for me. I KNOW it'll help, but my heart feels so overwhelmed before I even start. Did you struggle at all before you gave it up?

    I'm being such a baby about this sacrifice. And, it's not really a sacrifice if it makes me feel better and helps my chronic back pain. What's my problem??

    Okay....don't get this novel published. :)

    Happy Weekend.

    Oh, we have something in common. I may or may not be called bossy, too. :)

  5. If only we had those tiny donuts here. Oh, how I miss donuts... And croissants.

    Wow, to be young again and do head stands!

    And if it helps any, my man wore a Hawaiian shirt today.

    We celebrated the big one today with my littlest man. Rainy and cold, but he had a ball.

    Have an amazing rest of the weekend.

  6. i have the same aspirations for our weekend adventure documentation. but yeah, then it rains or something like that. i must say that your outdoor rain through the window shots are fantastic, though. even if they include a hockey jersey. ; )

    praying that you will have the wisdom to make the best decision for your family right now.

  7. i think your husband is probably JUST FINE wiht you being lovingly suggestive-ha! ;) gluten free donuts. yummo! how long did it take for you to feel better off gluten, it's been 3 weeks for me and i feel like dog poo. gotta love this post. bad taste in fashion and all.

  8. Mandy- it took a little while for me too... by about week 6 I was feeling SOoooooo good though.

  9. Those donuts look great! How my boy would love to be able to go to a public place and order one...

    We are in a housing dilemma ourselves, but confident that God will help us find our way, as always.

    So glad you felt up to getting out.

  10. Good luck with the painting. I am sure it will be wonderful when it is all said and done.

  11. What a sweet little gluten-free-donut outing! I need to work on documenting the sweetness in our lives more often. I get a little shy about pulling out the camera in public, but as you said, bloggers are going to rule the world one day! I've been a little braver lately since I've declared my intentions to take my blog seriously ;-)

  12. Looks like you had a great day. Headstand worthy!

  13. I totally laughed about the hockey jersey. haha~ and you... my little ball of feisty. That's cute. and the description of picking from the gf doughnuts compared to the chuckecheese type prizes was too true for words!

  14. You have a BEAUTIFUL family. You made me laugh this morning. I have a king bed and it's still too small with all the irritating elbows! Happy Monday!!

  15. Love the pics! Looks like great family time!

  16. Haha! I feel the exact same way about my husband's wardrobe. I would love for him to dress a little more preppy...button up shirts, chinos, if I'm honest I'll even say Sperrys. But he loves loves loves his gym shorts and quarter-zip pullovers. Standard uniform right there. And his soccer jerseys breed in our closet. I'm sure of it. :)

    Gotta love our sweet men who would do anything for us, but don't budge on the clothes.

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  18. MMMM>.....donuts! What a perfect treat for a rainy weekend morning.
    My husband is the same way about his wardrobe. Sometimes I let it go....sometimes I don't.

  19. Um, if you feed me your food can I have his abs too?

    My man sometimes wears mismatched socks.

    On purpose.

    Or maybe it's more that he notices and doesn't even care.

    God save me.