Saturday, February 4, 2012

I told y'all I had lots of answers...

Answering your questions has been a blast, and you guys ask really good questions, too! Thanks for playing along!

Do you do anything special with your kids for Valentine's day?  I need ideas!   I can't remember when we started this... but it's been years now.  We eat our dessert first and work our way backwards!  I usually make something really special like little chocolate lava cakes or something.  The kids will never let me back out of this one.

How do you pronounce your husband's name?  I giggle every time I get this one because the story is funny.  It's "Ay-dree-uhn."  (Like in Rocky.  "Yo Adrianne.  It's me, Rocky."  And yes.  I do say that to him on occasion.  As does everyone else he knows.)  His name was misspelled on his birth certificate and by the time he thought about correcting it, he was used to it, so there you go.  Isn't that funny? 
 Can we see the cabinet that you painted yellow and distressed?  You showed it in one of your posts recently.  Yep!  I've added a few photos of it in this post just for you. :) 
 How about your testimony? How did you find Jesus? What age?  On May 18, 1980, (the same day of the Mount St. Helen's eruption) I got into a fight with my best friend. I was five.  I was mean and learned what sin was.  I was horrified, and gratefully accepted the free gift of God's forgiveness, and asked Him to be the Lord of my life.  I was also a preacher's kid, aka a "bible brat" but didn't truly make this faith my own until I was 23.  I went through a minor marriage crisis and needed something stronger than Adrain to rely on, so I turned to the only One who knew what I needed and it's been a love story from then on, for both God and I, and Adrain and I. 
Why did you go gluten free?  Do you have Celiac?  Great question.  I don't have Celiac, but I am gluten intolerant.  Last summer, I was having a routine check up at the doctor and they did a blood test to check my cholesterol and other levels on things.  All very routine, but they immediately noticed some issues with my liver.  They ran further tests and discovered that I was severely anemic and vitamin B12 deficient.  My liver wasn't absorbing the vitamins in my food and because of that I was really sick and didn't know it because it was all I knew.  I would get sick after eating, feel bloated and often crampy and irritable among many other things. I was barely making it out of bed everyday because I was so low on energy, but thought it was just because of the hectic year of trying to sell our house, and going through the process of getting our son evaluated with a psychologist, husband changing jobs, etc.  (tough summer) They immediately began giving me daily shots of vitamin B12, and many more tests and blood draws followed.  By September, we'd figured out that my internal organs were really inflamed due to the gluten in food, and keeping my body from working right.  I removed the gluten and everything got better.  My daughter had all the same symptoms and JJ has been diagnosed with things that are reported to be affected by gluten so we went gluten free as a family.  (Except that Adrain sneaks sandwiches when he's not with me. Ha!) This change has been huge for all of us.
How do your kids feel about going gluten-free?  My goal as a mom, is that my kids won't feel like they missed out on anything.  It's a tough chore to tackle, because cupcakes are served at school and I can't always be in the know so I have one there for them, things like that.  I do what I can, and I am slowly converting all our favorites, or finding new favorites.  Pizza's been the hardest for them, but I've found pizza crusts that do the trick.  They were recommended by my sweet blogging friend Robin, and are made by Kinick kinick.  (They are found in the frozen section of my grocery store's natural food's section.) Ava got really sick after eating a tiny bit of gluten on accident the other day. She got very sick.... so I don't even have to tell her "no" now.  She won't go near anything she even suspects has gluten in it.

Where are you with the moving situation?  Have you found a house already?  Best of luck!  Awww.. thanks!  So basically, we're very much on hold.  Still waiting for a buyer.  We have found a house (a Quadrant home-or in my world, a "sandwich house") and are still in a contingency waiting for ours to sell first.  We are having the new one built, so we'll be renting for about three months or so when our house actually does sell.  If it doesn't sell, then we know there's a better plan.  We learned that one for sure last Spring.
I would like to know where you get the vinyl letters for your canisters. Leen the Graphics Queen!  She rocks and I'm so happy to be her friend through blogging.  I swear that girl can make you anything, and I love her to pieces, so I highly recommend her for any vinyl needs you have! 
I'm sure other people have asked this, but I'm curious about the screen printing at home. Did you buy an actual screen printer to make them so beautiful?  Yes I made the investment and now have a fantastic machine since this is my business, and how I help support my family. 

I get you through email but would prefer to have you in my blog roll...I don't see a Google Connect button to I missing something?  I deleted my follower box a long time ago, because I don't want to get trapped in a numbers game, and I might have messed that up for you when I did that? I think they are somehow connected...but I'm not at all sure!  I'm hoping some reader might be able to answer this one for you- so if anyone knows the answer to this, could you leave it in comments? Thanks!

Whew!  I'm kind of tired now! (giggle)   Happy Weekend everyone!  Is anyone doing anything fun for Superbowl? 


  1. I just found your blog and love it! Such beautiful pictures! I'm loving your yellow side table with those flower sheets and white comforter!

  2. Enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for the Q & A sessions... since I am new, it's fun to read!

  3. goooood stuff, chica :) about the following thing, wayyyyyyy at the top on that little bar, it says "follow" if you click on that...there ya go! :)

  4. I'll say it til I'm blue in the face.....YOU'RE HOUSE HAS THE BEST NATURAL LIGHT FOR PICS!!!! I'm so jealous of THAT!! I love your posts and of course, I think you're precious as can be. ; )

  5. Glad that you've found better health in going gluten-free!

  6. I'm so glad you like the pizza crust-We love them! The only thing I miss is the taste of a maple bar... I haven't found anything gluten free that comes close to one...YET! I am like your daughter, even a bread crumb would make me sick, gluten is not a temptation in the least. It feels too good to feel good. Thank you for all the recipes you have been posting~ They look amazing.

  7. I just purchased a gluten-free cookbook you should check out. It's The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free by Anne Byrn. So many great ideas for gluten-free cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. I can't wait to try them all! : )

    As for the following thing, if you don't have the "follow" button at the top of the page, when you're in Google Reader, click the subscribe button, and copy and paste the url to follow.

    heather @ the little things

  8. Fun! Here's how I added you to my blog roll....

    -On your Blogger Dashboard page, click on "Reading List" (left hand side of page)
    -Click on "Add" (again, left hand side of page)
    -Type in Lemonade Makin' Mama's URL in th "Add from URL" box
    -Click the orange "Follow" box in bottom right corner of pop up box
    -And there you have it!

    Hope that's helpful!

  9. Super fun post! I love the story about your husband's name. Not something many people have experienced. And I'm totally picturing the whole Rocky discussion! :-)

    I know from personal experience that the entire selling/buying/moving thing is not so much fun.... I wish you all the best in that process. Before you know it this season will be behind you!

    Happy Weekend!

  10. I'm so glad that the gluten free diet is working well with your family. My sister in law has celiac's and finds the diet very expensive and hard. Her family is not willing to join her in the change so she suffers because of it.

    I wish you luck this spring selling the house. I know that the right buyer will come your way.

  11. Wow-I must be gluten intolerant. I feel the same as you did, what kind of tests did they run?
    I love reading your blog & your pictures are so great, you make everything look lovely!

  12. As always, gorgeous photos and a fun post. Happy Sunday!

  13. I just love reading these things. I'm not even gluten-free but you sure make it seem easy and SO good! I think your attitude has a lot to do with it and it's so positive ~ have a great weekend. ♥

  14. So many incredible pictures, so many incredible posts. You outdo yourself every time Missy!

    By the way, I love the sachet hanging from the knob on your perfectly painted yellow cabinet? Where'd you get it? ;-) Thanks for putting it in there! And thanks again for being you! XOXO Laura

  15. so good to read someone's testimony. it's powerful! love you sweet friend. you are a gift to me.

  16. Hi, LMM! I am new to the blog world but I have followed your thoughts and life for a little while now and -finally- decided that I should comment. I ADORE your blog. I find myself checking it almost daily - if I have time to check only a couple blogs I have favorited, your's is def one of them. Love your creativity and artistry so much, but more than that I love your amazing insights and compassion and your willingness to show us your soul-searching and humility. I wanted to let you know that you have the ability to convey your thoughts and processes of life (that we all face -or not- in one way or another) in a way that touches me and makes me think! Thank you for your blog.

  17. I have so many of the same symptoms you have and wonder if I am also Gluten free..I should check that out. Thanks for that info. I always love all your posts!

  18. Thank you for answering all our questions and thank you for sharing about your faith. Love your yellow night stand and sheets.

  19. Wonderful post as always! I always feel so encouraged when I read your blog. You have so much to give and you give it! Thanks a bunch!

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  20. blog roll question... if YOU have a blog such as blogger then you can put a blog roll on the sidebar of your blog and you would just add her link to your blog roll. Everytime she posts something new it will show up! It also allows others to click the link of YOUR favorite blogs off of your blog. I know nothing of google "ish" things though. :0)

    BTW... I love that you try your best to make your kids NOT miss things but that you accept also that things will be missed... I think it helps the kids accept it also.

    another BTW...I love the Rocky thing... so funny!

  21. I just stumbled upon your blog - I love it! Your photography is gorgeous. And your house is like my dream house! : )