Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The line between fussy and non-fussy when it comes to table tops.

(First, I loved all your sweet comments on yesterday's post.)  I'm getting ready to host a lot of events between now and the end of April.  I looked to Pinterest for my inspiration, and am pleased to report that it didn't disappoint.  It's just full-up with inspiration!  Gathered here, are a bunch of my most favorite table-inspiring pins.  (By the way, if you don't see me making this jar/candle/chandelier for my patio this summer, please, someone... pull me aside and have a little talk with me.  I love it to pieces!!) 
 My first kid event will be JJ's birthday party followed by Ava's.  This is for a girl, and we can all agree it's inspiring, right?  I'm pretty sure I don't need to really go all out for JJ since he opted for a bowling alley celebration.  I think if I put a big plate of carrot cake out, alongside some chips, he'll be thrilled.  So for him, I'll probably go the balloon and cake route.  Love the combo of place mat stripes and polka dot napkins for Ava's party though...  She wants gray and turquoise and we're going with a dolphin theme. 
 I'll also be hosting a Seder dinner and that usually involves a lot of guests.  I'm inspired by this, even though it's not at all my style, and I'll be working a gray and orange theme in to the mix.  Somehow. I only have three ideas but I think it's a start and of course it will be cute in the end.  I hope.
Though if I had to pick one table for all time, that kicks all other tables hineys, it would be this one.  Pretty much everything about it screams my name.  Seriously, it does.  I think I'm going to make this table for myself.  Maybe for MY birthday!  Ha!
 Do you see what I mean?  "Sasha!!!!!"  I do believe that little pop of golden yellow sealed the deal for me.

As I scan my pins... I have come to realize something about myself. (Besides the fact that I love yellow and white.)
I like nice, orderly tables.  I loathe cluttery ones with junk everywhere.  I like my centerpieces dead center, or in a nice, agreeable line, like this one. 
I like soothing, but I also love a good punch of color. So basically I'm a walking contradiction.  Or a dining contradiction, rather.
And most of all... I love casual but pretty.  I always come back to this picture... It's been around for years, and has been pinned thousands of times.  How can you not love a good ol' piece of brown paper and simplicity like this?  So I'm off to put all of this inspiration to work now!  I have something super sweet in the works for this weekend's celebration for my mama's birthday table- I can't wait to share!  (I'll give you a hint though... I showed the paper plates and napkins the other day in a photo post!  Which, admitedly is odd for me, since I normally use real plates etc.  They were so cute I had to go with it.  I'll try and make them "paper done right.")

What's your favorite way to set a table?   How about centerpieces- do you prefer fussy or non-fussy.  Lots of fluff on the table, or keep it simple?  And HOW ON EARTH would you pull gray and orange off?  Seriously, I'm asking.  There's not a lot of that out there... help!


  1. I love setting pretty tables and love all those pics! I think you can find gray and white ticking or striped oxford cloth (like for a man's shirt)for a cloth. That would look crisp and ORDERLY....LOL...all those perfect stripes....

  2. Love these photos, especially the pink one and the last one. So glad the lady at the pool was conscious. Have a blessed day!

  3. what fun inspiration. although, it seems completely foreign to me since i'm pretty sure my home will never be put back together and i'm pretty sure i will never entertain ever again. THAT whining aside, i love the turquoise and yellow table, with the cute little ball-like flowers. SOO fun.
    i love to see your tables. cannot wait!

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  5. What beautiful inspirations. I must say that the jar/chandelier piece is going to be made here as well! LOVE it. We have had bowling alley parties for our kids and easy. Made a bowling pin cake for one and an alley for the other with bowling pin candles. Have fun! By the way, gray and orange are a favorite combo.

  6. i have zero table setting experience. please still be my friend??

    um, your favorite is mine too. if packaging is your love language then burlap is mine.

  7. This is my big weak area. I don't know why but tablescapes have never been important to me. I love to look at them and appreciate the effort people go to, but I've never put it in myself. Maybe it has to do with my lack of interest in cooking.

    You will rock whatever you do. Orange and grey will look cool together. Check out spas too for inspiration.

  8. Oh the chandelier... be still my heart!! Simple, non fussy for me - but enough to let my loved ones know I care for them and want them to consider meals as service out of a heart full of love.

  9. That chandelier is amazing ... I have to make one too!

    Love all the inspiring photos. I think I definitely stray on the simpler side but I love color and I love fun, well thought out details.

    Love your idea of gray and orange. You could do some fun things with orange flowers for that.

  10. I love the jar chandelier! I don't have any where to hang it outside. Love the pom pom flowers!