Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh, what a glorious day!!

I've been sick, so I'm late on this I'm just rollin' out with the kiddos toward school so I have literally three minutes for this post.  It's all good, I type fast when I'm excited.  I met my little blog friend Tamara, a long time ago, and she pressed me with faith question, after faith question. I'd send her big long emailed explanations, hoping my words made some sort of sense and praying that God would somehow straighten the messy and crooked way I explained things.

 I connected a few dots along the way, and realized that she followed by buddy Becky's blog too... so both of us would pray for her. Becky wrote a post that literally mirrors my heart and if I had more time I'd try and write it out similarly to how she conveyed it.  But basically, I'm here to bring glory to God, and often that comes from sharing my own gloriously messy imperfection.  (Okay, so I do that very well... and on a minute by minute basis.) And like Becky said, if that mess touches one person and they want to know God a little better... then it's all worth it! 

Anyway, I kept praying for Tamara, and so did my family- even my parents!  We all just knew she was right on the verge of asking Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of her life.  And guess what?  Months have passed.. and she finally wrote this post!  

Would you guys pause in your day to send Tamara a little love and encouragement?  That would mean so much, I know it!  And will you remember to keep her in your prayers too as she navigates her new faith? 


  1. what a wonderful start of the day! blessings to YOU and becky, for allowing God to use you! thanks for sharing, i left her a comment!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Praise the Lord! I have goosebumps and tears and all that good stuff! To God be the glory!

  3. Oh Sasha, this is so awesome. God is so good. I left her a comment.
    It has brought tears to my eyes.
    Rejoicing with everyone!

  4. Awesome! God is good, all the time!

  5. Woo Hoo! This just makes me my heart so joyful!!

  6. Life's journey is always an amazing one. I came to your blog once before and got distracted, never followed. Came back today and saw this post and linked back to Becky. I never miss Becky's posts so I was surprised to see it. Then read your reader's post.

    I can't help but feel it is a little push for me. I am Catholic, raised a Catholic and brought back to the church after my daughter was born. No one is more surprise then me that I am still going to a Catholic church. I go pretty much every week, very involved - run a committee, help out and even teach first grade religion class. But I have always felt like I was missing a part. One of the reasons I have always enjoyed Becky's blog is her openness with her faith and I have envied it, wondered what I am missing.

    I have just start a seven week program called Discovering Christ, I have only gone to week one. The amazing thing is my husband is going with me - and he has no formal religious upbringing. I am so worried that I am expecting to much of a few hours for seven weeks and so worried I will be disappointed on the other side.

    But feeling thankful that there are people like you and Becky that are already there to help guide people like me.

    Thanks for your post today,

  7. Her heads gonna pop off. Isn't that like the best ever welcome into the family?? I wish I was a blogger back in the day. I would have loved knowing so many people were cheering me on in my faith walk...but alas I was 6;). Ha! Love ya friend. So glad you are feeling a little better today.

  8. I love it! I stopped over and left her a note. Thanks for sharing and thank you for being faithful! <3