Friday, March 30, 2012

March 365 (in which I cheated on tomorrow)

 A five year journal.  One question a day. One rule.  First thing that pops into your head. No thinking it through.  Often hysterical.
Cute. Favorites. Orange.
My sweet and wise Mama.  Lunch date. Window shopping. Par-tay. Enchiladas.
 14 lists.  Organized. Yeah!
 Rare. Tender.
Stocked. Party drawer.
Breakfast.  French braids.  Gluten free toast.  Cuteness.
Fabric strips.  A plan.  A glue gun. Third degree finger burns. I kid.  Kinda.
Ikea.  My friends.  Deep talks. World problems solved.  Amen.
Strapping man.  Paint roller. Broad shoulders.  Early morning. Hot.
New haircut. Big blue eyes. Loving the little things.
Dinner.  Pretty.  Green.  Stopping to appreciate it. Yum.  
Reading corner. Quiet boy.  Hallelujah. 'Nuff said.
An idea.  Pulling hair out. Perseverance.  Completion.  Dancing.
Cutest Leprechaun.  Funniest girl. 
Date with this ham.  Vanilla Rooibos latte.  Impersonations of Porky Pig. Laughing til my sides hurt.
 Ugly black base.  Blech.  "Navajo White" paint.  Moving a light fixture.  "More Sasha."  Much better.
Creating jewelry for Etsy.  Coral. Turquoise. 
 Dreaming of Hawaii.  Loving turquoise.  Daily devotion spot.  Cozy throw blanket. 
 Delicious smelling house.  Favorite cupcakes.  Anticipation. Emotional after school tears.  Lots of hugs. Talking it all out til it's better. 
Date night prep.  Old closet items together in a new outfit combo. Hair love.  Favorite date night purse.  Hunger Games Movie.  Katniss-Gale-Peeta.  Adrain.  Holding hands in the dark.  Todd throwing popcorn at the back of our heads.  Nurse Nicki, Kristin, Betsy.  Missing my other Kristin and Allison.  Appetizers.  Laughter.  Friends.  Wishing we had more time.  Sleeping kids, sweet babysitter. 
 Hanging out.  Running errands.  Being hugged around the waist by hoodlums.  Whispering plans.  Putting out party decorations.  Babysitting.  Two-year old cuddles.
Surprise.  Balloons.  Birth stories.  Snuggles.  Grammies, Aunties and Uncles.  Bowling with classmates.  Cupcakes with family.  Wood fire pizza with Auntie and Uncle and new baby niece.  Rosemary lemonade.  Catching up.  Knowing my kids are loved and cared about.  Happy, sleepy good nights.  Collapsing on the couch with my soul mate.  Smallville season five. 
 Bright and sunny.
 Feeding a hungry man.  Cilantro ranch dressing.  Mmmm.
Time with one of my besties.  Deep talks.  Doing life.
 Packing.  Cleaning.  Packing.  Cleaning.
Learning something new.  Teaching myself.  Imperfect but sweet.  Tucking into my suitcase. LEAVING!!!
Cheating on my 365. On vacation right this second.  Shot on a different day.  Oops.  LOL

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peaceful gratefulness (and a winner)

I'm about to head out on our family vacation/road trip.  I was planning to post this Friday, right before leaving but I needed to get it done today instead.  The other day, I got to spend time with one of my girlfriends taking lots of pictures, sharing our camera settings and comparing our notes and was so grateful for the time and opportunity.  It got me thinking about what else I'm grateful for right now, so I decided to make this post all about that!  Isn't that a great way to head out on vacation?  
I'm grateful for good friends who don't think I'm nuts when I suggest going to a cemetery to snap photos.
I'm grateful for friends who chew on deep topics with me, working toward bettering ourselves.
I'm grateful for the peace that floods my heart when I'm around those that know me so well.
I'm grateful for my camera because it's just fun to use and this hobby makes me so happy!
I'm grateful for pretty pink flowers, even if they make my eyes itch and run like crazy.
I'm grateful for the chance to learn new things.
I'm grateful that today I woke up on the right side of the dirt.
...I'm grateful because someday when I don't, I know where I'll be.
I'm grateful for loved ones.
I'm grateful for the possible peace and rest of vacation- our family's very first one!  (We went to Disneyland for three days but trust me it wasn't peaceful or very restful.  We are hoping for some of that on this one.) 
I'm grateful for the path I'm being guided to walk down, since I don't walk it alone. I've been given supportive family and friends, not to mention a very present God who has a plan. 
I'm grateful for the promise of a bright future!

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. The winner of my giveaway is...Stephanie from Still Waters blog, with this comment: "I love the purple triple wrap! She has beautiful goodies!" Stephanie, please email me at with your address to claim your prize!  (I'll be back in touch with you next Thursday when I return.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's good to be a girl GIVEAWAY!!!!


I know we just did a sweet giveaway the other day but guess what?!  I've got another absolutely amazing giveaway this week!  (I'm working on making this a monthly thing, so hopefully that works out.)  A couple of months ago, I found the most darling bracelet on Pinterest and instantly saved the picture on my computer.  (Y'all do that too right?)  I loved everything about it but the original link was gone and I couldn't find out where to get it. 
 Then one day last month, this sweet thing contacted me, offering a special giveaway from her Etsy shop for myself and a lucky reader.  I clicked on her Etsy link and just about died.  The shop was filled with the cutest bracelets AND the one I'd bookmarked so long ago!!! 
I was giddy, people.  Giddy!!
 After shooting off many emails filled with exclamation points and excitement, I chose this sweet bracelet to give to one of you.  And let me just say it was a very difficult decision.  I could have picked anything and loved it because everything she makes is gorgeous.  
 Also, (and this has nothing to do with my giveaway) thank you to those of you on Facebook who felt my pain yesterday when I opened my freezer to discover that the bottle of carbonated blueberry juice I'd placed in there for JJ's party and forgotten to remove, had shattered, burst all over every inch of space, and then froze.  I was just happy so many of you had also done that.  I'll be cleaning that out today amidst packing for vacation. 

Okay so to enter to win this bracelet, (don't you love her sweet packaging?) please go to Jessica's shop and come back to let me know which of her items is your very favorite thing, in comments.

If you want to tweet or put a link to my giveaway on Facebook, you can let me know in a separate comment and it will count as an extra entry.  Good luck you sweet things and I'll post a winner with on Friday right before we head out on our roadtrip!