Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 365

February 365 is here!  Because it's February, I'm going to do an "I love..." post!  I love my blog readers so much!  I love the sweet and uplifting comments you leave.  I love that two of you guys mailed me packages of heart shaped marshmallows that I'd been whining about not being able to find! (Linda and Laura, you girls made my day!) I love random thoughtfulness. 
I love creative messes.  I love works in progress.  I love brown wrap, twine, and the smell of glue.  I love glitter on my fingertips.  I love stacks of fabric, barn wood, and jars of paintbrushes.  
 I love inspiring chaos.  I love natural weave cotton. I love a garbage can filled with small scraps of brightly colored fabrics. I love little dollies taking shape beside my sewing machine.  I love a pile of "done."
 I love that my little Ava is always creating.  Well, in truth, so is JJ. I love that we drive my man crazy sometimes with the many in-process-projects going on all over the house.  I love the valentine garland Ava made for us.  I love how cheery a string of red hearts is. 
I love watching my boys during football games.  I love it when they're bunched up tightly, close to the screen, daddy pointing out blocks and calling plays and explaining positions.  I love my gangly son, eager to learn.  I love that they do football passing in the house during commercials.  (And they better not break any more lamps because I've gone through way too many over the years! Ha!)
 I love my nieces and nephews.  I love my little Maddy's big brown eyes.  I love feeding them treats and whispering words of love into their ears, and showing them fun things.  I love being an Auntie. 
 I love green eyes with brown flecks and crazy long eyelashes.  I love surprising my kids with yummy chocolate milk after school.  I love trying to make their life fun.
 I love french braiding Ava's hair.  I love mornings.  I love having my babies around me. 
 I love Lucy.  I love having a little shadow with a waggy tail all day long. 
 I love my baking drawers.  I love how perfectly organized they are before my children mess them up.  (Which is like once a week.) I love new drawer liners that keep everything in place.  (The rest of my hidden space looks nothing like this!  If it's not seen, I could usually care less how it looks, but I do take my cooking and baking seriously.)
 I love unexpected visitors bearing gifts like flowers.  I love bright pops of pretty color on my counter top.  I love friends.  I love Amy Parsons.
I love new calendars.  I love filling in birthdays and special events.  I love scrawling "ROAD TRIP" over an entire week.  I love making plans.  I love that I have a girls weekend date for my book club planned.
I love creating an entirely unique set of cafe cups.  I love white dishes.  I love setting out tea and fixings for weekly bible study. 
I love it when a card makes you giggle.  I love exchanging cards with my man.  I love that they are usually stupid.  I love that he got me a blooming rose "card" that I pretty much hated on sight, but after I heard the story of how rushed and crazy he was, yet still took time for ME, I loved it.  I love that he still loves me after all these years.  He's quite a catch.  I love that.
I love that sometimes God knows when you need to spend four straight days in bed, resting and reading a fantastic book.  I love that my bedroom is soothing.  I love that once, I took the time to make it so, and now when I need it, it's ready for me.
 I love surprising my children.  I love taking care of their needs, and then blessing their hearts beyond what they are expecting.  I love delighting them.  I love leaving goodies on their beds for after school discovery. 
 I love cuddling with the most un-cuddly, and mobile boy on the planet.  I love that though I was trying to snap this photo, he was unable to remain completely still for me.  I love his big, bright smile.  I love my orange and white checkered shirt.  I love that when I'm sick, my family loves on me.
 I love spontaneous fun.  I love taking the rain in stride.  I love carrying an umbrella, even if everyone in my city thinks I'm a tourist.  I love being gluten free.  I love that my man knows how to rock an ugly hockey jersey with the best of them.  I love that he is convinced that he's related to the goalie, Martin Brodeur. I hate saying good bye, but I love having a guy who whole heartedly makes the moments count before he flies out.
 I love old things turned useful.  I love pieces of pretty ribbon, spilling out of an old red box.  I love moving things so they make better sense.  I love that my studio is the best room in the house for that.  I love how it's becoming so "me."  I love being able to call my Dad to get help.  I love seeing my Daddy on the doorstep, tool box in hand, ready to rescue us!  I love having him show me how to relight a pilot light, and not being made to feel so stupid because I couldn't figure it out all by my self. 
 I love good ideas.  I love making allowances for spontaneous creativity.  I love jumping in with both feet.  I love doing the thing I've been putting off.  I love ripping off blue painter's tape.  I love it when the laundry's done.  I love the quiet that descends after a big project.  I love the kind of tired that means I did something.
I love making her idea become a reality in the form of a cute fabric fox on a tee shirt.  I love creating out of fabric.  I love her goofy dance moves.  I love her funny poses.  I love her sparkling blue eyes.
 I love Toms, sparkles, and little bursts of happiness at the end of the day.  I love it when the UPS man drops something on the front porch.  I love watching my dog go crazy because she thinks she's running him off.

I love days when my man gets on a plane and comes home after he's been gone, even if it's at 4 in the morning.)  I love not having to check all the door locks before bed... and then check them a few more times, "just in case." (Call me crazy, but I'm sure they can pop open if I don't make sure...)  I love feeling safe and being protected once he's home again.  I love being wrapped in big, strong arms and I love his unconditional love.  I love baking brownies for his homecoming.  I love it when my Dad pops in unexpectedly and helps me hot glue fabric strips on the back of chicken wire memo boards and eats my oranges and tests my brownies.
 I love my dog.  She is hairy and annoying, yet I love her still.  She doesn't like strangers or men, and hides behind me but I love her still.  She loathes the UPS man with an everlasting loathe and I can't understand that since he always brings good thing, but I love her still.  I have to sweep the floor every day because of her, but I love her still. Sometimes I find dog hair in the most disgusting of places- like in my REFRIGERATOR- but I love her still.  It's the least I can do since she wags her tail every time I talk.  (For real.  She starts to wag it when she hears my voice.)
 You may or may not know this about me.... but I have a secret love for cute dishtowels.  And actually, I might have crossed the line of "love" to a place of downright obnoxious obsession.  They are some of my favorite kitchen accessories.  Whenever I find a cute one, I do a little dance in my heart.  This one has... wait for it.. a CUPCAKE embroidered on it!!  I know, right?  I recently purchased some iron-on transfers to embroider those vintagey sweet "days of the week" dishtowels.  (I grew up drying dishes with my mama's and I'd just like to say I'm so happy I have a dishwasher as adult.  Oh how I hated not having one as a kid.) Anyway, I love that someday... when I get my act together and figure out HOW to embroider, I am going to have a set of those dishtowels.  (Now I just need some sweet little grandma to take me under her wing and teach me.  Or something like that.  It can't be that hard, can it?)
I love days when the car doesn't have to leave the garage.  I love weird weather days where the sun is shining, as the snow pours down.  I love days when it snows, and then the sunshine melts it all an hour later.  It's called "Life in the Pacific Northwest."   I love that children are compelled to go outside when snowflakes are falling... and mostly I love the fact that I hadn't put all of our snow gear away yet! 
I love finding the perfect polish color.  As I swam with Nurse Nicki the other day, and looked at my chipping red toenail polish, I realized it was time for a winter pedicure.  (I'm horrible at that when I don't have to wear flip flops and sandals.) I wanted a pretty nude color and found one I loved by Essie.  "Mamba."  So soft and wearable.  (And it kind of matched my purse... not that I'd ever do that intentionally.  I'm just saying. Okay... I might do that.)
 I love two year old nieces playing in soap suds.  I love two year old nieces dumping flour and sugar into a mixer with me. I love cuddling two year old nieces and watching Veggie Tales that my own hoodlums have outgrown. 
 I love party plans.  I love my Mama.  I love pretty.  

How about you guys- what did you love about February?!


  1. from your amazing work area, to the ruffled dishcloths, to cute kids, to sparkly toms, and a red box, this is all dripping with drops of L-O-V-E! you're the best ever at 365's. the end.

  2. You can embroider! It's not that hard. Come to ND on your roadtrip and I'll gladly take you under my wing. I taught my 6 year old niece to embroider and she sewed her piece to her jammies. I'm quite sure you won't do that. But if you do, it's OK, I've done it too!

    Go forth and embroider boldly!

  3. For one, I L O V E D your blog! I love many of the same things you do.
    Baking, creating and making my home a sweet place for my family.


  4. i love that you were able to pull off this amazing post.
    like, really amazing.
    it's so sweet, and it makes my heart feel full for all of the things that i am blessed with, and love.
    to the brim, overflowing, full.of.LOVE.
    i don't think we should ever complain again, ok?
    i'll need LOTS of prayer for that one.
    have a wonderful day!

  5. I LOVE your post and especially love your creative work station, your sparkly TOMs and fun marshmellows!

  6. Wow. I loved this post! Thank you for brightening my day with your wonderful pictures and such kind words. I sure needed something to cheer me up and this post was just the thing!

    And isn't the weather here crazy? It didn't snow at my place, but it did for a brief second while I was at the store. I love snow!

    Have a great day!

  7. Sweet, thankful, LOVE-filled post!

  8. Loved that there was one extra day in February for your 365!
    Those babies are so amazing!!!

  9. Hey Girl! You totally inspired me to do this this month! I love your 365 project and after doing it on my own this month I am hooked! Thanks for sharing! I am also going to be stealing your idea for those cafe cups!!


    If you want to see it:

    Still learning my big girl camera... :)

  10. YOU and your AMAZING posts! Geez, keep it up, Girl! XO Laura at B & B's Nest

  11. I love the smell of the morning air when Spring is just coming on...that soft earthy scent.
    I love the soft hum of my sewing machine and how I have it right under the window that looks out on my garden.
    I love how my husband and I giggle at the same funny lines in our favorite TV the same moment.
    I love watching the Today show with my middle schooler each morning...I do it for him...I don't watch daytime TV...he likes it and we talk about what we see.
    I love that I have to stop writing because my 4th grader needs me to make him some eggs for breakfast.
    But last, I love that you are out there and that you are you!

  12. I love your blog! I love that my daughter comes down early in the morn when everyone else is sleeping and reads quietly next to me while I blog. I love the sunshine. My kids laughter. A clean house. My husband doing something for me without me asking. My mom and her suprise treats. I love that it's March and my little mans bday! Have a great weekend!!

  13. I love a certain green truck that arrived in February in my mailbox. :-)

  14. Such beautiful pictures... I love your craft station on February 2nd, so cute. Your blog is very inspiring, thank you. Hope you have a good weekend : )

  15. This sentence regarding your dad stuck with me all weekend. It has served as a powerful reminder that my job as a parent is to patiently, kindly teach and guide. Thank you!

    "I love having him show me how to relight a pilot light, and not being made to feel so stupid because I couldn't figure it out all by my self."

  16. Wow, what I great post, I so enjoyed it. Makes me want to be a better Momma, better wife and do a better job of keeping track of what I love! Take care, Laura