Monday, March 5, 2012

Misc. and Sweetness

 Hi-Ya Peeps!  It's time for some random.  It's been a long time since I got good and random with y'all.  Like at least a week.  Today, I sat at my dining table surrounded by 14 sheets of paper, each one titled for a specific list.  I've mentioned that spring gets crazy for me, haven't I?  (giggle) So I think I got my life organized.  It was hard work!  (And yes, I sat down at my computer and created some super cute lists.  I mean, if you're going to make 14 lists, you might as well make 14 cute lists.  That's what I always say, anyway.
And the next two photographs are my niece.  Because she's cute. 
You really can't ever have too much cute, can you? I let her play in some sudsy water.  She loved it.  My own kiddos used to love that.  Gosh it's been so long since I had a two year old all to myself.
The more I go into my son's room, the more it becomes my favorite room in the house.  Of course that could be due to the fact that 1) The rotten grapes we finally discovered eliminated the nasty smell I was always distracted by while I attempted to locate it, and 2) there is a wild and crazy boy residing in that room, that I'm incidentally a little wild and crazy about. we finish the little touches in his room, I am seriously considering a wide green stripe circling his room.  Kind of a muddy grass-green color.  I think that will look darling.  What do you think?
Miss Leen made these super fun wall vinyls (I think they are vinyl- to be honest I don't really know) and we all whole heartedly agreed that she is wonderful.  I told her to just do her thing and we all agree that the fonts she chose look exactly like the city they represent!  (Please ignore the incorrect time zone times.  I haven't gotten to that part yet.)
And then we hung JJ's old guitar.  I'm pretty sure he will continue lessons again someday... um... I think.
I kind of love this.  I always felt like we should have some kind of musical instrument hanging on our walls.  Don't ask me why, because I really couldn't say. 
Yes.  This guitar only has two strings.  I believe this speaks volumes for the state of my household currently.  But at least I have 14 organized lists that are going to get me through until the end of April. 

And on my last random note.. I'm working on preparations for our family vacation.  We are taking a road trip over Spring Break (accounting for 4 of the 14 lists) and I need you guys to shout out your top 3 song choices in comments- I need some good playlists!  We love all kinds of music styles (with the exception of country, and I don't count Taylor Swift in that mix- adore her- what can I say).  So what would you put on your playlist right now, if you were heading out on a family road trip?!  Can you help me? 


  1. Your niec is just precious and so are her painted fingernails. : ) I used to let my kids play in sudsy water too. Hours of fun and for FREE. Only drawback is kids with pruney fingers. (haha)
    We will be road tripping this year as well and I plan to have some Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Neworldson and Matthew West on our play list.

  2. favorite song is on my fav. album of all time. just TRY it. Needtobreathe, the Outsiders. song: Something Beautiful. my kids SCREAM it at the top of our lungs. alittle Christian, and Little rock, a little bluesy, a lot of good.

    i love the idea of the stripe on the wall! turning out cute!

    if you drive through southern oregon on your road trip you'd better stop and say hey!

  3. Hey, actually New World Son should be spelled like this. Otherwise you might get another group come up. I really like their song, "There is a way."
    Mercy Me...they have an album that is titled "Mercy 10" I love every song on that CD. You can't go wrong jamming to them on the open road. : )
    Have a great evening.

  4. One of my fave fun songs is "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. The video is so fun too. :)

  5. Any Andrew Peterson or Carrie Newcomer or Cello Fury...

  6. I think "AM Radio" is one of my favorite road trip songs for sure.

  7. My boys are loving the Newsboys God's Not Dead cd!

  8. My boys are loving the Newsboys God's Not Dead cd!

  9. love the room...i am totally digging' your pictures...beautiful. will you show us the entire room, i have two boys myself and am thinking about re-doing their room. I am not a fan of country either.... love love love Goyte: somebody i used to know...great song.

  10. just ran back here to add, i think you can get Tim Hawkins comedy on MP3, then put it on CD. if you aren't familiar with him, he's HILARIOUS, clean, and the kids would love it too. if you think i
    'm wrong google or go on Godtube and search Cleetus Take the Reel {think Jesus, take the wheel by carrie Underwood.}

  11. andrew peterson. your life will never be the same.

  12. Have You Ever by Brandi Carlisle
    Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
    Lovely, Love My Family by The Roots

  13. Christian wise...
    Francesca Batastelli Free to Be Me
    Anything by Michael W. Smith
    Beautiful by Mercy Me
    Mandisa Stronger

  14. I'm snickering and giggling over the "Cleetus take the reel" mandy. you have NO Idea how many times that has been sung in my home! Great idea- I will totally download him.

    I'm loving ALL these song suggestions! Keep em coming, I'm taking notes!

  15. I like how you chose random cities for the clocks, not just the usual New York, London, Paris. Did you have a particular reason for those choices?
    Although I don't live in Sydney it is my state capital and same time zone that I am in, so that's cool!
    I think I might do something like that in our games room.

  16. Road Trip! So Fun!!
    We like Train - Drive By and most other stuff they sing, Maroon 5 - most anything by them, The Bangles (hello throwbacks!), Bon Jovi - Livin on a Prayer, Bad Medicine, Gavin DeGraw

    have fun!

  17. Hey there..Good Morning! Have fun on your road trip. I LOVE a good road trip. My fave music especially for a road trip is Carolina Liars, Switchfoot (love them), Jack Johnson, Matt Hires...I could go on. Have fun

  18. i don't like country music either
    but you must


    give a listen to The Civil War's song
    Barton Hollow

    a m a z i n g

    now i need to go make some lists.


  19. Headphones by Britt Nicole
    The Battle Remix by Chris August
    Outta Space love by Group1Crew

    All Christian artists with a heart for Jesus, but upbeat to get ya in the mood for dancing songs.

  20. Please tell me where you bought the hardware for hanging the guitar! I would like to hang my 4 year old's guitar (so he can reach it but will be off the floor) so it doesn't end up with only two strings! It is missing one now! I am hoping he will get lessons one day! :)

  21. Jamie Grace "Hold Me"
    Casting Crowns "Sing until the whole world hears"
    Mandisa "Good morning"

  22. Mikeschair "Someone Worth Dying For"
    Rascal Flatts "Life is a Highway"
    Bruno Mars--any song(suggested by my 12yr old!)

  23. Jason Mraz - "I won't give up"
    Jack Johnson - "Bubbly Toes"
    Beyonce - "You put my love on top"

  24. Love me some lady antebellum, rascall flatts...oh shoot I'm drawing a blank. So excited for your road trip. Wish we were right there with ya. Your niece is yummy by the way. Missed our chat today. Hope you found some treasures.

  25. We just recently purchased the CD's Pa's fiddle, Arkansas Traveler, and Happy Land. These 3 discs are some of the music from the Little House books. If you like the books it is fun to have the music on in the background. Of course it's mostly bluegrass and Americana but my children can't get enough of them!
    Here is a link to the website.

  26. umm....yes, your niece is very, very cute.

    Your songs need to include Adele, Natalie Grant, and Josh Wilson

  27. Go for the stripe~it will look amazing!!!! I just got back from a youth ministry conference and we worshipped with Shane and Shane, Tim Timmons, Jeremy Camp, and Jaime Grace <3 They rocked my world and I can't get enough of them!!!!!

  28. 3 of my favourite songs right now: Prove you wrong by He is We, Summer Song by Leddra Chapman, and Someone Like You by The Summer Set. And any song by the Kaiser Chiefs!

  29. Chris Tomlin when you are in a worshipful mood.

  30. Top 3.... Laura Story (Blessings), Sovereign Grace Music (Oh Great God), and um..... Tim McGraw
    Loving the lists!