Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring-er-ifically happy stuff

 Do you want to know what makes me deliriously happy?  Besides the fact that I have birthday shopping for everyone in my world done, including cute napkins and polka dotted straws?  And besides the fact that I'm going on an excursion to Ikea with a bunch of my book club girls Saturday?  Oh and besides the fact that I'm getting my hair done on Friday with my most favorite hair person on the planet?
  The thing that makes me so happy I want to hug strangers, is that today my pharmacist uttered the following words to me, as I picked up yet another medication for my son.  "This is a co-pay-less medication."  Meaning, I took it and ran cause I didn't have to pay a dime to the man. 
Oh and one other thing making me super happy today.  I went shopping with my sweet friend Kristin, and found these votive candles that smelled like roasting coffee.  Being a non-coffee-aholic, but a lover of the scent, this is the best of both worlds for me.  It's burning as I type, making my entire house smell lovely like Starbucks.  And while I'm on the subject of happy... I'm super happy to tell you this.  I've been admiring these little treats (above) for years.  They are so trendy and cute, and I was sure they couldn't be made by someone like oh... me.

Well guess what?
I'm making them right now.  I have a salted caramel frosting type filling waiting for them.  (If it turns out well, I'll pass it on to you.) These are my test batch, and I plan to make some orange creme ones, and something kind of black berryish... and who knows what else I'll come up with.  They are a blast to whip up.  (Get it... whip... cause you have to whip the egg whites...ha ha! )  I watched this video and printed out the notes... it has rocked my cookie world for ever. (Everyone needs their cookie world rocked on occasion.) And the best part- gluten free baby!  (And did you know these are not "macaroons?" But rather, "macarons?"  One "O."  Who knew.  Well, the French knew of course.)  Knowing how to do this is making me happy.
Then there's this- I am happy to report that I was able to get this truck painting that I made for JJ scanned well, prints are listed and turned out so much cuter than I thought.  You can purchase it here.  Yay!

Also... I've made a really tough decision with Etsy that is making me surprisingly happy if I'm totally honest.  I've decided that I'm no longer going to offer anything that I have to sew.  After my business major man sat down and discussed my margins. (I'm still not sure what that is, but he is oh-so-hot, and I just nodded and smiled while he talked.)  He showed me how sewing wasn't doing me any favors- it is a tremendous amount of work for the prices I've been feeling right about charging.  Which is kind of a bummer since some of the items I used to sew and list were/are so stinkin' cute.  But my man is right, and I want to use my time wisely, so as of now, I'm discontinuing all of those items from future production.  (My last apron, cute dollies, and tote bags.) Once the sewed items I have currently listed are gone, that will be it for me on those so grab em while you can.
 I'm also really excited  and you guessed it... happy... to continue offering my customized Family Established signs.  I will still create these ones, upon request, but I'm adding this style into the mix with the whole last name splashed across the background.  (Sadly, pieces of old barn wood siding (like this one) and reclaimed lumber are getting harder and harder to find so I can't always guarantee that, but I've been using pine a lot and it's also very nice.)
 The sweetie that ordered this one from me was willing to wait a very long time- months- to get just the right board.  I was ecstatic when I finally found it!  It had nail holes and tons of character. 
  And lastly, many of you have asked me about the sponsor buttons on my sidebar.  I'm super new to this, but thought it could be a really fun thing that could make us all very happy.  (I'm sorry...get me started on a subject and watch out.)   If you want to advertise your blog, your shop, or business, I am offering this, at $10.00 a month.  If you are interested, I'll need an image sized at 300 x 100, and you can give me a holler at lemonademakinmama@comcast.net. 

What's making you happy today! DO tell!!


  1. It really doesn't take much to make us happy, huh? Those cookies look DEE-VINE!
    Keep the good stuff movin', girl! ;D

  2. I am with you on the med stuff...my son has aspergers and adhd and the list of meds with GI trouble goes on and off. Thank goodness for our military benefits, problem is I waited over two hours for the script.

  3. You are way too cute!! ;) such a cheery happy blog! Well done honoring your man--isn't it hot to be lovingly guided? What an example for your kids!! Praying over you and yours this week....

  4. 1. Yay for no co-pays!
    2. Yay for trying new things...and succeeding! I will have to try to make me some macarons too :) So fancy.
    3. I love your family est. signs. I am gonna have to snag me one soon!
    I'll stop now, Ha!

  5. glad you're happy...i'm happy too. yeah! we're both happy!!! hope your cookies turned out. wish i had one right now and didn't have to make them...then i'd be reallllly happy :)

  6. Hello my friend, didn't you just get your hair done? Not that we can't do it often, just goes fast doesn't;). Super cute truck. You go girl!

  7. Hey ya Beckster! It's actually been 6 weeks.... I have to get it done before vacation so I look GORGEOUS!! LOL

  8. Those cookies look so good cookies make me happy!!

  9. I really wish I could be there to see your cute little cookies in person (so I could taste them too of course.)

    Right now what is making me happy is Girl Scout Cookies.

  10. Happy today:
    tickets to Wicked
    three year old explanations for clouds and street noises as "must be dragons!"
    your lovely 'macarons' as inspiration
    the love of a good Godly man
    coffee - the taste AND the smell


  11. Thank you for your encouragement and sunshine each day. Some days my world is every bleak and gray. I love stepping into your world.

  12. Time with a friend working on our child training bibles--I love having scriptures tagged and highlighted w/o having to google: )
    Cool weather, minimum days with the kiddos, kale chips, and my anniversary sign you made me: ))

  13. Love that apron! How fun you are making macaroons. we had them once in Paris and loved them. Lately they are everywhere - I want to try them again!

  14. Happy today because I'm alive and that it's also going to be 65 degrees here in SE Michigan. Also, my birthday is this weekend and I'm getting me some hi & lo lites on Friday too!!

  15. well that is all kinds of happiness!!
    i love it
    & way to go to hot hubbies with great ideas

  16. you are not a coffee-aholic either??? you are my dream girl. ; )

  17. I must tell everyone that the Green Truck Print is SUPER cute! I am getting ready to hang my copy now. Seriously....cute!