Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eleventy-hundred photos of the same thing and thank yous.

 I am sitting here on a cold and rainy Wednesday morning, feeling so loved by the warmth of your words over the past two days.  Not only did they bless me, they were like little hugs of comfort to every member of my family.  My husband was overwhelmed by your responses, and my kids have been been reading every single comment, so amazed that others have felt this kind of sadness before too.  Thank you guys so much for encouraging us, leaving kindness, and advice, poems, book recommendations, and your own personal stories.  I was sitting there yesterday crying and saying, "She was only a dog.... don't you think people are going to roll their eyes at grief over a dog if I post on it?" and of course my man reminded me that most people have bonded with a special animal at one point in their life... so I'm so glad I shared. 
 Today, Ava and I are baking some gluten free cupcakes with little dog bone shapes on them (if you know Ava, you know this is totally her love language) and we've been reading the book "Dog Heaven" that one of my besties, Trudy dropped off last night, along with comfort items and flowers.  My phone was lighting up all day yesterday with text messages, and my girls asking if we needed anything, and sending us tons of prayers and kind words.  My man was watching the hail storm of phone love from my buddies, and cracking up at it.  He was like, "You sure have peeps." 
 Anyway, we're going to that "Mirror Mirror movie today (since we're technically still on vacation and supposed to be gone and all) and then just relaxing most of tomorrow.  Friday I'll have to get back in gear, as I'll be preparing for our big Seder dinner with my Mama and various sis-in-laws who may be stopping in to help.  (I love my girls so much!)
 I know these pictures aren't very exciting... but I wanted to put something cheery on here today, and these are the decorations waiting to get scattered all down the length of three long tables on Friday.
Twenty people is a lot.  I'm just saying. (I'm also using paper plates for this thing, which goes against the grain, but a girl can only do so much, you know?)  Also.... the dog dishes you see in that corner  have been stored away now.  That is about the saddest thing on the planet.  I know you know...
 Anyhow... just because I'm using paper products, doesn't mean it can't still be cute.  Everything is orange and white and easy.   I found glass vases at Ikea for about 75 cents each, and the candlesticks were black and simple, also from Ikea, and also cheap.  I spray painted everything "Dover White" and now it coordinates.  (Which I like. In case you wondered.)  I hacked up some sticks and hot glued some faux orange orchids randomly onto them.

 I'm covering all the tables with drop cloths.  (You know, the really affordable paper kind?)  I'll let ya know how that goes.
Also, I had a really fun thing waiting on my door step when I arrived back home the other day and with it, JJ's room is finally complete. We're hanging it today and then I'll share!!

Again, thank you for the kindness toward my family.  Y'all mean so much to me.  


  1. girl, i would not have understood your sadness as much only a few months ago, but since then, we have adopted the sweetest kitten ever and he has wiggled his way right into our hearts. you had me in tears yesterday over your story.
    one of the posts i distinctly remember reading was about letters, i believe. you wrote to your pup, and showed your love for him despite his messes and you having to sweep every day. it was so sweet.
    i'm so sorry for your loss. when our hearts are so full of love, of course we are going to grieve.
    when we love deeply, we hurt deeply, too.
    even at the loss of an animal.
    praying for you and i LOVE your beautiful, simplistic design approach. gorgeous!

  2. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is definitely one of the hardest things. They live such short but loved lives, and I'm sure your Lucy was no exception :) Putting away their toys & dishes, and picking up their chewed up sticks and piles of poo in the backyard is so hard to do after they have passed. Hugs sent over the mountains to you & your fam as you adjust to life without her wagging tail & cute eyes.

  3. (((HUG))) for today when all the little goings on of life remind you of her.~

  4. A prayer sent today for your family Sasha. The comfort of heaven seems so far away at times like this but know your Lucygirl is HOME and will see you again. I tell my kids often that they will see their pup again but for now he is busy keeping grandma company unitl we all meet again.

  5. So glad you felt all the love and support! Its so sad to loose a beloved dog! The table looks lovely as is! Looking forward to seeing it all set-up!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation! And enjoy your dinner!


  6. Oh my gosh, Sasha. I was out of town yesterday so missed the post. I just read it and I am sitting here at my computer my eyes welled up with tears for sweet Lucy. I love my boy, Jake so much....he is my 4 legged baby so I truly understand how you feel. We lost our other boy Scout, quickly too and the pain is so hard past. I am praying for you all....and for sweet Lucy romping around up in Heaven.



  7. You all are continually on my mind and heart as you grieve this loss. I will keep praying for comfort and healing.

  8. i honestly have been thinking about you so much. and praying. and sending virtual hugs, even if you didn't know it. i love ya. the Seder Dinner is going to be spectacular. it already looks it! still thinking of next year. ; ) hugs and hugs and kisses, too. muah!

  9. I am still so sad for your loss. My husband doesn't understand why I won't leave my Yogi with anyone, I just can't. They truly are family members and they are in heaven when it's their turn to go. I haven't read this book, but am going to get it. No Dogs in Heaven? by Dr. Robert Sharp. He writes the pet column for Country Living. Keeping Ava, JJ, you and Adrain in my prayers.

  10. We had to put my beloved boxer, Quincy, to sleep after he was hit by a car and his injuries wouldn't heal...the day after we found out we were pregnant with our first child. God knew I needed something to hold onto and look forward to! Now we have three kids and a dog who adores them...God is so good!

  11. I just read about Lucy and I'm so sorry--I don't think I ever mentioned it before but Lucy looked a lot like our Bandit. . .who left our lives two years ago and it was our then six-year-old who found her. I was at work when I got the call and both my principals being the dog lovers they are cried with me and one went home to get the book Dog Heaven for the kids. So sad for the entire family--I still tear up when we see a black lab and the now 8-year-old says, "aw mom. . .like Badit." I just know the Seder dinner will be the best thing for all of you to be surrounded by loved ones celebrating!!

  12. I am sorry for your family's loss. I couldn't read the whole thing, as I recently lost my best girl dog, Micah. She was God's provision to me in many ways, as I am SURE your Lucy was to your family. Most of all... dogs remind us that if we would only look to Him as our beloved pets look to us. They trust. They love unconditionally. They know they will be taken care of WITH love.
    Best to you and your family as you heal...

  13. I love love your orange flowers! You inspire me so much. Hope the Seder dinner goes well.

  14. I am so very sorry for your loss... I just read your post to my husband and I sobbed through the whole thing. You see we will be putting our dog down when his poor hip pops out again. And I can hardly bare the thought. A couple weeks ago the hip popped out of the socket... and our Koda was in the worse pain I have ever seen in my life. She yelped and cried till we could get her to the vet... that's when they put her under, xrayed and popped it back in. But they told us it is only a matter of time till it happens again, in which we will either have to immediately bring her in for surgery (that we can't afford) or put her down. The pain is so horrendous that we will have to do it immediately. So we cherish everyday that we have with her and knowing she has no pain, and knowing at any second it could pop out of place. Reading about your beloved Lucy broke my heart, but made me thank God even more for every day we have with our precious Koda.
    Praying for your sweet family as you grieve and draw even closer.
    linda t

    1. Oh that is just heartbreaking. Praying that God will miraculously keep her little hip from popping out. I so hope it has a happy ending for you guys.

  15. So sorry about your family's loss. As a dog loving family, I can't even fathom the heartbreak you are going through. Hopefully the prayers people are sending bring you some comfort. {{hugs}}

  16. xo, sash...glad you're getting loved on. we do love ya, girl :)

  17. Love the vases! Can't wait to see the pictures of it all put together.

    Still praying for you, and the funny thing is how many times you crossed my mind today... walking my own dogs, when a friends black lab nuzzled me... and each time I just prayed for your family. Funny how God gives us such compassion for our sisters, even those we have never met. Praying you feel His constant touch. After putting our 14 year old shih tzu to sleep I was truly grief stricken, and the one comfort I felt was in the compassion and empathy of others who had gone through the same thing. I hope the messages and concern of everyone is doing a small part in easing your family's pain. hugs!

  18. Noticed the dog bowls in the corner and hurt as i remember doing the same last June. sniff. loves x

    And .... can i just say how much i love your flooring?!

  19. I have been reading your posts for about a month now, but I get them on my e-mail so it's not super easy for me to reply-- after reading yesterdays post I had to find a way to let me know you touched my heart. Once you love a dog you are a dog person. Once your family owns a dog you are a dog family. We got our first dog, Colby, when we lived in Illinois before we had our 3 children. She was with us for 14 years & I still miss her often. After 2 years of waiting, we actually started looking for a puppy in the same place we found Colby--we did get another puppy - Lincoln- from a shelter in Central Illinois & he is amazing too now.

    For some reason Dogs are at the top- they are more than a pet- they are always there for us, never waiver.... the hardest thing about them is they are still animals & unfortunately they don't learn like humans. That is the hardest thing to understand. My sister-in-law almost had to put her dog down as a result of an infection of his paw--- he would not stop eating it and making it the end a super antibiotic saved him, but they just don't get it sometimes- just stop licking it!!! She also lost 2 dogs to trucks- one on a highway 1 mile away, one right infornt of her house. (In a farmland area). Keep remembering all the amazing things Lucy did & how much love she added to the family. You are now a Dog family. My heart aches for the pain you must go though right now...In time, another wonderful dog will bless your family again.

  20. Sasha I envy you, your decorating is amazing!!

  21. never just a dog....never xox

    i lost it when i saw the bowls and know how hard and sad that was to pack those away xo

    your room is beautiful my friend

    sending love & hugs
    ( i fb'd you as i just saw this mornign via a friends tweet about lucy. i'm so so sorry my friend. just so very very sorry)
    much love

  22. Happy table setting, looks like this year will be a bit more meaningful, have a great dinner.

  23. sooooooooo heart broken for your loss of sweet lucy. :((((((

    I agree with Paige....never, never just a dog.

  24. Chag Sameach!

    I hope you have a wonderfully warm and fun Seder. Best of luck with the 20 people, while it IS a lot, if anyone can pull it off with grace and style it's you. Enjoy and may your memories of Lucy (always) bring comfort you and yours.