Friday, April 20, 2012

I married a jock, see?

It's a well known fact that my man loves sports.  And I mean all sports.  He can talk all sports with anyone, from women's tennis and high school track, to NFL draft picks and baseball scandals.  He knows trivia, players, rules, and refs. He knows all the rules to tennis, pickle ball, and badminton too.  Once, I asked him to teach me about football, and (true story) the man pushed every scrap of furniture back, set up dining chairs, and showed me positions in a line of scrimmage.  (There were several diagrams and plays written out for me to study as well.) He showed me how to tackle but I doubt I'll ever be able to take down a 200 lb man and really all I can remember is the part where he encouraged, "Be the hammer, not the nail babe!"  Yeah.  I'll get right on that.
 He's tried showing me how to not throw like a girl.  I wasn't aware that I threw like a girl.  According to him, I very much do.  And I'm also afraid of the ball. (You know... ever since I took one in the eyes on a softball field back in eighth grade.)  Mainly, I'm afraid of getting hammered by the ball.  This is where the "be the hammer not the nail" part might come into play.  It gets confusing.

Did you also know, (and I did not) that there is a proper technique to rear end smacking?  You know that little thing guys do on the field?  I never got that. I listened to my man and one of his friends explain the "rules" for proper butt smacking.  They were totally serious.  Here's what I took from that conversation; "Flat hand, (no cupping) quick smack, only on the field."  After I finished laughing, I wondered if this was instinctual or something fathers pass down to their sons in some secret rule book.

I watch as my husband and kids practice things that don't make much sense to me.. things like zones, and screens and drills.  I watch him teach my kids how to throw straight, how to step into the ball, and how to be the hammer.  I love that he is teaching my daughter how to run like a track star and how to throw a spiral ball.  I love that he's teaching my son to swing a bat and get low for the tackle.

The other night he was making a comment about my girly-ness and I was wondering if he'd have rather had some athletic wonder-woman-girl.  He laughed and said that I was the girly-est of girls.  And the following brief, two line conversation went like this:
Me: "And do you feel a little overwhelmed by it at time?"
Him: "Oohhhh... I find it amusing."

To this, I think... there is no response.  Well other than just enjoying the ride.  Which apparently he's already decided to do.  And wishing him a happy birthday. 

Mr. Husband, I meant to get this up yesterday, but I love you and hope this next year is your best yet. You bless me every day and I'm so proud of the man I've gotten the privilege of watching you become over the past 19 years.  You've gone from cocky high school football captain, to steady, reliable man of integrity.  You lean on God and because of that, I lean on you.  I love you with my whole heart.  I have, from the minute Mr. Wood moved me beside you in English class. 


  1. LOVE IT!! Cute Post!! My Husband and I are both Runners. But when it comes to anything but Running, He doesn't know a thing. I'm the Sports lover. So I just Loved this post. Marriage is a funny thing, every relationship is different and some how LOVE is the common factor. I enjoy reading about Real people in Love...not with out hardship....but that are happy and content with their Beautiful Life and their sole mate by their side. Thanks for Sharing!


  2. This was so sweet! My husband is the same way with sports! And I too am a super girly girl. Love it!

  3. what a precious picture. i'm convinced you're the perfect pair! happy birthday, adrain!!!

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Adrain!

  5. Such a beautiful picture. All of your pictures are always so inspiring.

    Thanks for blessing me and making me smile.

    Have a sweet and blessed weekend


  6. Yep, I'm cryin'! Beautifully said.

  7. Sasha - Its wonderful to see how much you love your husband! I love that you are his girliest girl.

    I love the way you share who you are and your family!!

    thank you!

  8. aww ~ so sweet ~ love the beach pic

  9. Happy Birthday Adrain! Hope you have a fantastic year ahead with many blessings for you and your family. Donna in Kelowna

  10. Happy birthday Adrain. You are a fine man...and I mean that in a very respectable way;) You take good care of my u for that.

    Sasha you really set the bar high for honey bday posts. Geesh! You two are adorable.

  11. I'm late, but sending happt birthday wishes to your husband. Thank goodness for Mr. Wood all those years ago! Lovely post, Sasha.

  12. Your last line got me. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. Went to junior prom!!! Happy Birthday to your dear husband.

  13. Such a happy and delightful post! You two are adorable ~ love the photo. I hope he's having a wonderful birthday!