Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretties for your week...

When I was growing up my Mama called things that were laying out, "pretties."  I remember being a young mom and telling JJ "no," about things he wanted to touch, and sure enough I'd say, "those are pretties... we don't touch."  (Of course JJ still touched them all.)

Anyway, that makes me smile to think about and I have a few pretties to show you today.  I have been really scaling back my Etsy creations the last couple of months because I've been so busy!  And as we wind into the summer months, I know I won't be making/selling much or taking custom orders all summer for sure.  That said, these are newly listed here!
 These dandelion napkins are my favorite fun summery thing right now.  They are fun and colored with bright pops of orange ink.  (My photos show them to be a little darker/redder than they are in actual color.  They are a true bright orange.)
 I also made a couple sets in this delicate silver color, which of course can go with everything.  If y'all don't snatch these up, I'm keeping them all!!  LOL 
 Seriously cute, huh?
 And this... I had a hard time parting with it... I'll be honest.  But I made it for you guys not myself, so I'm being strict with myself.  Coral and turquoise beaded necklace.  This baby would be so cute with a soft white tank top.  Or a solid turquoise tank top.  Or a gray tank top.  (Do you see why I have such a hard time disciplining myself to not keep everything I make?)
And lastly... maybe this is a stupid thing to list, but I took these ranuculus photos the other day and fell in love....
 .... I had these three gorgeous vintage frames sitting in my garage and I could not figure out what to do with them but knew I wanted to put them in my bedroom somehow.  I printed these photos 16x20 size and they turned out so darling I had to list them for you guys.  Though does anyone buy photographs anymore?  I mean so many people have amazing cameras, they can just take good photos for themselves right?  Well regardless, they're in my store if you want them. 

Oh and yes I'll be painting.  See the test patch?  Isn't that funny?  I thought you'd all get a kick out of it.  It's the same Fleur de Sel color we painted the kids rooms...  The plan was to do it in our bathroom too, (which is badly in need of a paint job) but I like things streamlined and thought I should carry the same color from the master bath into our bedroom.  Plus we have a 5 gal bucket of it.  I wanted to see if I'd like it better than the blue so I painted a chunk of wall with it.  I think I do... I'm in the process of dragging every girlfriend that stops by, into my room to stand and look at it with me and help me decide.  No one seems to find this odd behavior for me.  What a relief. (giggle)

Oh... and what do you think? You know... about the paint color? (You're all my girlfriends kinda, right?) 

And about those frames- they had amazing chalk drawings of children in each one.  They were very old... and old fashioned... and I kept wishing I had the story on them!  Who were they?  Are they all grown up now?  Who drew them?  Adrain was amazed that I planned to leave the frames as they were and not paint them.

I don't paint everything....

Just most everything... Ha!

Before I close I have to say this. Thank you to everyone who has shopped at my Etsy store and been a customer in the past.  You will never know just what a blessing that was to us over the past year.  You'll just have to take my word for it... it was HUGE.  I love you all so much and thank you, thank you, thank you! 


  1. i love how you style your pretty & cheerful
    the new napkins are PRECIOUS!

  2. beautiful creations as always! your room is just sweet as ever. i love the grey and yellow. those!!

  3. I noticed those ranunculous pictures in one of your other posts and fell in love!!!! They're gorgeous!!! AND how fun that you took those shots yourself! Love it!!! Oh how I wish we were in a better place financially, I'd snatch up all of things listed above!!! One day <3

  4. The napkins and prints are GORGEOUS!

  5. SO gorgeous!! Just wanted to let you know that I did a retro tray featuring your print that I just got from you...I love how it turned out!!

  6. although i love everything in your shop, something about those photos just grabs my attention...they are SO beautiful!
    love them!

  7. Um I think those dandelion napkins are next on my purchase list!! Love 'em!

  8. Yes please...may I have six of everything...tonight...before 8:00.....thanks! x0

  9. i am a fan of it all! the photos are my fave. i absolutely love the three frames. how brilliant. your creativity makes me smile big time. xoxo.

  10. It all looks so good, you are on trend orange it the in color for spring because Nate said so.

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  12. Love, love, LOVE the ranunculus photos. And the framed pictures over the bedroom set. So sweet and refreshing.

  13. Swoony swoon swoon. Everything is perfect. You are talented, lady!