Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reader discount before I take a week off from the world.

I had planned for this past week to be a blank slate around here, but I needed the support you guys so readily give over our loss of Lucy, so I came back with posts.  (And I can not say that without once again thanking you ALL.  I have not been able to get around and respond to you individually like I'd love, but every word has meant so much to me. Please know that.) I am going to be "gone" until about this time next week, so before I go, I wanted to leave you an amazing offer from one of my dear blog friends. 
 When we returned home from putting Lucy down, there was a huge package on my front porch.  My darling friend Tara from Between You and Me blog, makes these incredible art signs.  She had shown a particular one on her blog a couple of months ago that I liked immediately.  I've described (sometimes vaguely, sometimes in detail) the issues we experience with our son.  He struggles with various disorders like sensory perception, social issues like pragmatic speech disorders, minor speech issues, as well as ADHD and some random processing and learning disorders.  Last summer was a terrific roller coaster of behavior and testing, along with various therapies and future planning.  Somewhere along the way my man picked up the book, "Raising a Modern Day Knight" and began working through it with JJ.  They did some serious man-bonding with it.  When Tara showed this sign on her blog, I was in love and knew that my boy needed that sign in his room as an encouraging reminder.  I knew he would love it. 
 I contacted Tara, and she began creating his sign for us.  The minute we unwrapped it, I nearly fell apart because it was so perfect.  My son, who had been crying over losing his doggy just hours before was actually thrilled and excited that something so special was waiting for him.  It was the perfect timing and the perfect gift and a true blessing.  The sign itself is the most sturdy, amazing piece of art I've ever seen!  The beautifully aged finish they do on these signs is breathtaking.  I have just stood and stared at it.  It's beautiful you guys.  Gorgeous craftsmanship and well worth the investment if you want a piece that is going to last and be a fantastic focal point.  (And let's face it, we all have quotes we want splashed on our wall as a constant reminder don't we?)  They make all kinds of different signs like the famous Family Rules signs, and have been pinned thousands of times on Pinterest.  I can't stress enough how wonderful and precious not only Tara is, but how wonderful her work is.  (Click here to see all of her gorgeous signs.)  I've been blessed to get to know Tara via the blog world and consider her a real friend.
 And the best part, is she is offering all of you sweet Lemonade Makin' Mama readers 10% off the purchase on any of their signs during the month of April, as long as you mention the Lemonade Makin' Mama offer, when you place your order!! How great is that?!
 You can contact them here, or email them at:

And now my friends, I wish you all a Happy Easter and I'll return next week with vacation photos and more. 

Love you all so much. 


  1. Your new sign is awesome. I love following Tara's blog and need to think of a good quote! Have a wonderful week off. We will miss you :)

  2. beautiful! i love it!! tara does make great signs, i agree. enjoy your break :)

  3. wow! she does really amazing work! :)
    happy easter!

  4. What a wonderful sign and the timing was perfect! Enjoy your time - wishing you a week of rest, renewal and maybe the odd chocolate egg :)

  5. enjoy your away from blogging ~ be still and rest in Him ~

  6. Oh Sasha!
    I love it in your home!!!

    I've been out of blog world for a week and away from email, too.
    I just read your very sad email about Lucy last night, and my heart broke for your family. BROKE.
    We adore our dog, Max, and I can just imagine what a devastating thing it would be to lose him in such a horrible way. Please know that I've been praying for your sweet family....

    I'm so glad that the sign came when it did and that it brightened the day just a little. God's timing is perfect. He knows JUST how to give to us.

    Your post is unbelievable. REALLY.

    Happy Easter...praying you all experience the JOY of his resurrection this season.

    Much love!

  7. love that sign my friend. total coolness!!
    take your week off my friend. praying for ya'll.
    have a glorious easter
    love you

  8. Awesome sign Tara is talented!

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm just catching up and reading about your loss. I am so sorry. Your entire family including your parents are in my thoughts. Gosh that is one of the worst things to go through. She was such a sweet dog and I know she was your constant companion. I am so sorry. Breaks my heart. We put our baby down almost two years ago and I still can't "go there". Please know I feel your loss and I'll include you guys in my prayers.

  10. LOVE the sign! Enjoy your Spring break! :)

  11. Hi there! I know this sign is in your boy's room but it works for a girl, too!

    I posted it on my baby girl quotes board so that (should I EVER get time) can make it for my girls' bedroom wall.

    If you would rather I didn't, please visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas and use the email addy in my footer to send me an email.