Tuesday, May 29, 2012

...and now I'm all ready!

 I love BBQ season.  I love impromptu gatherings where everyone brings what they have on hand and somehow it all comes together.  I love being outside when the sun goes down and everyone pulls out sweatshirts and stays put while the kids continue to run around, because they don't want the night to end "just yet." 
 And because of that... I put together our Summer BBQ box.  Each year, I do a version of one, but this year, I wanted one that looked cute.  Don't fault me for that okay?  I had a budget and a list and I went to an antique mall and found this tray along with my blue mason jars.  I was so proud of myself for sticking to only what I came for.  You have no idea how difficult that is for me.  But I'm getting better and better about it as we try and live life a little differently these days. 
 Inside, I tucked some acrylic glasses from Target, some poka-dotted straws from here, napkins, utensils and paper plates.  It can transition straight from counter top to outside at the strike of a briquette.  And now you see the reason I wanted "cute" right?  If it's going to sit on my counter top all summer long, I need cute.  I'll simply restock it as we use it. 

 And now for this... because we're a grill-friendly house... and we do tend to invite friends... I needed a bench or table of some kind for food.  I've been wanting one for years, but it had to be the right one. (In other words- cute.) And it couldn't cost much.  Free was preferable.  So when I found these plans on Pinterest, I was immediately enthusiastic. 
 My man... he's not so enthusiastic about anything that has to be built.  But he printed them out and looked over the plans and for some sweet reason said "YES" to me!
 He broke down some pallets (free!) and set out working with our boy.
 I was doing my best to stay out of their way... but I was having a hard time not doing a happy dance.
 Half the wood Adrain used was old and grayed out... so I came up with a plan.  (I think it's kinda funny that my part of the plan always tips the scale of "free" since we had to go out and buy the stain!)  We used Sherwin Williams Woodscapes stain in Blue Shadow and we had them bump up the tint to 200%.
 As you can see, the wood is completely two toned.  And ugly.  (But didn't Adrain and JJ do a fantastic job on this project??!)
 I hit it with enough stain to choke a horse.  I'm telling you, I've had a really difficult time concentrating on much else today because every time I walk past it, I do a little jump inside my heart and sing a little song that goes like this... "My man made that for me... my man made that for me, HI HO THE DARIY-O, my man made that for me."  (If you think I kid, you don't know me at all.)
 Sometimes it's just the little things people do for us.  (Or the big things... this was a big thing since my man doesn't do "wood projects" and this was using old pallet wood- not his favorite.  Bless his heart.)  One thing you also should know about my man... he doesn't curse.  At all.  Ever.  There were moments during this project when a lesser man who also hated pallet wood and building projects would have been coloring the air with a rainbow of profanity.  But not my man.  I adore that about him.  I'm not a cursing girl myself but sadly if my hoodlums pick up any not so great phrases in life, I'll know exactly which one of us they came from.  (cringe) Me.
 I'm all ready for another BBQ.  Who's coming over? 
 I need to talk him into hanging that "Gather Here" sign for me too... I hate to push my luck though!  Ha!
 Maybe some day my little potting bench will be all tricked out like Martha's... 
But until then, I'm so happy with buckets for ice and drinks, and plenty of space for food.  Amen!

Since I found this on Pinterest, and then did it... I'll be linking up to Alicia's party on Wednesday with it!

Do you have any fun BBQ tricks, tips or things that make it easier to share with us?  I love hearing them! 


Erin McG said...

UH-MAZE-ING!!!! It looks fabulous and functional and fun. Happy BBQing season to you and yours :).

likeschocolate said...

I am jealous! That is what I need outside!

Lissa said...

I can sum this comment up in three words. SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Lisa said...

Adrain and JJ did a fantastic job and you did awesome with the staining..... Love it. Will be showing David the pics so he can get started on one for me. ♥ Love pinterest and Love LMM, You have the best ideas and pics. Thank you so much for sharing !

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
slip4 said...

Love your new entertaining station!

the domestic fringe said...

What a great job your husband did. I love it! I also like your BBQ box. Very cute idea.

Mary said...

um. wow! i love it!
i have a feeling our husbands are very similar!
nathan really doesn't like using old wood either, but he would do it for me...i know it. :)
and he doesn't curse. ever.
blessed indeed!
can't wait to see that cute stand in action...i'll be over later!
oh, and i love that cute crate idea as well.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! He did a great job!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww... thanks girly! You made my day with that little lovin'. :)

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Oh, how I LOVE!! I have the perfect back yard wall for something just like that--and since my man did wire me up and paint a pretty frame so I could have a pretty place to hang things just like I saw on your blog here. . .maybe...but then again, when you re-did it with chicken wire he told me I was going to have to enjoy it the other way for awhile and ahem--we haven't revisited it again. But it did get a spray paint makeover last week, so then again--maybe he will: ) Fingers are crossed! Love it!

Gypsy Heart said...

Your BBQ box is adorable or should I say "cute"? :-) It really is a great idea. I love the completed project your husband & son did! Your stain looks really nice too. Just tell me date and time, I'll be there!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

well isn't she perdy!! the bbq ready utensil box is too. i would so be over in a heartbeat if i could. but you already know that! : )

Barbara said...

Hi Sasha, You all did a great job love the stain color. We made an island on wheels with a recycled pallet for our grill area and I must say it came lovely I added a paper towel holder, towel rack & basket from Ikea and we love it when the weather is wet we just roll it to the garage.

Happy bbq season!

Christy said...

Lordy Lordy now I have counter envy ;)

Are you going to put a gather here sign in your etsy...please oh please oh please :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh you're too sweet. :) Yes I am working on that... I need to make them a little more sturdy so they don't fall apart when I ship them... I've been trying to solve the problem in my head and as soon as I get it solved, I'll add a couple to my shop. Thanks for the interest!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Love it...but really love your use of the pepsi crate!!!!

A Thrifted Market said...

Love everything!! I am such a huge fan of your blog! I love the song..I believe you, that's something I would do too! Funny :)

brockey said...

Are you thinking about making any of those cute napkins you made ?

Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

So cute!! I love it!

Alicia said...

oh i'm in love!!! love, darlin'! great pin project :)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love your idea to have a summer BBQ box and yours is adorable!! Your husband did a great job on your new/old table..the stain color is perfect too.

Deborah said...

Love your bbq tray! And the straws are so cute!
Your man did a wonderful job; no wonder you're dancing!

Deborah :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

So cute! He's sweet, loves the Lord AND is handy...major keeper! My honey hung my porch swing over the weekend and I'm giddy. Like that's all I want to do and I keep thanking him. Giddy!

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

I love the BBQ box! It was so nice of your husband to make that for you. I rely on my husband to do many "handy" things around our home. It's great to have a great husband.

Lee said...

I have absolutely zero fun BBQ tricks to share...but I do want to share praise with you, for being creative in a thrifty, repurposing way and for being so appreciative of your husband. What a joy to see a couple working together like that - you, to create something useful and attractive for your home and family, and him, to support and help you in his own way! =)

Staci DuBosq said...

You won't believe it when I tell you that we have a container just like that in the basement but it's Coke and I have been thinking of getting rid of it because I couldn't decide on a good use. Well now I have got it!
As for a BBQ tip: We keep Smores fix ins on the ready b/c you just never know when you might need them. We keep marshmallows in a sealed container to last, Hershey bars, grahams, and GF grahams on hand for the summer season. I mean why let a BBQ cool down on it's own and waste all that heat!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay best tip ever!! Why haven't I thought of that??? You can really do s'mores on the BBQ? I haven't yet tried the GF grahams but I bet I would be so happy to have a s'more again I wouldn't care how they tasted. LOL Thanks for the great tip!

Staci D. said...

Yup! Sometimes we place them on our veggie grill pan. YUMM-O!

jules said...

That is awesome! I just love how you stick to your budget and still come up with the most awesome stuff!

Hooray for patient, non swearing hubbies!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh Jules I always smile so big when I see your face pop up in my inbox!!! :)

Jennifer S. said...

Oh my goodness Sasha! Its just perfect! Your boys did a great job. :) I am gonna have to show those plans to my hubby! Yay!

Jensamom23 said...

I love that this was made for you and is is cute and functional, too!

thelocolife said...

Love handy hubbies!!!! My little guy is way to young to lend a helping hand to his daddy but I know when he's old enough he'll have a hammer swinging too!!!!! What a special thing for them todo together!!!!

Jessie May said...

Oh big giant wow!! I love your new bench Sasha and I love that it was made from pallet wood, your boys did an amazing job. Cool colour choice too! Pallet wood is great isn't it? I have a whole stack of it in my shed just waiting to be turned into greatness. Fortunately I have a handy man who likes to please!! Oh and I love your Pepsi box. You have the coolest things in the States, I'd love to drop by but it's a very long flight and probably a big drive all the way from England, so I'll be there in my heart! Enjoy your BBQ season : )

Between You and Me said...

very impressed. :)

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