Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being Toad. (And winner annoucement)

When we became parents, I loaded up on books to read my children, because I wanted them to be smarter than everyone else.   
 What?  That's what "they" say... read to your children and they will grow up to  be intelligent, well-adjusted adults.  Right?  (Or something like that?)
  One of the books I read (and kill myself that it was destroyed slowly, by constant reading, baby slobbering, toddler grabbing, and never replaced) was the Frog and Toad Together collection of stories.

My man would sit in his chair and quietly snicker the whole time, as I'd read to a tiny, curled up JJ in my lap.  But he wasn't laughing because the story was funny... he was laughing because he is convinced that I am Toad.  And that he is Frog. And sadly, (but also kind of hysterically) he's pretty much right.
 If you've never read "Frog and Toad" you're going to be in the dark here... and I'm sorry.

Basically, Toad is a neurotic, list-making, glass-half-empty, often impatient, slightly insecure, but completely loveable sidekick, to the ever-dependable and steady Frog.  When Toad loses his list, it's Frog who chases it.  When Toad is embarrassed in his bathing suit, it's Frog who convinces him to come swim anyway.  When Toad bakes cookies but lacks the willpower to stay out of them, it's Frog who puts them in a box, ties them with string, and tries to solve the problem.
 It goes on and on, but you get the idea.

One day, when Frog gives Toad a packet of seeds, Toad impatiently watches them, yells at them, stomps the ground and causes a ruckus because he expects some immediate results.  Frog calms Toad down and convinces him to be kind to his seeds.... and be patient.

Today, after planting a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, I had the unmistakeable urge to stand up, stomp my feet in Toad-ish fashion, and yell, "GROW SEEDS, GROW!!" at our garden.
  I resisted.  But barely.  I mean wouldn't want to disappoint "Frog" or anything.

Anyway, our garden/yard is a total work in progress this year.  We are fencing off the garden area from the rest of the yard, installing a big arbor for my wisteria vine to crawl all over, creating a pea gravel path from our patio to the garden, and possibly planting a tree for some back yard privacy in the corner.  I'll keep you posted.  (I am also lobbying for a smallish fire pit area... but I don't think that's happening.)
 I'm linking up this garden post with my buddy Alicia's happy day challenge!  If you haven't met Alicia, you must go over and meet her.  She's a honey.
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  1. What a lovely garden area! Goodness, we read the covers off our Toad and Frog books and were on our second set when the kids outgrew them. I am definitely Toad and my husband is, fortunately, Frog.

  2. I must say I am a little jealous of your gorgeous little garden! Right now mine is very sporadic in pots (and, to be quite frank, not doing very well! haha). But I will prevail and figure this gardening thing out!

  3. Hahahaha! I LOVED the Frog and Toad stories, and (thanks to my parents who were elementary teachers and went to every teacher reading workshop there was), I actually had a signed copy by the author! Love that you are a "Toad" - I'd never thought about it before, but I guess I am too. And my sweet hubby is as steady as they come. Thank God for "Frogs" :-). Your gardens look beautiful! Not sure we're gonna plant one this year - which makes me a little sad - but I can live vicariously through yours, right?! Happy Wednesday Sash!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend some quality family time.

    You and Frog make a lovely couple, I must say!

  5. I'm a toad too! Love your garden.

  6. yay it's all coming together. hope there is no tomato debacle like the other year. that still cracks me up. gardening is scary business!

  7. LOVE those books too!
    Your backyard is looking gorgeous! Loved all the sweet pics of your hard workin' family!

  8. love your garden boxes! yard work is so hard, is it not? your sweet little garden spot reminds me of the backyard at our s.d. house. kinda makes me sad...kinda not :) THANKS so much for linking up today :)


  9. your gardens look amazing!
    i'm trying to convince hubby to put in raised beds, but he's not loving the idea...;)
    i love that you all worked together to do fun!

  10. I'm so a toad, too! And, the hubs is a frog. Thank God for frogs.

    So, I must remember this post: 1. When I get the urge to be toad again and 2. When I decide to to outside pretties next season.

  11. That looks amazing, looks like you will have a loads of fruit & veg.
    Happy Gardening!

  12. Sasha, the garden is beautiful! I really like the gravel around the raised beds. And, I love that this is a family project. Frog and Toad is still a favorite. I can't wait to read it to our kids someday. I hope you are having a great day!

  13. What a great blog you have here! So glad I joined in with Alicia's Happy Day Project so I can meet all her participants! Your garden looks great! Happy Wednesday! Look forward to more posts!

  14. Ohhhh my gosh!! I cannot believe I won!! This made my WHOLE week!! Contacting you now!!! :)

    And, in other exciting news: Your garden look's fab! We just put in raised garden beds this year ourselves and after week's of coaxing and thinking my seedlings would never take...they are just starting to peek up! :)

  15. girl, i think i'm a toad, too. glad to know i'm in good company. the best, really! xo. love your garden.

  16. I love your new garden! Those veggies & plants are going to look amazing once they are full grown. I can't wait for the photos:-)

  17. What a pretty garden and what a great post! I waffle between the Frog and Toad. Sometimes I'm as patient as can be, but other times I'm super impatient and can't wait to have something! :)

  18. I have read those books to my kids for years, but had never put myself into them. I am Toad my husband is most definately Frog. I am laughing now. Your garden is great looking and I am in your corner on the firepit area. We love ours. My son built it with bricks.