Monday, May 14, 2012

Photos seeking peaceful moments

Thank you for the all of the sweet comments on my previous heart-to-heart post.  It never ceases to amaze me when I put something out there and even one person relates.  Gosh I love that.   
 I wonder... have any of you ever had a space in time where you have to make it your intention to seek out and find peace?  I would say without a doubt, that has been our past week around here, not that it's been bad... it's just been full of non-peace.  (Ha!  Is that even a real thing?  Let's just say it is.)
 I literally walked around pointing my camera at things and snapping photos because there's something about the quiet, still images that soothes.  Do you know what I mean? 
 Lately it's been anything but quiet and still around here.  Things are moving and shaking once again... and who knows what tomorrow will hold.  I keep saying these words to Adrain, "I'm so ready for some peace.. can't we just have peace for a change?"  (How's that for whining?) I guess I never signed up for "peace" when I signed up for "adventure!"  LOL
 On the Mama front, I'm pretty certain that if I actually survive motherhood and make it to that place where my children are grown, it will be by sheer force of miracles beyond my control.  It's been interesting, that's for sure.   This week may either make or break me.  (And a small person entrusted to my care.)  And if I do survive it, I think I want to throw a huge celebration party! 
The truth is relationships with people (including our children) are messy, and life is filled with people... so life is often very messy.  It strikes me, that we're supposed to experience this glorious mess for all it's worth, and learn to navigate the waters of uncomfortable and I'd-rather-nots... and can't-I-avoid-it's in order to grow into the being we were created to eventually become.  Funny how children stretch you in ways you never thought you needed any stretching.
 I often look backwards for a fleeting moment and wonder when things are going to level out and become "normal" again.  Isn't that funny?  As if those moments of the past were actually normal when I was living in them. 
  So sure, there's peace in a photograph because it's blocking out all the noise and efforts, and failures, and successes, and most of all.. the mess.  But it's not real living.   And I don't know about you but I need that reminder when I'm dealing with the messy person that about makes me pull all my hair out.  Because I'd take the NO MESSY in a heartbeat in that awful, uncomfortable, moment I'd been dreading... but if I did, I'd miss the eye contact, the healing, the hug, the words... I'd miss the relationship... for better or worse.
 Anyway, enough of the heavy for this fine, sunny Monday morning.  I found golden retriever puppies for sale and I did some serious begging... but it makes no sense just yet.  We may be riding the roller coaster of life again very soon, and training a new puppy in the midst of it all would most likely send me over the edge!  (Oh but they were so adorably cute. My man (wisely) wouldn't even let me go "look."  Ha!  Darn him.  He knows me.) 
I'm getting my hair done today.  Hallelujah.  I don't think I've had a cut in over six months. 
And lastly... I've been dying to share this all weekend... I'm super excited to offer this....
....little packs of postcards with my VW Bus on them!  They turned out spectacularly wonderful and now I want to send one to everyone I know.  Fun mail is the best, isn't it?  (They would also be darling in a little frame on your desk too by they way.... which is what I might do with one myself.)  I'm selling them in my shop, here!

Happy Monday sweet friends. 


  1. It turned out so good!!! I've gotta figure it out.

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  3. I like your concept of the photograph, which blocks out "all the noise and efforts." The postcards are fun!

  4. you're really on to something with those notecards. i hope today brought more peace than you could possibly conceive.

  5. It was great to see you today Sasha! Hang in there girl. Your post card is adorable:)

  6. It was great to see you today Sasha! Hang in there girl. Your post card is adorable:)

  7. I can so relate to this post. Our life is very messy right now, and I'm having difficulty because I am chronically organized! I do know that I need to become the peace, so that it can flow through me into the world around me. Easier said than done. I'm a work in progress. Hang in there, Sasha! It WILL get better. It always does...

  8. You are so en pointe lately with my own life. Thank you for the words of encouragement and gentle nudges, Sasha.

    Oh my, pretty! The postcards are adorable!

  9. Sigh. . .noisy and messy over here too. To move or not to move--to rent our home out or to sell. . .is it the last day of school with 100 eighth graders yet. No...June 15th. This post was a nice break in the busy-ness of my days. Love the postcards: )

  10. Hi Sasha, i loved your post, your words spoke to my heart. I sometimes feel like God made me a mother to teach me a lesson in how to be patient, loving, kind, and oh how i feel tested at times. I too lost my puppy and have this urge to get another one but hubby and my boys are not ready, truth be told, i don't know if i am, i know i will get another one one day when we are all ready, but right now it is the longing for my charlie and missing him that i just want to be still with.

  11. love your pictures of peace....
    I love to do the same thing.....just take pictures of things that stand out to me and bring peace to me (and JOY).

    Hope you're back is feeling better.....update when you can.

    I am!!! PRAISE JESUS! My pain continues to decrease...I'm over the moon to have some joy back!!