Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Dinners....(And a winner)

I have to admit, I'm having a lot of fun photographing our "real life dinners" for you guys these days. 
I've been wanting to introduce jicama to my hoodlums and thought this would be a terrific and easy Sunday night dinner.  This recipe got a double thumbs up from everyone but Ava.  (She isn't overly fond of shrimp and she didn't love the jicama.  You can't please them all though and I'll be making it again soon!)
Shrimp Mango & Jicama Salad with Mango dressing
Into a bowl toss the following: 
2 mangoes, peeled.  (cut one half of a mango into chunks and reserve.) Slice the other 1 1/2 mangoes into matchsticks. 
1 jicama tuber peeled and sliced into matchsticks. 
1/4 cup cilantro leaves, finely chopped
1/4 cup mint leaves, finely chopped 

In a mini food processor or blender combine the following:
the reserved 1/2 mango, chopped. 
1 sweet onion chopped
Juice of one lime
salt and pepper
1 TBSP honey
2 TBSP olive oil

1 lb shrimp, grilled or cooked according to your preference. 
Arrange mango-jicama salad onto plates, drizzle with mango dressing and top all with grilled shrimp.
I'm going to level with you.  Gluten free toaster waffles are the equivalent to the rest of the world's fast food.  Cause when you're gluten free, you don't have many fast options to grab out there.  On this particular day, I had been running around like crazy, fitting in doctor's appointments for kids, (that's a post for another day) and by the time we got to Target to wait for their antibiotics, I looked at my watch and realized the dinner hour had long since passed.  With eager little faces watching me expectantly for a food miracle, I turned our cart in the direction of the freezer aisle and snatched two boxes of GF waffles...only to discover that I had about 2 TBSP of pure maple syrup left in the bottle, once home.  Them's the breaks. I did, however, have fresh blackberries so I made up for it.
I don't know why, but my hoodlums think eating with chopsticks is about the most fun you can have, so occasionally I whip up rice bowls.  Here, I used frozen, grilled chicken pieces, tossed them into a frying pan to heat, added 2 TBSP green curry paste, 2 tsp brown sugar, salt, pepper, and a can of coconut milk.  Let it simmer and thicken slightly (about 5-10 minutes on medium heat) and then ladled it over rice and tucked some sauteed green beans in beside it.  We probably make this three or four times a month because 1) it's easy and 2) it's easy.  Did I mention that it was easy?  If you want to kick the authentic flavor up a bit, chop Thai basil and top it with that- it's my absolute favorite!
I know, I know, this one is kind of a repeat from my last post but I did promise you I wouldn't do anything special or extraordinary for these posts.  We do breakfast a lot.  The thing I did a change-up on, was the potato dish.  I chopped up tiny white potatoes and cooked them in olive oil until they were getting crispy and browned, and then I tossed in some thinly sliced onion and applewood sausage slices.  My kids couldn't get enough.  (Eggs, pico de gallo, sliced avocado and orange juice completed the meal.)
 This is a meal we usually reserve for Friday nights for some reason. We all make individual pizzas (on Kinickkinick Gluten free crusts- in the natural foods freezer section of my grocery store).  We all top our pizza to our own liking and guess what I put on my pizza?  A drizzle of olive oil (no sauce for me) paper thin potato slices, fresh mozzarella, sprinkling of bacon, a light drizzle of BBQ sauce and a tiny topping of blue cheese crumbles.  Mmmmmm.  (If you haven't tried potato slices on your pizza you are so missing out!)

For our big salads, I take store-bought (Kraft) ranch dressing, a squeeze of fresh lime, and a handful of fresh cilantro and blitz until blended.  It makes the yummiest fresh-tasting dressing and people always ask for the recipe. ha!  

So that's what we ate this week!  I'll be linking up here:

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  1. now these are some meals! another reason i want to live near you. to taste your delicious food! : ) do you love how i always invite myself over?? ha.

  2. YEA, so happy you did another meal post! We had 2 of the last salads and loved em!
    Oh! Plus the watermelon salad was a HUGE hit with my Playgroup !
    everyone had to have the recipe that day!

  3. Thank you very much for the photos & detailed descriptions of your real life dinners!!!! I can't explain what a true JOY these posts are to me! Perhaps cuz I'm such a "foodie" ... The real life version, not the epicurean type.

  4. We definitely do breakfast for dinner a lot around here! I am a breakfast lover but rarely take the time to fix them in the morning. Good stuff though!

  5. love the food you've prepared....thanks for keeping it real. :) So, with the guys ate them with blackberries but no maple syrup? your kids are 7 kinds of amazing if they ate them with no syrup.

    Sounds like I need to send my two boys to your house for "eat what I put on the table without complaining" bootcamp!!!!

  6. That shrimp looks divine! And, I love your other ideas as well. Your family is lucky to have you :)

  7. wow! i will definitely be trying some of these!
    thanks so much! :)

  8. your dinners look like a Sasha's Kitchen restaurant. can i hire you?
    sounds great...see you tonight around 6?
    good, it's settled


  9. A bunch of yummy meals!! I am curious about the potato slices on pizza. Do you slice them, are the cooked? I apologize if this is a silly question. I have never heard of this and it sounds so good, so that is why I am asking :)
    Oooh and thank you for sharing you trick with the ranch dressing, sounds so yummy!

    1. They are raw, but they actually cook along with the pizza because they are so thin! I use a grater with a mandolin side, but if you use a knife, just make sure they are very thin. :)

  10. It just looks so pretty! I wish you could cook for my family some night. Do you ever get to Iowa?

  11. Seriously...can I come to your house for dinner? You do it up right friend. Thanks SO much for linking up:))))