Monday, June 25, 2012

Currently, second edition.

 Ah the lazy days of summer....I thought it was the perfect time for another "Currently" post.  I love those and haven't done one for months.  They are kind of an in the moment snapshot of my heart.  Which may or may not be a little bit scary. (giggle)
Currently loving...having my hoodlums home with me.  I know public school has been the right decision.  And there is no doubt in my mind and Adrain's that our homeschooling season has come to a close for now.  It's a decision we take year by year.  However... having them home with me is bliss. Well... until they start fighting at Lowe's.  Ha!

Currently reading...Bonhoeffer, The Pillars of the Earth, and Uncle Tom's Cabin.  I like a lot of irons in the fire at the same time.  And has everyone out there read Uncle Tom's Cabin, besides me?  How did I miss it in school?

Currently waiting for...Something to change for my man.  I so desperately want him to be happy and I know he's doing a good job, and is doing the right thing for our family in the job department... but I know how much he wishes it was something/someplace else.  That said... we are unbelievably blessed and thankful that he still has a job. 

Currently excited weekend plans with my three favorite people.  To be honest, I'm a little bit giddy...  

Currently puppy dog.  I don't think we are in the best season to replace her... and that makes me sad.  Adrain isn't there yet and I'm coming to realize that maybe he never will be.   

Currently begin running again.  After a year of low back pain and issues, it is heavenly to be out there again.  I wish it didn't have to be such a slow process!

Currently working at...being the best version of myself, rather than being "the best."  Isn't that a fantastic thought? 
Currently enjoying...every minute I get to spend with my husband.  He puts in a lot of hours as Summer becomes his busy season but he's my best friend and I'd rather be with him than anyone on the planet, even if he walks in later and later each night.   

Currently using...Picmonkey.  I like it... but I am dying to take a Photoshop class.  Dying I tell you.  I WILL master it some day.  Not today... but some day.

Currently pants, sadly.  I had planned on doing an ab workout before dinner but my kids were fighting and I had to deal with a long verbal situation so my workout was momentarily shelved and then it was time for dinner, so perhaps I'll get back to it soon.  Or I'll just swap them for my jammies and do it tomorrow.
Currently planning...a fun lemonade stand with all my girlfriends and our kids.  It's gonna ROCK.

Currently singing...some Julie Andrews song.  My kids love Julie Andrews.  Then again, who doesn't?  I especially love her Christmas music.  She seems to smile through the speakers. 

Currently needing...affirmation in a situation where I keep feeling very sub-par. 
Currently speak kindly to myself.

Currently listening kids jump on the trampoline.  Apparently they're friends again which is shocking considering how much fighting went on today.  Ah, summer... I do believe operation sit-on-the-couch-and-hold-hands-until-I-say-you-can-get-down is soon to be back in effect.  

 Currently wishing...I had booked my hair apt. for this week.  Darnit!
Currently Etsy bookkeeping.  Oh it's lots-a-fun! (But actually it is... I love being able to hand my man a paycheck.)  

 Currently praying for...Ohhh... I think I just cringed.  I'm praying for forgiveness with my whole heart right now over something I have been making into a god. Something I put onto a pedestal and wrestled with all week until it came to me very clearly that what I was seeking had become an idol in my heart.  As I became aware of that, I also became aware of how often my neutral thoughts go directly there.  Ahh!  
Currently dreaming of...Hawaii.  It will always be Hawaii.  I went once, and I've been spoiled for it ever since.  I dream of it on those especially Northwesty style days when the skies are cloudy and gray. 

Okay it's your turn if you want... you can give me a run down of a few of your current statuses in comments just for fun or blog it and pass it on!  

(And there's still time to enter my giveaway from the previous post!)


  1. Currently finished... a blog post in which I give you some linky love. ; )

    Currently listening to... silence. All the kiddos are asleep!

    Currently daddy. He would have been 72 this month.

    Currently preparing... for some out of town company and a 4th of July cook out.

    Currently nervous... about my Hannah's wrist/arm surgery this Thursday.

    Currently motivated... to clean the whole entire house! (Well...not tonight...let's hope that motivation sticks with me m'Kay?!)

    Currently dreaming of... northern Michigan! Our trip out east was fun, but nothing beats the sound of lake waves hitting the beach as you are lulled to sleep by the call of the loons. *sigh* Bliss!

  2. Currently loving exactly the place that I am in. Tonight, I found myself driving north, headed into the most beautiful blue sky with cotton candy clouds, and I was so overwhelmed with God's goodness to our family... to me! It wasn't that many days ago that I thought: "just give me the beach!" But, now we're home, and I am A-okay with being right here!

    Currently proud of my daughter for volunteering to help with Bible School. She just showed up, ready to work, and they made her a CRAFT GIRL.

    Currently praying for a better job situation for my hubby. He is underpaid and under appreciated. I wish for so much more for him.

    Currently overwhelmed by laundry. You know how it is after vacation. I can't seem to catch up.

    Currently reading LEARNING by Karen Kingsbury.

    Currently looking at a new green necklace =) that I received and wore today. My daughter said, "Oh Mama - you're so cute!" because I was so excited at having received the necklace in the mail.

    Currently thinking about pumpkin waffles for tomorrow morning... and dreamland. G'Nite dear Friend.

  3. I love picmonkey too! Also wishing that I could master photoshop, but just can't get my brain around it right now. Need more sleep first. Maybe when baby is 2!

  4. I love your "currently" list...makes you remember to not constantly think about the past or the future, just the right now and how you are feeling and what is in your heart.

    And currently I am on my sun porch on a beautiful coolish morning with my favorite cup of coffee and no kids up yet. :):):)

  5. Currently feeling....tired, but happy after my morning walk/run.
    Currently looking for....motivation to clean house today.
    Currently enjoying....that color of green outside.
    Currently to use my time better in my retirement.
    Currently praying for...peace and patience in our home building process
    Currently loving...that God still loves me....even me!

  6. I really enjoy your 'currently' posts Sasha! I am currently enjoying the fresh morning air while my hubby and daughter walk the dog and our son sleeps in after a late late late night ballgame!

    When our children got a wee bit old for the 'sit and hold hands' lesson, we did the 'Compliment Swap' - which was just as effective and without the squeezed hands! LOL! They each had to 'swap' ten sincere and unique compliments starting the sentence with 'I'm glad that God chose you to be my brother (or sister) because ...'. I was amazed at how it smoothed ruffled feathers, made them think about what they enjoy about each other, and it affirmed positive Godly character traits that they saw in one another. Sometimes they got silly with it, but than I just added 5 more compliments to 'swap' ... which got them settled pretty quickly. They rarely tussle now at almost 12(boy) and 14 1/2(girl), but when they do, another 'swap' really helps restore their friendship.

    1. What a fantastic idea and HOW did you know about the hand squeezing?? LOL GOing to try this one out today!! Thanks girl!

    2. I made my kids sit on the floor and hold hands when they were fighting well into their teens. Now they are late teens and early twenties and they already laugh at the "cruel and unusual" punishment.I think the physical contact is part of the amazing grace granted to siblings...hand squeezing and all.

  7. currently sitting on the sofa
    and waiting for some breast pain
    from my biopsy to go away

    but that's a downer
    so i'll say that
    i read Bonhoeffer last year
    and love love loved it

    i think you will too!


  8. Currently my kids are still snoozin' and I'm enjoying a morning thunderstorm with a huge cup of coffee. (hoping the thunder doesn't wake them up and interrupt this moment)
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Currently typing one handed with the sweetest 3-1/2 month old little girl in my lap.

    Currently working on matching 4th of July pillow-case dresses for my girls- 1 down and 3 to go.

  10. If you like historical fiction, I recommend The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy by Penelope Wilcock. The Pillars of the Earth contains the most sadistic, explicit rape scene that I've ever read.

    1. Ewww yuck! I haven't gotten there yet obviously. Thanks for the head's up on that one!

    2. ya, the rape scene was definately not good, but i have read worse {which maynot be to my credit-ha!} now that you know about it, just skim that part. i thought it was a good book overall. sasha, have you read the Mark of the Lion series by francine rivers? you MUST if you have not!

  11. Currently watching Little Miss load as many matchbox cars as she can in her purse and prance around the room like she has got some LOOT!
    Currently praying for the older two boy and girl to make real peace with each other and enjoy their time together as brother and sister this summer.
    Currently laughing hysterically about the sit-on-the-couch-and-hold-hands scenario......this is a regular occurrence around here!
    Currently seeking simplicity and organization in our home!
    Staci from PA

  12. Currently reading All That Was Ever Ours by Elisabeth Elliot. I can wholeheartedly recommend everything I've ever read by her. Her faith has been born out of adversity and it shows.
    Yes, I can definitely relate. My man is my best friend. Honestly, I'd rather spend time with him than have a girls night out!

    1. Oh I ADORE Elisabeth Elliot. She has been such a huge inspiration in my faith.

      I'm reading the Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. So far, very good... just going to be a long read for me, as I hate to miss out on anything and I love history. I take my time and it's a really thick book!

  13. PS Who is the author of the Bonhoeffer book you are reading? There are several, and I was just thinking yesterday that I should read one, but I'm not sure which to pick.

    Ah yes, I love Julie Andrews too, and listening to Christmas music in the summer every once in a while is a MUST, no matter what anybody says!

  14. let's see...currently overwhelmed. i have about an hours worth of laundry to put away. my least favorite task. other than that i'm currently feeling blessed to be home. blessed to have had a wonderful week with my peeps and blessed to have been really missed by my honey. life is good. praying for your man. i so know exactly what you are going through. i do:(

  15. Currently stressing! Our home school portfolios are due Friday and I meet with the evaluator today.
    Currently waiting. For three years my husband has been looking for a new job the is not an hour and a half away, we should hear something this week about a new position. Some days the waiting is harder than others.

    As for Uncle Tom's Cabin, one of my most favorite books ever!

  16. Love these posts! I love Bonhoeffer too, which book are you reading? I have only read The Cost of Discipleship and found it great to chew on for one paragraph for hours...I think I saw the miniseries of The Pillars of the Earth;)

    Oh and I call it the "Parent Trap" idea where I stick my fighting kids in their room together. I had two girls in their for a whole day (they can have potty breaks but I do give them their meals in there) and by the end it was starting to work;) When they just need a quick reminder to get along I have them slow dance junior high style to a whole song...creative disapline is so fun:)

    Currently I am taking a lazy day, feeling a little down by the dreary weather....also wishing for Hawaii.

  17. Hi friend!! I've missed you! Here it is my currents: Currently missing my boy who is at camp. Currently in school to continue my professionalism and my license. Currently watching the clock to pick up my girl from VBS with her friends coming for a sleep-over. Currently praying that this season is hard, but I know God will sustain me through it. Currently counting down the days to celebrate my anniversary. Currently reading some very hard and long textbooks and Gone with the Wind (one of my favorites because Scarlet is just so saucy!). Currently catching up with you because quite frankly you've been on my heart.

  18. love your list :)i need a photoshop class too! like, really bad!

  19. Always enjoy your blog, your such a real person. I'm currently dreading 2 more rabies shots.... rescuing stray kittens doesn't always work out....

  20. currently listening to: my 3 kidos being kind to each other while playing playdough.. lets see how long that last:)

    currently dreaming of: bring dept free and a new pool at the same time... don't really go together but when it is 107* outside it's hard not to think of a pool!

    currently loving: my new 35mm 1.8 lens!

    currently praying for: cooler weather or a pool :)

  21. LOVE this.

    I just wrote my own "Currently" post: and linked up to you.

    Thanks for taking my focus off of the Hard Stuff for a bit . . . to think, and to dream.

    Mama of 12 (ages 10, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 23, 25, 26, 27)

  22. I love your Currently posts! And I think I might be the only other one out there who didn't read Uncle Tom's Cabin unless I read it in 8th grade and can't remember that far back! I am currently loving...the photos of your son in this post! They came out amazing!

  23. Currently running the 4th load of laundry for the day (does anyone else find that laundry multiplies by some infinite number in the summer?)

    Currently watching fireflies from the porch swing.

    Currently reading Harry Potter out loud with my son every night (they're never too old to be read to. Now we can take turns reading together.)

    Currently trying to psyche myself into getting up early enough every morning to bike 5 miles while it's still cool.

    Currently trying to stick to Weight Watchers while my hubbie eats ice cream every night!

    Currently missing our beloved black & white tom cat who we can't imagine replacing.


  24. currently excited about our california trip... we leave Sunday and are gone for 2 weeks. can you say rest?? my grandma bought us plane tickets (what a gift!) and we will be staying at her house, which means i won't have to cook either. what a vacation! : )

    anyways, you enjoy these sweet summer days. i hope and pray something new works out for adrain. sooner rather than later. happy bookeeping to you... which makes me wish i was more like you - i'm terrible at that stuff!


  25. Currently. . .finished a post linking to you with all kinds of home decor ideas,
    -trying to persuade husband to a white kitchen,
    -filling rest as a house rental agreement has been drawn up for our current house,
    --need to start thinking about our trip which starts Saturday:/
    --need to plan 4th of July since it will be the last one at this house.
    --I can't get into anything reading wise--I think my mind is too scattered.
    --excited at the possibility to help with caring for my papa.

  26. I played along on my blog. :) I hear ya on the PNW lame-o cloudy days of summer. Thankful for sunshine today!!

  27. Currently drinking a fresh brewed cup of coffee...
    Currently anticipating the last day of school for my oldest son and wondering how I will keep my two energetic monkeys busy this summer?
    Currently dreaming of our two weeks away in August in PEI Canada! The ocean is calling my name.
    Currently trying to finish up my work before our vacation, tidy the house and do a few summer projects.
    Currently anticipating another great post from Lemonade Making your blog and always can't wait to see your lovely posts and pictures!

  28. Currently stressing over payroll that is due to day for my business.
    Currently needing to clean our messy house...because I've been cleaning out homeschool shelves and seeing what's needed for next year.
    Currently feeling blessed in the middle of the mess and stress. :)

  29. Just found your blog! I adore this Currently post. I would love to reblog it and pass it on. Of course linking back to you!


    What is it about Seaside trips and devastating news about dogs? :( My latest blog post tells the sad's rather a House of Pain around this place this week. Looking forward to letting some healing begin - soon would be nice. Hopeful in God's ever presence.

  31. how easily we allow things to be god in our lives. God knows this is going to be our struggle, which is why he commands us first to have "have no other Gods." i think just knowing he knows that causes me to see his mercy... i mean he totally gets that we're going to be tripped up by gods. i love that he loves you and has lead you in truth AND that you see it. i delight in that!

    we went to hawaii last year...i'm so dreaming of being there now!

  32. Great idea! I just told JDC I've been in a content slump...this helps. ;-)
    Thanks!! And so glad I found you!

    So here's my "currently"...