Sunday, June 10, 2012


Lately I've been getting a bunch of questions... so I thought I'd take a crack at answering a few of them here because I am sooo behind on responding to your emails right now and for that I'm so sorry!  I'm normally much better about this but thanks for your patience.  Of course, I suppose that's what happens when you have two weeks of school left, a construction project looming, and you decided to paint all the doors and trim in your whole house all while you continue to blog and do life.  Ha!

Maria asks, "Can you please tell me where you got your long dining room table and cream-colored leather dining chairs?" 

Yes, I got the table locally at a store that sells vintage, new, and handmade items. The table was created out of barn wood and I fell head over heels. (Are those magic words? "BARN WOOD."  I believe they are.)  The base was black but I painted it cream, ("Navajo white" by Sherwin Williams) because it went with our decor.  The leather chairs were found here, and I painted the legs the same color as the table base.  When I went to attach the link, I didn't see the cream option any more.  I hope that was just temporary!

Tiff says, " I just found one of my children's names carved into my table, and since this isn't the first name etched into the wood, I think it might be time for a table re-finishing project. Did you paint your table? If so, what color/type of paint is it?"

I actually painted our old kitchen table (a round pedestal table I adored) and posted some of the information at the bottom of this post.  We used ProClassic Latex Semi Gloss paint in "Creamy" by Sherwin Williams. 

Kathy writes, "We bought our son a Canon Rebel at Sam's Club about a year ago to use for school and to use here at home. I read on your blog that you use a 50 mm lens. The lens that my son has on it now says 18-55 mm, I think. Is that what you use? Or are you talking of something entirely different? I've always just used point and shoot so I feel helplessly lost. I just know I LOVE your photos. They are so crisp and clear and just beautiful. Do you have or planning to have a tutorial on your blog? Anyhow, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!"
 I would say that 95% of the time, the photos you see on this blog have been taken with this little lens.  It's my 50mm and I love it to pieces.  It's not big or fancy, but it does such a great job in all conditions, especially low light and indoors.  What I like most about it, is that because it's so small, it's very light and I can pop my camera into my bag and take it anywhere.  I also have the kit lens that came with my Canon, and it's the 18-55mm you spoke of.  I don't love that lens at all.  It frustrates me because I find myself wanting to make it do what this 50mm lens can do.  The top photo in this post was taken with it, and while it's fine, it's not as bright and light as the other photos in this post which were taken with my 50mm. I use the 18-55 mostly when I'm outside and want to capture a view or need to zoom in our out.  (The 50mm isn't a zoom lens so it takes some getting used to.) As for doing any tutorials, thank you for the kind words... and I don't really know what I'd be able to show/explain but I'm happy to share everything I know (which won't take long) if you let me know what kinds of tutorials you're interested in.    

Victoria writes, "I am wondering, when you are out and about, what camera stuff do you take with you? I just bought a camera and I want to put it to USE, so I want to hear from people who do just that! You talk about putting your camera in your purse, do you put something over it or around it to protect it? Also, how did you overcome the shyness we all have (assuming I am not alone on this one) about lugging your camera around and pulling it out anytime and any place for a picture?  Basically, I just want to hear any advice, tips, and tricks you have about boldly photographing your life!"
 Hahaha I love this question.  This is my official camera bag.  (Found here.)  I saved up for this baby and was so excited when I finally had enough to get it.  When I'm going somewhere that I need to 1) pack a lot of junk (pretty much daily) 2) have a need for more than just my camera and one lens 3) want it to match my outfit, this is the bag I choose.   But before I had this... yes, I tossed my camera right into my purse.  I know that's bad and professional photographers all over the country side are cringing... but if I hadn't, I'd never have captured half the moments I've caught thorough my lens.  (Always keep your lens cap on and carry a spare battery!)  I have overcome the shyness because of one thing... practice.  I used to kind of sneak my photos like I was ashamed of getting caught capturing something pretty or inspiring.  What's up with that?  Now I just boldly take them because chances are, I'm never going to see the people watching me whip it out for a photog moment, ever again so I just snap and go.  Plus I'm a creative, artsy type and now that I'm looking, I see beauty that longs to be captured all over the place.  Practice boldness and just go for it girly!

"Today, I just got a new camera in the mail. I am feeling inspired to do my own little 365 project....Do you keep a little journal and pick each day's picture for these as you go through the month? I am trying to figure out the easiest, most organized way to pull this together! I would definitely link up with you if you can get it figured out!"

Each day I take a photo.  I upload it every night, put the date on it, and plop it right into a post that I keep as a draft until the end of the month.  It takes me about two minutes to quickly write something about the day.  Lately I've been doing a "Dear Diary" snippet and I kind of love that.  Right before I hit publish at the end of the month, I read through and edit the whole thing and hit publish and there it is.  Easy and organized.  That's what works for me anyhow.  If I can figure out how to do a linky party at the end of June, I WILL!

Thanks for the questions, this was fun!


  1. I enjoyed these q & a's, thank you! I always love your photos, I am desperate for a digital SLR, I currently have a Fuji bridge camera and it's fine but I would so love a SLR as I used to have one before digital and it's so good having different lenses. Thank you for your inspiration :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for answering my question about your camera! A perfect example of your photography is the tablescape you featured with the "eat" napkins and I think candles and some pumpkins. It's been re-pinned on my pinterest a bunch. It was just beautiful. Also, your photos of your kids are so lovely. I always notice how crisp and creative your photography is. I guess I'll have to price this lens and maybe ask for it for Christmas? Thanks again!!

  3. Thanks for answering my questions too! I was so excited when I got my camera and then I read your 365 post from May that I sent you a monster e-mail.....Then as I was reading the last few posts about kids, school, and your house projects I was feeling horrible about adding to your pile of things to keep track of.

    Now, I hop on my Bloglovin feed and see a great post with ALL of my questions answered!!! You are amazing.

    Thanks again!

  4. I loved reading your comments about carrying your camera around! I, too, tend to throw my DSLR camera into whatever tote bag I'm carrying for whatever I'm doing (and by "throw," I mean stow away to carry), unless I'm traveling - in which case, there's always a temporary stay for the camera in its padded camera bag until I reach my destination...and then it's back into the tote bag or large purse. But I'm very excited about my new Jo Tote, that I treated myself to for an upcoming vacation!

    And after a long time of feeling hesitant to photograph even the smallest things, I have finally, in the past few years, grown comfortable to use my camera freely. It's helped that my closest friends are also picture-takers and that my fiance is more amused by it than anything else. Now, the only time I hesitate is if I'm with new which point, I either opt for subtlety when taking the pictures or ask if anyone in the group minds.

    Hope your weekend was a good one, and happy thoughts as the construction project moves forward. =)

  5. I love what you said about being bold about picture taking. I find myself often feeling shy about taking pictures in public. My new goal is to be bold in my picture taking. Thank you!

  6. i wanted to have a lens like you for so long. and now i do. that makes me happy. you, along with becky were my very first photography inspiration. : )

  7. That was fun to read! Your photo a day must be so easy that way...I think I was making it too difficult in my brain. Might be able to do it myself now. Thanks!

  8. Many thanks for answering my table/chairs question (with links nonetheless)! Seems like the chair's cream leather option is indeed available again. Yay!!!

  9. thanks for this post! i am a photography student and what has drawn me to your blog are your amazing pictures, what has kept me coming back for more are your inspiring words. i enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the tip on the 365 project! great idea!

  10. Hi....absolutely love your blog! When you say the 50mm lens is not a zoom...does that mean you have to literally get very close to the object you are photographing?

    1. Hi Susan, Yes that's what it means. You are the zoom so you have to walk back or forward to get the shot. It take some getting used to but I hardly notice it anymore. (My husband hates it though.)

  11. WooHoo, thanks for posting this! Now, when I actually get around to buying the paint for my table, I will know where to look. :)