Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nearly too cute for words but I'm sure I'll find some...

 I start thinking about gift giving this time of year.  Summer holiday gatherings, family events, parties, BBQ's start happening and I love bringing little hostess gifts when I can.  Not to mention all the year-long things that are coming to a close with the end of the school year. It can get seriously crazy.
Because of that, I just created my newest, most favorite shop item yet.  I actually love this more than anything I've created to date!  They are vintage-inspired flour sack dish towels.  I found a free vintage graphic from this site and knew it would be perfect for this.  I had seen a bunch of old lobster shack signs, mostly hand-painted, and wanted to re-create something similar on a dish towel.  
Of course, you can always use a cute dishtowel for table settings as napkins!  Adorable, see?  I suddenly want to have a big lobster boil in the backyard.

 I am so happy with these that I decided to give them an entire post all to themselves.  Please don't hate me for that.   (grin)

 I've printed these flour sack towels in a cherry bomb red ink which also happens to be my favorite color to use.  As I was printing these, I had what I commonly refer to as "the tingle."  That's the tingle that starts at the base of my neck as I lay them out all over the place to dry and whisper to myself, "Oooooh these are gonna be so cute!!!!!" 
 And because packaging is half the fun, I decided to make the packaging on these super special.  Because I know y'all are putting together teacher's gifts and the like, these come wrapped in brown paper, sealed with a lobster graphic sticker (that seriously has no end of cuteness) and then tied with a generous length of red and white striped bakers twine.
 Seriously, I die.  And I seriously can't say "seriously" enough in this post.  I mean, seriously.
 So if you have any gift giving to do... or you just want to treat yourself...consider one (or several) of my new favorite item!
Is it just me or is bakers twine the most fun thing to wrap things with?  It's seriously expensive.  Seriously.  (giggle)  You can check out my shop and order your own flour sack towel, here!

And just out of curiosity, do you like lobster or not so much?  I adore it and try to have it at least once a year.  Are you brave enough to cook your own?  They terrify me but I'm pretty fearless in the kitchen otherwise, so I just plunge them in.  (I do make Adrain clean them though.  He's a guy, so that falls under his list of given/unquestioned gross jobs like snaking the shower drain.  Bwahahaha!)


~ rooms FOR rent ~ said...

ABSOLUTELY Love these!!! The perfect hostess gift :) I love love love the flour sack towel! Thanks for sharing... these are beautiful :) ~Bre

Mary said...

these are fantastic...SERIOUSLY! ***big grin!*** :)
i know where you can get a whole lotta bakers twine...
maybe you've checked this already, but it's what i use, and its wonderful! i've had my roll FOREVER! :D
happy twining!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

EEeK! SerIOUsly!???


Just check that site out. I am SO thankful you told me about that girl. THank you! said...

Love the towels/napkins! I just pinned it and linked it back to you! Nancy

paige said...

super cute & you set quite the cute table!!
so fun & beachy

Farmgirl Paints said...


Annie said...'s my favorite word! :)

brockey said...

Love them but not as much as the table runner...... please make some !!!!!

Jensamom23 said...

Those are super cute, Sasha...seriously! Love, love, love!

Lissa said...

that packaging is soooo cute! and your table settings lately are to die for! You're inspiring me!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm actually making a few this weekend that were custom orders! (I wasn't going to put them in my shop because well... they are all raw edged, and the paint was regular paint... yada, yada, yada. Didn't know how to say that in my shop and never really intended to sell them but I had all these sweetly obnoxious friends forcing me to make them! LOL) Making napkins as well... if you are interested contact me at and I'll hook ya up! Sets of 4 napkins for $15 and runners priced between $30 & $40 depending on length. (Linen-look material is pricey.) :(

Julie S. said...

I know that feeling when you just can't wait to get the pictures up in the shop. :D These are fabulous! And you're right...bakers twine and kraft are like peanut butter and jelly in my mind.

Lobster? Oh YES!

Heather said...

Love these! When I have lobster, I just opt for the tails so I don't have to deal with the wiggly guys.

Barbara said...

Cute little lobsters!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

crab is my favorite, but i'll certainly settle for lobster! ; ) these are amazing. but i'm not surprised! everything you touch turns to gold. xo!!

Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

The are ADORABLE!! I dislike all seafood and have kids with seafood allergies so we don't have it in the house but these towels are so so cute!! You "seriously" make the cutest stuff, girl! :)

Alicia said...

sasha....are you a mind reader!?!?! CRABS are on my summer etsy to do i'm gonna look like the copy catter :) not crab towel/napkins though so we'll be a little different. love these, missy! your style is just super classy. love it!

Melissa from the Blue House said...


Mrs M said...

If I lived in the States I would totally be buying bulk from you. Seriously ;)
My husband will be glad for that we are 12 hours away :)

Love your new little studio corner too - did you make your wall thingy for the wrap etc?

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