Monday, June 18, 2012

This is the week

  We spent four days celebrating the most amazing Daddy who didn't have much of a Daddy growing up himself, to learn from.  I'm always amazed at the kind of father Adrain is to my children.  Encouraging, strong, gentle and much more patient than I am.  I'm more amazed that with no positive fatherly role model, he figured it out like a fish figures out how to swim.  And if I keep talking about him, he'll start to feel like this is a Facebook shout-out and I know how he feels about those... so I'll stop.  But only for his sake. 
 This is the week I've been waiting all year for.  The last week of school.  I'm ready to have my babies home again!  Boy to go from homeschooling, 24-7 kid time, to full days free of them... well, let's just say I've never encountered more loneliness in my entire life.  And I didn't like it.
 Also, I would love to know the reasons Washington state has school nearly until the end of June, when Montana kids get out around Memorial day, and East coasters were done last week?  Sheesh.  We get two months of summer.  Two!  Which really is probably okay since it's still 60 degrees and rainy right now.  And gray.  If you want sunshine around here, you have to bring your own. I'm working on that!
 Anyway, I'm going to try and make the most of this week.  I'm restocking my Lobster dish towels on Etsy, working on two tiny last things until the Fall, finishing up the last few custom orders (they're almost finished girls!) and getting things mailed out.  I won't be taking ANY custom orders on anything this summer... the only exception will be the "You are my sunshine" barn wood signs... providing I get more barn wood.  I've had over 50 inquiries by people wanting those signs.  (If you want one, you can just pray that I'm able to get my hands on more wood soon!)  I was going to finish all the bedroom trim...but I ran out of paint, am afraid to pop that trim off by myself, and I'm just not there right now.  That will be a lingering project through the summer I'm afraid.  I will show you my trim and doors soon I promise.  I kind of hoped a few of my real life friends to see it in person first instead of relying on my blog for Sasha updates!  Ha! 
 I'm also doing something just for me and it starts today.  I'm also going to begin to run again now that my physical therapy is finished.  I'm starting the Beth Moore summer study on Nehemiah and I think it's going to be fabulous.  Actually I know it is. 
I haven't made a summer list yet... but for the first summer in three years, we aren't selling our house... don't think we're moving any time soon... have some fun plans on the calendar... and I'm looking forward to it.

I also dreamed that we got a new dog last night... and she was one of Lucy's puppies.  Which of course is impossible.... and how weird is that? 

So... what's on your week's list?  Is school out for you?  Is summer begun?  What's going on for you this summer? Fill me in friends!  


Patti said...

My 3.5 year old was in preschool 2 days this school year and I loved it. Then the past two weeks she has been in a day camp every day and I hated it, I missed her so much! It make me happy that I missed her though since she's at an age that tends to try my patience more then I care to admit.

I am so in awe of how much you are able to get done with your Etsy business and your home. I try to remind myself that while my kids are little (3.5 and 9mos), time to do such projects is sparse. But there will come a day when I'll have all the time in the world and I'll miss the chaos of this season. :)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

We are heading out Saturday to a river that is near us for a 4-hour "float".....going to the beach for 2 weeks in July...heading to Colorado in August for 4 days to see a friend play in the minor leagues (just drafted last week)....what a busy but fun summer!!!

Dandy said...

School was out this past week and we're gearing up to open the restaurant at full throttle around here. This is TMI for sure but I just made a urology appt for Peanut who is having complications from his circumcision (19 months later) and I'm sick over it. Pray for my Peanut!

Yay for the kids being home! Physical therapy? I'm way behind!

Kelly said...

Just so you know you're not alone, some of your next-door-neighbor-state kids didn't get out of school until last week. We homeschool and have been done for a few weeks but it finally feels like summer now that all our friends are done too! Enjoy your last week of calm & quiet! :)

the domestic fringe said...

My kids are still in school and we are in New York. The north east stays in school FOREVER!

Love the photo of your kids and hubby. So sweet for Father's Day.

Jensamom23 said...

You are curious as to why Washington and Montana's school schedules are different...I am wondering why the school districts in my TOWN are different and my kids are not on the same breaks. THAT is fun. They have all been out for at least 3 weeks at this point. We are heading to an amusement park this week...looking forward to more relaxing together.

Wendy said...

Our weather has to change soon, right? I just know it. I just finished Beth's study of James and loved it. Now I want to do Kelly Minter's Nehemiah with Beth and all of her siesta girls from LPM blog. You'll have to post about how you're enjoying Kelly. I've never done any of her studies. :)

Wendy said...

I'm so glad your kids will be home soon. I love it when my kids are home too. I have a 21-year old son and 18-year old twin daughters. I still ALWAYS want to be with them. ♥

Victoria said...

Summer is by farmy favorite., I am glad that your are hitting this summer feeling SETTLED. That is one of the best feelings in the world. Can't wait to see your trim project and snippets from all the fun things you are up to.

Be sure to share things about the summer study! I am gearing up to start a Nancy Leigh DeMoss study with a new group of ladies. I am excited to be PART of a group....this one just so happens to be led by an amazing woman that I really look up to.

Meaningful Nest said...

I am starting this summer off with a needed-positive attitude and goals set high, but not too high. I am a teacher so we have been out of school here in Ohio for 10 days or so. Just got back from today is my first real day of summer at home. My little one is at Girl Scout camp today and the other kiddos are doing other things, so mama here got her hair done..didn't even have to rush, went to my favorite little local drool-worthy store called Feather Your Nest (inspired the name for my blog!) and I also dusted off the sewing machine I inherited from my mother-in-law. Both she and my mom are now gone and they were both avid sewers. Would you believe I don't even sew a button on? I am going to take a sewing class this summer soon. I even bought great fabric today to make an easy pillow this week! Soon my house will be crowded with pillows I hope! By summer's end, I will be a sewing clothes for the dog. Ha.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I believe that most states set their school schedules around the average weather for the area. Down South, some states do get out in May, but they go back in early August (when it's 100+ degrees out and too hot to be outside). I would much rather that WA goes to school in June (when it is traditionally rainy) and have the whole month of August off (when it is more likely to be hot and sunny). I believe the actual "days in school" are nearly the same in each state.

As a homeschooler, we do a lot of school work in June . . . and then don't dig back into school work until well into September (which can have such nice weather).

Plans for this summer? Due to my husband's many months of unemployment this year, we have no funds for a "vacation", and with gas prices still so high we need to stay close to home. So, the kids and I are going to see "How many parks in Whatcom County can we visit this summer?" We'll start with some parks that we have NEVER been to, and we've lived here 12 years. I'm just looking forward to a lot of local "play days" once the weather gets nice.

Laurel :)

randomrandallnews said...

This week is really busy VBS in the morning & swim lessons in the evenings. I will need a vacation after this week is over :)

daisy said...

Glad to hear you are planning some things for yourself. We Mommas tend to forget how important that is. My boy is homeschooled, so I'm blessed to be with him everyday, summer or not. Enjoy those babies!

Jessie May said...

Well, I think you're really lucky, here in England we still have over four weeks of school till the hols and then we just get six weeks till school returns early September. So I kinda want to move to the US!! Good luck with your running, I would love to join you if my right calf muscle repairs itself anytime soon. Oh, did your children's teachers like their gifts???

SaraJk said...

Perhaps, someone will advertise puppies for sale and the mom's name will be Lucy!!!

Summer is the perfect time to get a puppy!!!!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

wouldn't you know it... kelly is totally weirded out when husband's and wives wish each other happy "fill in the blank" on facebook. he thinks it's ridiculous. so this made me laugh. yet again, we are so alike! : )

woo hoo for the last week of school!! i wish i could send you some heat. i really do. i would!

in less than two weeks i will be on your same coast... if only san fran were closer, i'd be knocking on your door.

so happy for you starting to run again! go sash.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I did the No Other Gods one a few summer's back and I think I did the Ruth one too... I like her a lot... she has a different style than Beth Moore (Who I adore) and I think that's really good sometimes!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

They loved them!! Thanks for asking, Jessie May! :) Your comments always make me smile.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I would love it if you would convince my man of that... LOL

I think 3/4 of us are in "yeah let's get a puppy again" mode.. and he's kind of thinking... maybe not ever... We'll see... he has some very valid reasons why not, or not now, or not soon... I have to agree... but Oh I hate to... I miss my Lucy girl! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I know that is so funny! I sometimes like to say something publicly just to mess with him. LOL (Why are we not FB friends btw? We aren't, are we? I never see you on there, so we must not be! WE need to fix that.)

amanda morris said...

Sounds like you're about to be a busy woman! Im actually doing the kelly minter study on Nehemiah as well. Im not following Beth. But a group from my church is meeting at my house every Saturday morning at 9 to go thru this study together and i cannot wait!!! Im facilitating it so I've watched all of the dvds and it is so good! Would love to get some of your thoughts on it as well when you start!!

And fyi...some east coasters got out of school mid may and don't go back til mid august! ;) this is a first for us and I love it!!!

Urban Farmgirl said...

Yay! for summer!! I wish I could say I had something exciting to look forward to...but for me it is all about flea market season, and the 6 months I have to make a living for the whole year. Blah. I dream of grilling out, nights spent rocking in the hammock, making smores around the fire pit...ahhhh....a girl can dream of a relaxing summer, right? Lol!

Have some fun for me, ok? ;o)


Urban Farmgirl said...

And I have to say, your hubs sounds so much like mine! I am constantly amazed at his patience and gentle spirit, when he didn't have much of a Dad growing up either. Cheers to good men! ;o)


Lee said...

What a blessing to have a husband come so naturally to fatherhood!

For me, this week is wrapping up as many things as I can before I go on vacation for ten days. Ten. Days. It is so rare that I am away from work and life for that long of a time, so I am looking forward to it. =)

lexsmama said...

We were out on the 1st, but my little guy was out two weeks earlier. Woo hoo! We've had fun with family and neighbor time. We have plans on gettIng to two zoos before school restarts up.

That is one sweet post about your hubby. He sounds like an amazing man, from what I've read.

The table runner goes so well with the milk cow and wooden spoons. Are they bamboo?

paige said...

aww what a sweet dream....
i hope ya'll decide on another sweet puppy :)
love your awesome words about adrain. what an awesome family ya'll are.
60 degrees? holy moly. we're over 90 already. we should house swap ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hey sweet thing. Happy that this is the week. Praying that maybe this IS the week for a new furry baby. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Gypsy Heart said...

Come on down to Texas! You'll have tons of sunshine, heat and humidity. :-) I would LOVE 60' right now. Fall is my very favorite season and I try to rush our summers to get to October!

I love to read about great dads (or moms) such as your husband. My brother is an incredible example of a great dad...and he did not have a role model at all. His dad died unexpectedly when he was 9 and I was 14 (my step-dad).

Hope you have a wonder*filled summer! It's great that you have plans for "you"...that is very important.


Kim said...

I am so ready to have my kids home too, but they are in school until June 28! Still several more days to go. And we are in the midst of a heat wave right now. Old school, no air conditioning. Plans for summer? Cottage, NYC, swimming lessons and lots of fun things still to be planned!

Alicia said...

yeah for summer!!! how ridiculous to get out so late! geesh! hoping you made that summer list :)

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Agreed with other's comments - Summer is the PERFECT time to puppy train!! My Hubby was with the Academy of Canine Behavior in Bothell of years and years...sooo wouldn't that make him an *expert* to base that theory on?! ;) lol For sure he IS the Dog Whisperer in THIS house!

WE head to Seaside soon for our week parent's will be there for part of it...and than my Hubby's folks... can't wait to split our time with the grandparents and make some memories with our kiddos. :)

Julie said...

We live in NY and today-June 21- is the first day of our summer vacation. We are anxiously awaiting to head to the beach in Delaware in July.

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